August 2016

Meeting of Sway Parish Council 25 August at 19.30 in Pavilion Jubilee Field. 

Present: Cllr Rickman (Chair), Golby (Vice Chair), David Edwards (Clerk), Dance, Fleat, Pepper, Seacombe, Tarling, Turner, Warden. Also present: Sway News, 35 members of the public.

  1. Apologies. Gresham-Hale, Marchant, Thornber (HCC)
  1. Minutes of 21 July approved
  1. Clerks Report

Electrical work completed. Tree works completed. Allotment fencing maintenance request for a contribution towards materials (labour provided free) £300 approx.

  1. Refuse/Recycling Facility Efford

Cllr Pepper talked to her paper. Basically Efford which is well used and provides countless traffic jams as well, will not be open on Thursday and reduced hours of opening from 11.00 – 16.00 (16.30 in Summer) is proposed. These County cutbacks are becoming intolerable, what are our rates and taxes for? Cllr Golby thought it ironic that the public are encouraged to recycle and then the recycling facility is reduced or taken away. Cllr Rickman proposed someone should come and explain what recycling facilities are available locally to save trips to the tip perhaps. Members of the public are encouraged to contact MP, District Council and County Council and protest.

  1. Finance Working Party Report

Cllr Turner said Model Financial Regulations should be adopted. It was agreed Clerk should go to Bembridge and observe why they are so successful in grant funding.

New tractor to be considered not because tractors die but because it was never fit for purpose – apparently. Tractors are not cheap.

  1. Responder Kit

2 new volunteers had been found but the loaned kit would have to be returned and Jennie Russell was seeking funding for £1600. It was suggested Swag and SRISF should be involved. Proposed that 50% should come from Council 50% from charities. Agreed.

  1. Amenities Update

Ian Gale gave a very good and informative presentation about a possible extension to the sporting and social facilities at Pavilion/Jubilee Field.

To include:

  • Indoor MUGA
  • 3 badminton courts
  • A social area
  • Viewing of football pitch area
  • Energy efficient facility for 21st Century
  • Architecture as friendly as possible with curves rather than straight hard lines

Some existing parking would be lost but other areas could be found to provide new parking.


  • All weather 52 weeks of the year
  • 5 a side football
  • Basketball
  • Bowls
  • Short tennis
  • And most of all, all-weather training for football and cricket teams
  • How much would it cost to run difficult to quantify
  • A C10 Charity would need to be formed
  • Plus a project team

Most of the large attendance by the public was for this item and there were many outspoken views.

Mr Gale was at pains to say that they were his proposals after discussion with User Groups and their preferences. Also recognising there was big support for a MUGA facility. His proposal would provide a 52 week indoor improved facility for many sports and not just for sport but for social gathering too. Cllr Rickman also hoped the facility could be used for theatre and arts. As a Trustee of the old Social Club Mr Gale had examined with his two fellow Trustees and this was the proposal they favoured and up to 500K could be provided by them.

They wanted a lasting legacy for Sway. There was much discussion ranging from “Alice in Wonderland” “Where on earth would the money come from” to who would run it (all IT controlled apparently!). “Is this what the public want”. “We don’t know – this is the first step to now put to an open meeting of the Village” replied Mr Gale.

“Where’s the business plan?”

“Is it viable”

“Is it a White Elephant”

“Have the Village been asked how they would like 500K spent?”

Ted Watts was not against development at Jubilee Field but viability must come first. “Where’s the business plan?”

“What were the ongoing costs of replacement and maintenance?” He provided national figures.

Cllr Seacombe when discussion came back to Councillors said she had been involved in many such schemes and they must start with a feasibility study first.

Cllr Rickman said when the present Pavilion was proposed similar comments were made. Sway has abundant goodwill and that will carry the day. Cllr Golby, decision needs to be made by the Village. Cllr Thomas did not believe it realistic to believe technology could run the whole operation there had to be a human element and cost. Cllr Rickman thanked Ian Gale for his work as did Cllr Tarling, Seacombe and Pepper.

Cllr Tarling added that in previous surveys a new indoor (or outdoor) sport facility had never been on villager’s wish list priority. Cllr Golby proposed that a weekend presentation to the Village (in Village Hall) within 2 months after more financial information/feasibility had been obtained. This was agreed with two abstentions.

  1. 106 Monies/Stanford Rise

Planning permission had been obtained and the Council approved 3 tenders could be obtained for the work. Not before 25 Anderwood Drive and others had been consulted and their concerns addressed about water courses. Cllr Seacombe also said that NFNPA had 20K fund for wild play areas. Stanford rise not particularly suitable but perhaps a willow tunnel or similar worth pursuing. Agreed.

  1. Cllr Tarling reported on a meeting of Planning and Transport on 11.8.16 at 19.30 in the Pavilion Jubilee Field.

Present: Cllr Tarling (Chair), Cllr Marchant (Vice Chair), David Edwards (Clerk), Dance, Fleat, Pepper, Seacombe, Warden. Also present Sway News, 23 members of the public incl Cllr Thomas

(i) Minutes of July 14 agreed and signed off

(ii) Matters arising. Byway referred to in last minutes as blocked by gate, is not.

(iii) Outcome of Planning

4 granted with conditions. 1 withdrawn (Claywood, Arnewood Bridge Rd).

(iv) Trees. Cllr Seacombe mentioned tree works in Barrows Lane to which she had no objection.

(v) New Planning

Lyndale, Arnewood Bridge Rd –outbuilding – no structure as shown on plan – overdevelopment (4) refusal

Moonrakers, Crabbswood Lane – swimming pool and enclosure. 2 objections, kids noise – (1) permission will accept NPA view. Possible move to different position on site?

Coombe Grange – part demolition of present building to create 4 plots. Owner has spoken to Steve Avery at NPA

i.e 2 large houses

2 starter homes at 250K each to local and first time buyers. Lots of views from Councillors.

Marchant if change of use should go back to 1982 size.

If this is ‘social housing’ nowhere near village and facilities, unless use of car?!

Starter homes become market homes and how are they allocated fairly?

Put 25 years restriction on them being sold at market value.

Affordable Housing would have been more acceptable although not so lucrative to present owner.

Possible tree problem with a large Walnut tree? Owner says he does not have one.

Who needs an 8 bedroom house?

Owner happy to accept any number of restrictions in this change of use.

After much discussion and by majority decision (1) permission if affordable with as many restrictions as possible to keep them away from the market place. But will accept NFNPA decision. (2) if starter homes Refusal but will accept decision of NPA Planning committee.

Swallows, Kings Lane – single storey extension part demolition. (2) refusal. Exceeds DP11 but will accept NPA decision.

Fyre Stychen, Mount Pleasant Lane – replacement kennels and parking – much chequered history to this site and much opposition. The PaTc like to support local business but this presents a very large development (up to 40 kennels) without adequate parking and entry and exit with potential road safety problems. In addition to noise from barking dogs in unfamiliar surroundings (i.e away from home!). Inaccurate plans?! Footpath disturbance. After much discussion from Councillors and members of the public (4) Refusal. Suggestion a reduced plan to say 10 kennels and better parking maybe more acceptable. Although neighbours would not support – one barking dog is one too many!

Communications site Sway Tower – dishes, steels poles. No thanks on a listed building in a conservation area (4) Refusal

Old School House, Church Lane – widening of footpath in this overdeveloped site? (4) refusal

Meadow Farm, Sway Rd – single storey conservatory acceptable (1) permission but will accept NFNPA officer’s decision.

Wilmar, Manchester Rd – single storey extension with roof-light alterations and fenestration. (2) refusal but will accept NFNPA officer’s decision

(vi) Terms of Reference

Updated by Cllr Marchant. Will go to full Parish Council for ratification. It was ratified.

(vii) Riverine Project

Thanks to Cllr Tarling and Marchant closing of road (1 Aug) and re-opened 11 Aug coordination rather than chaos will be achieved?

There will be a site meeting about a footbridg

(viii) Transport

Cllr Warden said useage figures were not great. Are tourists using?

(ix) Roads, Hedges, Ditches

Gate into Forest by bridge in Manchester Rd has been reported not latching. Mumblings about dog mess in old tree stumps! Any bin can be used for dog mess and some Councillors would like more dedicated bins particularly in Adlams Lane. Will owners please pick up dog mess and place in appropriate bins (and not hang on bushes/trees in Forest in plastic bags!)

(x) Speedwatch

Real police will attend some sessions in future. 61 mph has been recorded in Brighton Rd which is obviously anti-social, criminal and dangerous which is why Speedwatch is there…

(xi) Correspondence

Cango can’t turn in school grounds so that rather clever solution to parking/drop off is thwarted. What about reversing?

Pitmore Lane should have ‘Not Suitable for HGV’ signs.

St Luke’s Church Warden would like a bund between Old School site and graveyard. Contact NFNPA.

Meeting closed at 21.29.

(xii) Date of next meeting

Sept 8

  1. AOB

Cllr Golby concerned about the proposal to change County/District Parish Governance for Mayors and larger all singing single Council on the agenda. No thanks. Please oppose!

Meeting closed at 21.08.

Warren Breach

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