September 2016

Planning Development:

The next 20 years

The NFNPA draft Local Plan for the National Park – to control development over the next 20 years or so – has just been released as Sway News goes to press. Sway civil parish is entirely within the National Park, so the NFNPA Local Plan will be important for our community, particularly in terms of the built environment.

Notes and links will be added to the Sway Parish Council web site – which starts at

Draft proposals include: the maximum size of a new residential dwelling is proposed to be 100m2; and an additional 700 dwellings are to be built within the National Park between 2016 and 2036. The Sway Defined Village boundary will probably not change. There would be tighter limitations on lifting agricultural ties and replacement dwellings; but no significant change to limit the extent of large outbuildings is proposed.

A special policy for Sway is suggested whereby up to 90 new dwellings could be built on the land south of Church Lane.

This is a draft local plan and is still to go through two full rounds of consultation. There will be a public consultation session on Wednesday 2 November 2016 in Sway Village Hall from 2.30pm – 7.00pm.  Please do come along and add your thoughts. 

The full consultation on this draft Local Plan will run from 3 October to 28 November 2016 and will surely be discussed at the Sway Parish Council Planning and Transport Committee meetings on both 13 October and 10 November (7.30pm in Jubilee Pavilion).                     Stephen Tarling 

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Parish Council


Meeting of Sway Parish Council on 22.9.16 at 19.30 in Pavilion Jubilee Field. Present: Cllr Rickman (Chair), Golby (Vice Chair), David Edwards (Clerk), Dance, Fleat, Marchant, Pepper, Seacombe, Tarling, Turner, Thomas, Warden. Also present Sway News and 12 members of the public.

  1. Apologies Gresham Hale and Ken Thornber
  1. Minutes of Meeting held on August 25. Updates – Cllr Golby reported that SRISF have funded First Responder Kit for two new volunteers. Council not required to find funding.

Cllr Turner reported that the open meeting to discuss Jubilee Field Pavilion proposals with villagers will be in Village Hall on Dec 3.

New tractor one very competitive quote had been received another two would be sought.   But new tractor agreed in principle.

Minutes were then agreed and signed off.

  1. HCC Report.

Cllr Thornber was unwell and not in attendance.

  1. Review of Recycling Centres

Cllr Rickman said as glass in particular was ‘collected at the door’ a review of 100 places for recycling in NFDC area (outside Youth Centre in Sway?) whether needed or not. What about paper, cardboard, tins?

  1. Clerks Report
  • A detailed letter is in the Clerk’s office with precise proposed boundary changes for those interested.
  • Climbing frame support rope is broken and frame; therefore potentially dangerous. Manufacturers cannot repair for 3 – 4 weeks. The temporary ‘Don’t use’ barriers have been removed by parents! Clerk asked for ten robust barriers to be hired at minimal cost per day to take the climbing frame out of use. If these barriers are not effective the playpark will be closed until damaged rope repaired.
  1. Allotments

Mr Dew from the public gallery reported that the AGM was in two weeks. There had been a rabbit problem. New fencing required to side and rear. With rent review due, he thought allotment holders would be prepared for subscriptions to rise to take account of fencing costs, which could be considerable.

  1. Finance
  • Payment schedule agreed
  • Financial regulations as drawn by HALC suitably modified for small Parish Council use were agreed all 30 pages.
  1. Amenities
  • Pavilion future to be discussed in an open village meeting in the village hall Dec 3.
  • The Clerk and Cllr Thomas, Fleat had attended a meeting of JFUG about licensing. After much discussion agreed that drink licence should be amended to allow alcohol to be served when families and children present.

A number of Councillors do not want a ‘drinking den’ atmosphere. It was agreed to seek longer licensing hours but for the Council to impose restrictions.

  1. Dog Mess
  • Clerk reported that a Football Match had to be delayed while dog mess removed. DOGS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN JUBILEE FIELD.
  • Should there be 3’ x 3’ NO DOG signs to be more effective. (or perhaps adopt the successful Portsmouth campaign of luminous eyes YOU ARE BEING WATCHED).
  • Cllr Rickman hopes a campaign of asking dog owners not to use Jubilee Field AT ALL and to pick up mess elsewhere and place in bins (any bin) and a couple of Dog Poo bins to be placed in Manchester Road and Adlams Lane should suffice.
  • Stanford Rise – Clerk reported that we are still waiting on NFDC to approve suggested drainage work plans. Then remaining quotes for work can be obtained. Cllr Rickman asked for a name at NFDC so he can chase up.
  1. Cllr Tarling reported on a Meeting of Planning and Transport held on 8.9.16 at 19.30 in Pavilion Jubilee Field. Present: Cllr Tarling (Chair), Marchant (Vice Chair), David Edwards (Clerk), Dance, Fleat, Seacombe, Warden. Also present Sway News, Len Thomas, 4 members of the public

(i) Apologies Cllr Pepper

(ii) Minutes of Aug 11 – minor amendments and then approved.

(iii) Matters Arising

Terms of reference approved and Council website Dog Mess bin in Manchester Rd agreed to go to full Council.

(iv) Outcome of Planning

Four outcomes since last meeting:

  • Sway Bowman (North Common Lane) proposals for clubhouse indoor facilities refused.
  • Swallows, Kings Lane –withdrawn.
  • Moonrakers (Crabbswood) – Swimming pool granted with conditions.
  • Dale Cottage – granted.
  • Sway Tower (Barrows Lane) – a listed building posing as a mobile communication tower – latest proposals refused.

(v) Trees

Cllr Seacombe stated that all trees need looking after and remedial work. She did not wish to take part in discussion on Peppercorn as a near neighbour.

  • Peppercorn Cottage, Durnstown – prune conifer by 3 mtrs and crown by 2 mtrs to aid circulation of air around newly thatched cottage. Agreed.
  • Tarna, Brighton Rd. Prune Beech. High amenity value. Where trees require safety work – an arborial specialist report should be attached to request. None in this case. But work seems reasonable – leave to Tree Officer.

(vi) Planning Applications

  • Fyre Stychen, Mount Pleasant. Revised plans still (4) Refusal
  • Durnston, Durnstown – one and two metre high brick wall. Against SVDS totally inappropriate. Has gradient been taken into account, plans not accurate (4) Refusal
  • Mimosa, Manchester Rd. Cladding, render and replacement windows. Inappropriate to Village scene (marine style in village). Two wrongs don’t make a right (neighbours have done similar work) (2) recommend refusal but leave to NFNPA
  • 45 Oakenbrow. Single storey

(1) recommend permission improves plot but will leave to NFNPA

  • Certificate of Lawful Development. Merrifield, Flexford Lane – Remove Agricultural Tie as used as continual holiday let. The Village and New Forest need Agricultural ties to be maintained. A very shabby property if used as holiday let. Further credible back up of information received.

Subsequent to Meeting Coombe Grange will go to full NPA Planning Committee with recommendation to accept proposals. Let’s hope if it goes through that starter homes will be allocated in a transparent and fair way.

(vii) NFDC ‘Local Plan’

Thousands of houses proposed and some on Greenfield sites. No one likes Green land being used for building – thin end of the wedge! Neither do they like the impact on infrastructure, particularly roads and parking. All very worrying, but with central Government knocking on the door…

(viii) Transport

Slight increase in numbers but not being well used. USE IT OR LOSE IT.

(ix) Roads, Hedges, Ditches

Cllr Seacombe concerned that Meadens are parking on strip of land opposite the garage, with vans advertising Meadens services.

Also in Church Lane by Setthorns running water has been affecting manhole cover and now road surface for many months.

(x) Speedwatch

Much speeding in Arnewood Bridge Road. Red alert area.

Speed camera sign rusted through at base and fell over many months ago. Anyone interested?

(xi) Correspondence

Road closure information on Council web site.

Subsequent to meeting Wiggle cycle event changed route and DID come through Sway.

Meeting closed at 21.05. Next meeting of Planning and Transport 13 October.

  1. AOB
  • Village Hall meeting Nov 2 NFNPA local plan consultation. 14.30 to 19.00

Pre-application WRITTEN advice will be charged at £45 …

Affordable Housing in Bransgore looks really good and how it should be done to fit into village scene.

  • Remembrance Sunday Nov 13 – Road closure in Durnstown from 10.30am – 11.30am. Church Service in St. Luke’s 9.30am. Procession to War Memorial 10.30am on, some 300 people expected. Minutes silence 11.00

Meeting closed 20.30. Next meeting of Parish Council 27 October.

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