April 2016

Parish Council Meeting

Meeting of Sway Parish Council on 28.4.16 at 19.30 in the Pavilion Jubilee Field. Present: Cllr Rickman (Chair), Cllr Golby(Vice Chair), David Edwards (new Clerk), Cllr Dance, Cllr Fleat, Cllr Marchant, Cllr Pepper, Cllr Seacombe, Cllr Tarling, Cllr Thomas, Cllr Turner. Also present Cllr Thornber (HCC), John Warden (Transport), Sway News, Lymington Times, Jenny Russell (First Responder), 10 members of the public.

Chair gave a warm welcome to David Edwards the new Parish Clerk. He thanked Cllrs Tarling, Thomas, Pepper for their organisation of the appointment and Cllr Thomas for acting as ‘the proper officer’ for several months. David Edwards thanked everyone for their warm welcome explained that he now lived in Milford on Sea and was a barrister professionally. He had worked for a number of large companies the last being Anchor Trust providing social housing for the elderly and care homes. He was fed up with commuting hence a slower pace of life. He looked forward to assisting the Council and the people of Sway.

Apologies. Cllr Anita Gresham-Hale

Minutes of March 24 agreed

HCC Report

A fairly pessimistic report from Cllr Thornber on Central Govt and Hampshire County Council cuts.

First Congestion Working Party. Most congestion takes place at school drop off/pick up times. 30% of parents live outside Sway so need to use a car.

  1. a) Walking bus but new paths are required and potential safety issues.
  2. b) Could Cango be used to ferry children from drop off at Jubilee Field to inside the school gates. An excellent and safe idea.
  3. c) Make Church Lane one way to Meadens Garage.

He went on to say in all his years serving in local government he had never known such austerity. There have already been massive cuts mostly of staff. HCC had now eaten into strategic reserves of some £50m. He didn’t enter politics to cut services.

Highways would be hit – reactive now rather than proactive. Work will be accident/casualty led only. He took no pleasure from this report.

He finished on Schools becoming forced Academies including St Luke’s School. Every school in the county by 2020.

There are 540 schools that don’t want it! Primary and Secondary schools will be run by private trusts with no parent governor representation. The Local Authority has asked Central Govt if it can become a multiple Academy Trust. Hmmm – it’s now being considered in Downing Street. Watch this space.


There will be no election – one person had already put their name forward for co-option.

It was agreed to advertise the position. All interested parties should write to the Parish Clerk stating their interest and what they would bring to being a Councillor.

Closing date Friday 20 May. Decision by secret ballot and first past post.

Come on Sway your Council needs you!

Jubilee Field Project

Ian Gale had written an interesting paper on how the old Social Club proceeds could be spent in enhancing the Pavilion Jubilee Field incorporating Cricket/Football/Tennis. He spoke to his paper.

It was agreed the whole village should be consulted. (Model, plans etc on display in Pavilion). The decision will be made by the full Parish Council. Cllr Golby said it was an excellent start, now involve the whole village. Cllr Tarling wanted to know if other alternatives had been considered? Iris Watts said it felt like a foregone conclusion. Apparently it was not, the money does not have to be spent and there is no time limit. Perhaps it should be a subject for discussion at the Annual Parish Meeting on 26 May?

Annual Parish Assembly

Meeting will take place in Pavilion Jubilee Field 19.30 on Thurs 19 May. All welcome.

Annual meeting at 19.30 on May 26 where Jubilee Field proposals and Wolverine project will be discussed with the public. All welcome.

First Responder

Jenny Russell wondered if the Council could provide her with her own emergency kit bag costing £2K – £2.5K. There was sympathy and creative ways would be found to provide the monies.

Queens 90th Birthday

Cllr Turner provided artwork to go on the back of the medal/coin presentation box. St Luke’s Church had provided £250 towards the gift for the children of Sway. Parents of any primary school child not going to St Luke’s and living in Sway should speak to the Clerk at Jubilee Field.

Cllr Rickman thanked St Luke’s for making a contribution particularly as they have their own presentation book, The Servant Queen, to be given to villagers. The medal/coin should be available to give to children by 20 June.


Cllr Turner now Chair of Committee with Cllr Golby as Vice-Chair. Financial Report was agreed. Cllr Rickman thanked the RFO for all her hard work when the Council was without a Clerk. The handover will follow after end of year accounts.

Cllr Tarling reported on the meeting of Planning and Transport on 14.4.16 in Pavilion Jubilee Field.

Present: Cllr Tarling (Chair), Cllr Dance, Cllr Marchant, Cllr Seacombe, Cllr Thomas. Also present: John Warden (Transport), Sway News, Ted Fleat and 8 members of the public.

(Apologies) Cllr Pepper

(ii) Election Vice Chair – Cllr Marchant

(iii) Minutes of 10 March were agreed

(iv) Outcome of Planning

Drumduan – Barrows Lane. Listed building. Internal works granted

Driftwood – Middle Rd. Agreement between applicant and neighbour on trellis has brought about grant with conditions

Old School House – ‘minor’ changes withdrawn by applicant.   They were not minor! Demolition has sadly begun…

11 Widden Close – roof alterations application withdrawn

Land at Limolands – 14 hectare solar ‘farm’ ‘allowed’ by inspector on appeal and overruled by Secretary of State as being inappropriate in NF National Park and using Grade A agricultural land. (what was the inspector thinking of?)

10 Heron Close – new dwelling too small a plot for application. Refusal on appeal, harmful to character of the area.

Meadowbank Lodge – Barrows Lane. Double ‘garage’. Refused on size, scale, siting.

Kings Lane Nursery – Certificate of lawful development. Granted.

Kings Hyde Farm – Granted with conditions.

(v) Tree works

Cllr Seacombe reported:

  • Cokes Green, Mead End. Trim Scots Pine to preserve. Agreed
  • Carbery Manor, Adlams Lane. Prune group of Beech and Oak trees. High amenity value and pruning to avoid cable etc, as long as pruning is ‘balanced’ is acceptable

(vi) Planning

  • Cheriton Cottage, Manchester Rd. Finally there is agreement between neighbours on latest plan. A good compromise. Applicant and neighbours present. (3) permission
  • 44 Heron Close – Conservatory. Neighbours to be considered and (3) permission
  • Tower View Saw Mills Substation – Green and small helps employment too. (3) grant
  • Highcroft Plot 1 – 2 storey extension already. (5) Leave to NPA officer at this contentious site. Subsequent to meeting (2) recommend refusal but leave to NPA. Cllr Golby declared an interest as a neighbour and did not take part in discussion
  • Hunters, Middle Rd – retention of outbuilding (5) leave to NPA officer with conditions
  • Glenrosa, Brighton Rd – single storey extension replacing like for like.   (1) Grant but happy to leave to NPA officer.
  • Wootton Riverine, Avon Water. Cllr Marchant further reported on this extensive work to return Avon Water to natural course(s) and flood plain. It will naturally be disruptive. It is hoped Part 2 of this work will have a separate application submitted.

There were four cases of lawful development on which there can be no comment.

 (vii) Other Planning Issues

Members of public dumping rubbish. If seen take car numbers and report to police on 101. Efford tip possible closure will cause more of this anti-social activity it was felt.

(viii) Transport

John Warden reported that Lymington Times had taken photographs of Cango and customers outside Bradbeers the previous day. Fortunately there was a good turn out. Use it or Lose it is very much the buzz phrase.

(ix) Roads, Hedges and Ditches

Roads are in an appalling condition with much damage being caused to car suspension and tyres no doubt. Third World style make and mend tarmac and loose chippings remedial work is underway but how long does that last?

Wiggle cycle event. Cllr Marchant observed at close quarters and his personal report is on the Parish Council website. Apart from the need for more marshals such a large event went off very well without incident i.e The New Forest being used for recreation… although someone seems to be making a few bob in the process ?!!

(x) Speedwatch

Liaison with police working better reports Cllr Thomas. Arnewood Bridge Rd and Durnstown are particularly bad for speeding motorists. ‘Real’ police have been out and about with ‘real’ speed cameras (the weather is getting better that’s why!)

(xi) Housekeeping

Draft minutes on Council website a great help.

A monitor is needed near the ‘public gallery’ to see plans etc. The one monitor is too far away but any information is better than none.

Meeting closed 21.30

Next meeting May 12 at 19.30.


Cllr Pepper and Cllr Seacombe reported on S106 monies and 13 interested villagers required more information before forming a Committee – Friends of Stanford Rise… 3 quotes were required over £250 spend.

It was agreed that the very wet Stanford Rise needs to be drained to provide useable acreage. Quotes will be obtained after water level survey. Work to start in September it is hoped.

MUGA should be included in any work on Jubilee Field/Pavilion site.

Vandalised Memorial bench will be repaired or replaced.

Tribute garden and plaque to Caroline Bray was agreed.

Moles are causing much movement of soil. Poison not wholly successful. Leave, can’t keep spending – spread the mounds though.

Meeting closed at 21.20 when Councillors and those present met the new Clerk.

Next meeting May 19 and May 26. All welcome.

Warren Breach


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