Sway Village Hall

In August 2016 public amenities in Sway were offered the opportunity by Ian Gale, one of three Trustees of the former Social Club in Sway, to put forward plans for consideration of the monies available from the sale of that facility.
The Friends of Sway Village Hall, on behalf of the Village Hall and mandated by the Sway Village Hall Trust, proposed a scheme to repair, improve and extend the Village Hall on its site in Middle Road, next to Stanford Rise Green. The concept designs shown below are the result of their work.
The Friends’ project is moving forward in 2017. They are currently setting their strategy, reviewing other potential team members and making a fund-raising plan. They can be contacted on 07768686277 or smartpenguin100@gmail.com.
Use the zoom tools to zoom into the plans and click and drag to move around the plans