September 2014

 Parish Council Meeting

Meeting of Sway Parish Council at 19.30 on 25.09.14 in the Pavilion Jubilee Field.

Present: Cllr Rickman (Chair), N Gulliver (Clerk), Susan Brayley (New Clerk see item 1 below), Cllr Cripps, Cllr Dance, Cllr Fleat, Cllr Gates, Cllr Golby, Cllr Tarling. Also present John Warden (Transport), Sway News. 11 members of the public.

  1.  The Chair introduced the new Clerk Susan Brayley who had been assistant Clerk at Hordle Parish Council. She takes over on 6 October 2014 and will be in the Council office Jubilee Field Monday to Thursday from 09.00 – 12.00. Cllr Rickman thanked all involved in the selection process and thought the standard of candidate was very high. Neil Gulliver will be leaving on Oct 7 2014.

Cllr Rickman had heard that day that the take away problem (see Planning Report item (iv) had gone away as the building had been sold to another client and it will be used for offices. There had been 80 objections to the take away by 25.09.14.

  1. Apologies. Cllr Langford.
  1. Minutes of 28 August approved.

The Chair mentioned that he would attend a meeting of all sides on 26.09.14 to try and resolve matters. If they are resolved there will be no need to attend a licensing meeting.

  1. No County Council Report in Cllr Thornbers absence.


  1. Clerks Report
  • New Clerk – as item 1
  • Disciplinary and grievance procedures tabled to Councillors only was agreed
  • Freedom of Information Policy. Tabled to Councillors only. This will be posted on the Parish Council website
  • Jubilee Field Pavilion – Premises Licence. NFDC have granted a licence on Tuesdays between 18.00 – 20.00 and on Saturdays from midday to 20.00. The dedicated supervisor when alcohol available is Andrew Blackwell.
  • Licensing act 2003 – Passford House Hotel. As reported in item 3 Cllr Rickman will attend a meeting of neighbours and the hotel which will hopefully resolve matters.
  • Road works. NFDC informed the Clerk that Manchester Rd will be closed between junction of B3055 Durnstown to it’s junction with Middle Rd from 12 November 2014 for up to 6 months to enable bridge inspection work to be carried out. Cllr Golby also said this coincided with bridge works and closure on Sway Rd, Brockenhurst…


  1. Finance. Paper tabled to Councillors only. The Clerk pointed out that the reserves were 7K better than this time last year.



  1. Planning

Cllr Tarling reported on the recent Planning and Transport Meeting held in the Pavilion Jubilee Field on 18 September 2014 at 19.30.

Present: Cllr Tarling (Chair), N Gulliver (Clerk), an observer (presumably new Clerk), Cllr Cripps, Cllr Dance, Cllr Gates, Cllr Golby, Cllr Langford. Also in attendance John Warden (Transport), Sway News, Cllr Rickman (in public gallery) and a record turn-out standing room only – 40 members of the public.

(i) Minutes of 21 August were approved.

(ii) Outcome of Planning.

  • 1 Shelleys Cottage, Manchester Rd. NPA officer granted with conditions
  • Brambles, Middle Rd. Granted with conditions.
  • Glenside, Middle Rd granted with conditions.
  • Fernlea, West Beams Rd. Granted with conditions.
  • 14 Anderwood Drive – plans changed after Sway Planning had pronounced and they were turned down by NPA officer.
  • Fairlight Cottage, Fairlight Lane granted with conditions.
  • Silver Hind – retrospective planning. NPA officer has agreed the decking at the rear can stay BUT must not be used.

(iii) Tree works

23 Heron Close, modest pruning of two oaks raised no objections.

(iv) New Planning

  • Estate Office, Station Rd. A proposal for a Chinese take away raised a petition of 56 signatures against. Led by Cllr Tarling Councillors pointed out that the application had been well presented in Planning terms with pre-application advice sought and given from NPA. Cllr Golby offered a compromise as he did not believe that strong local opposition could be ignored again in Sway (Forest Heath refers).

Many believed this small site is not well suited to such activity and apart from smells, litter, traffic and parking in a residential area does Sway need a take away? Cllr Langford asked the public if they used such facilities – No was the reply from the petitioner. After much debate and by a majority decision it was refused and would go to the full NPA Planning Committee in mid October. Subsequent to the meeting – the site has been sold to another client and the ‘threat’ has gone away. Phew!

  • Kings Lane Nursery. A proposal by the New Forest Fruit Company (Est for 100 yrs) to rescue this site was generally supported by Councillors and neighbours but the big issue is drainage and surface water usage/disposal and to avoid the risk of flooding which is common in that area. Traffic could be managed by only turning south. After much debate and reassurance from the applicants and their advisors Planning granted a 1 – wholeheartedly if water can be sorted. Recommend permission but will accept NPA officer’s decision. (Sway Planning reserve the right to come back should permission be granted but the water situation is not sorted!) Subsequent to meeting Granted with conditions as requested by Sway.
  • Lower Mead End, S. Sway Lane – large plot well designed triple bay garage. 3 – recommend permission but use of matching materials, trees and surface water, to be addressed.
  • 1 Rose Cottage, Pitmore Lane – detached garage. Existing is an ‘eyesore’ so recommend 3 – permission with condition that facing material is brick.
  • Flechlea, Westbeams Rd. Cllr Golby worried about overdevelopment including a flat roof which goes against SVDS plus surface water.   2 – refusal but will accept NPA officer’s delegated powers.

(v) Enforcement.

11 remain. Cago Cottage will cease activity as a commercial wedding venue.

(vi) Transport.

Alan Cracknell said the Sway and environs map will be erected at the Station (on the downside entrance) and in the bus ‘shelter’ in Station Rd. (Public asking when a seat will be provided?).

The leaflet has received good reports and is seen to be being used by visitors.

There will be a bulb planting shortly at the station.

Cango Bus. John Warden reports that numbers have not picked up significantly but there are new users.

(vii) Roads, Hedges and Ditches

There are still some hedges that have not been cut back and hanging over footpaths – they are particularly dangerous this year as brambles with thorns are in abundance. (Householders could be sued if an accident occurs).

Coombe Lane drainage – much activity at last and a big bore pipe has been installed. Fingers crossed it solves the problem.

Nov 11 and 100 year anniversary of the start of World War 1. Is not far away and railings need a paint job and the gate replaced. Clerk to organise.

(viii) Speedwatch.

Len Thomas reported on September activity 18 hours in all netted 363 cars. (June was 284). 50 second letters sent out. 6 third and 1 fourth. A speed of 53 mph was recorded in Brighton Rd.

Are the public taking this initiative seriously? Are the police? Our new police officer should attend a Parish Council Meeting to comment. The likelihood is police and their speed cameras will replace Speedwatch volunteers for real unless traffic slows down…

Mr Thomas also reported some verbal abuse from road users – speed limits are there for a reason. Let’s try and observe them. Cllr Golby would like a stronger police representation in Sway given that we provide a quarter of a million pounds in funding..

Next Speedwatch in Sway scheduled for early October and another change of location.

Meeting closed at 21.03.

(Neil Gulliver’s last planning meeting).

Next meeting 16 October at 19.30.


  1. Amenities Working Group

Cllr Gates reported on that evening’s short meeting. Nothing much to report.

Jubilee Field kitchen alteration in the Pavilion in progress.

Allotments now 86 plots as many large plots have been split into half plots.

A member of the public asked about the defibrillator.

The new Clerk will follow up


  1. Allotments – Rent Review

The Clerk had circulated a year on year comparison and costs.

It was recommended by Cllr Cripps to increase the full plot to £30, half plot to £15. After discussion and support from Mr Drew this was agreed. The AGM which Cllr Rickman will attend is on Monday 29 September.


10. Playscheme

Better attended and enjoyed and a saving to the Council of nearly 1K.

The Clerk offered a breakdown of Sway village users and outsiders. Cllr Cripps and Golby believe outsiders should pay a more commercial rate from next year.

Cllr Rickman and Gates believe it is an excellent project for Sway and helps the young to understand what being part of a village is.


11. Correspondence

The Clerk reported an invitation from St Luke’s Church for the re-dedication, by the Bishop, of the building after recent refurbishment. This will be on 26 October at 10.00. All Councillors and members of the public are welcome. Cllr Rickman confirmed he will be attending.

Cllr Rickman reminded all Councillors about providing a wreath for the 100 Anniversary of the start of World War 1. Remembrance Sunday is Nov 9.



12. AOB.

Cllr Cripps said a number of villagers were feeding fox. Please don’t. There is plenty of natural food around.

Cllr Tarling reported on a recent Hampshire Councils Quadrant meeting.

  • Reinstatement of wetlands around the Avon Water
  • Boris bikes not happening and money now available to improve bridleway and cycle paths. Money to be spent by March 2015!
  • Steve Avery very happy for Councils to add conditions to planning. It will help their decision making.
  • Coombe Lane now flood free. Congratulations to Mr Marchant and neighbours.



Tribute to Neil Gulliver

Cllr Rickman gave fulsome praise to Mr Gulliver, apart from being a “thoroughly decent bloke” he had brought efficiency and transparency to his role and helped the Council to improve in a number of important areas. His legacy will continue for many years to come. A loud and spontaneous round of applause followed. Neil Gulliver thanked everyone and said he had enjoyed his time in Sway and working with Councillors and villagers. Sadly he had family commitments to honour otherwise he would be staying.

The meeting closed at 20.12

Next meeting 30 October at 19.30.

                                   Warren Breach


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