September 2012

Parish Council Meeting

Held in the Village Hall ‘classroom’ at 19.45 on 27.09.12.

Present: Chair Cllr Rickman, Clerk N Gulliver, Cllr Gates, Cllr Dance, Cllr Fleat, Cllr Cripps, Cllr Langford, Cllr Tarling. Apologies Cllr Gulliver (feeling unwell). Leader of the County Council Cllr Thornber.

Also in attendance: Sway News, Lymington Times, Ted Watts, John Warden (Transport Rep) and 25 members of the public (mostly there for Back Lane discussion and proved how inadequate the ‘classroom’ is when more than half a dozen members of the public are present). Eight stayed on after Back Lane item.


  • Back Lane closure on hold
  • Old School House – NFNPA reject planning application
  • Parish Council Office now open. Monday and Thursday 10-30 -14.00 Jubilee Field Pavilion
  • New bus shelter gets go ahead
  • Rob Ainslie Director of Planning to address Planning Committee on Nov 15.
  1. Chair welcomed public and asked if they were present to discuss Back Lane. That was the case and he promised to bring the item forward on the agenda.
  2. Clerk advised that the current website would be updated to include minutes and agendas. He also said work was in hand for a new more user-friendly website. This was welcomed as members of the public present were annoyed they could not access an agenda for the meeting or draft minutes from last month’s meeting.
  3. Previous minutes were agreed and signed off to include one minor amendment pointed out by Cllr Tarling.

4.Matters Arising.

Back Lane – Cllr Rickman had written to Mel Kendal at the County Council as advised at the last meeting. He had received a long reply detailing the history, the current situation and what he intended for the future. Cllr Rickman had asked that Mr Kendal or an alternate should attend the Parish Council Meeting to explain to Councillors and the public why he had decided on an experimental trial to close off Back Lane. Stuart Jarvis replied saying there was nothing to add for 27.09.12 meeting but that an officer would attend a future mutually convenient meeting when there was more to report. Not all members of the public present were against the closure of Back Lane. However the majority were and said it had nothing to do with safety it was all about returning a small piece of land back to the environment. After a full and frank discussion Cllr Rickman stated that there was no date for any experimental closure. No date would be fixed without consultation with the Parish Council and that there should be a public meeting set up to hear from the County Council what plans would be proposed, if any. Cllr Tarling also suggested that Mr Kendal’s letter should be put on the Parish Council website for all to read. Cllr Rickman promised a ‘full and open debate, evidence based, before any action is taken to close off Back Lane’.

  1. Clerks Report. Tabled to Councillors only. The main points were the opening of the Parish Council office (Monday and Thursday 10.30 – 14.00) from now. The agreement to £350 to be spent on ‘turning a broom cupboard into an office…’ and the new bus shelter will go ahead after minor tweaking of existing street furniture.
  2. No County Council Report.
  3. Finance. A paper was tabled to Councillors only and all items were agreed. The Chair said that last month he had asked the Clerk to keep an accurate record of his hours worked. It was an atypical month so he wanted another month completed. He was also looking at average salaries paid in similar sized Councils some of whom employed assistant Clerks. When all the information was to hand a review of Mr Gulliver’s pay could take place.
  4. Planning and Transport Committee. Cllr Tarling the Chair of the Committee gave a verbal report on his meeting held at Jubilee Field Pavilion on Sept 13 2012. Cllr Cripps, Cllr Gulliver, Cllr Gates, Cllr Langford were present as was Transport rep John Warden.

(a) Old School House, Church Lane. A full and frank discussion took place following which the Committee agreed that they would let the NFPA decide under their delegated powers with the following proviso. ‘ Whilst recognising the previous applications, under current NFNPA policies we are concerned over two major themes. The perceived historical character of the building itself and the excessive density of the proposed development – with insufficient residential car parking…’ Cllr Tarling reported that the NFNPA had subsequently rejected the application.

(b) Speeding. A South Sway resident was invited to give an update. He reported that 90% of residents in Coombe Lane, Pauls Lane, Kings Lane and Chapel Lane were in favour of a County Council 20 mph pilot scheme. The Planning Committee are waiting to hear from Cllr Rickman about a shared Parish Council initiative on speeding which had been delayed because some Councils don’t meet in August. Cllr Rickman promised to ‘chase matters up’ and report at the next meeting. Cllr Cripps would like a proposal as soon as possible now the dark evenings are with us.

Some five planning applications were considered.

(c) Planning enforcement. The grandstand at Jubilee Field. A condition of granting planning permission was that no construction could take place ‘until samples or exact details, including colour, of the facing and roofing materials had been submitted to and approved in writing by the NFNPA’. The previous clerk had not provided this information. The planning committee will make the relevant materials and information available immediately.

(d) Various tree felling applications or thinning were considered. Where trees are felled replanting should take place.

(e) Transport. John Warden reported that Sway Station bulb planting was proposed for October. The Cango bus service was ticking over. The Cango leaflet will be updated by Mr Warden.

(f) Roads and Hedges. The County Council often reported on their website that potholes or dangerous surfaces had been rectified when they had not. It was agreed that examples would be presented to Cllr Thornber when he next attended a Parish Council meeting.

Councillors were concerned at two foot of standing water under the rail bridge on the main road from Brock to Sway for days. It has never not run away before.

Date of next meeting – 11th October in Jubilee Field Pavilion at 19.45. Notice is also given of an important meeting on November 15th when Rob Ainslie Director of Planning at NFNPA will address Councillors and the public about Planning in the National Park and recent Government initiatives. The meeting is likely to be in the Village Hall at 19.30 (the time and venue to be confirmed – all welcome).

  1. Amenities Working Group. Met before the Parish Council Meeting at 19.00. Chair Cllr Gates, Cllr Gulliver, Cllr Langford, Cllr Fleat, Clerk N Gulliver, Cllr Dance. The Chair gave a verbal report on that evening’s meeting.

(a) Previous minutes agreed and signed off.

(b) Recreation Grounds.

Stanford Rise – new benches seem to be used. The commemorative plaques were still awaited. Clerk to deal.

(c) Jubilee Field. At Monday’s meeting of the users group there were no strong feelings against a barrier. Mr Batchelor will open at 07.00 every day. There was concern about how and when closure would take place. Later at the Parish Council Meeting Cllr Rickman said ‘ let’s see how it works in practice and let’s consider emergency services too.’

Additional car parking. Quotes for gravel (the best material?) were being obtained.

Marking of road surface – to back field to stop parking to allow our emergency service access. Clerk to obtain quote.

Dogs – more NO DOGS ALLOWED signs to be erected.

(c) Renting out Pavilion. Why not if appropriate. The Chair was concerned, she believes it has to be sport oriented. The full Council later agreed that appropriate rental could occur and bring in much needed funds. The Clerk believes we should have more Parish Council Meetings in the Pavilion – an often bigger and quieter location.

(d) All weather pitch. Will generate income and ‘will help keep the young off the streets’ said Cllr Gulliver.

(e) Pitmore Lane. Cllr Fleat is to organise a clean up and had obtained a very reasonable quote.

(f) Allotments. Hedge trimming – Allotment holders will trim their side, the County Council/Highways the other. Cllr Fleat to co-ordinate! Rents to be discussed at full Council meeting (a modest increase on an annual basis was proposed. Cllr Cripps will put to allotment holders next week). Five plots now available for Sway residents on waiting list.

10. Summer Play Scheme. Very well attended this year and within subsidy budget. ‘The thank you letter in Sway News said it all…’

11. Correspondence/AOB. The Clerk had received a letter from Friends of Sway Station thanking Council for £250 grant. Alan Cracknell was concerned about who is paying for downline approach lighting. Clerk to take up with County Council.

Meeting closed at 20.50.

12. Next meeting. 25 October 2012 at 19.30 (pre-ceded by amenities working group at 19.00) in Jubilee Field Pavilion. All welcome.

                                   Warren Breach


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