October 2016

Parish Council Meeting

Meeting of Sway Parish Council on 27 October at 19.30 in Pavilion Jubilee Field.

Present: Cllr Rickman (Chair), Cllr Golby (Vice-Chair), David Edwards (Clerk), Cllrs Fleat, Gresham-Hale, Marchant, Pepper, Seacombe, Tarling, Thomas, Turner, Warden. Also present: Sway News, Lymington Times, 10 members of the public.

1. Apologies Cllr Dance (Cllr Thornber being unwell)

2. Minutes September 22 Accepted

3. No HCC Report due to Cllr Thornber unwell.

4. Clerks Report

  • Allotment AGM attended by Cllr Rickman and Clerk. “Upbeat spirit evident”, members keen to pay their rent (and help with fencing etc) which will be increased by £1 half plot £2 full plot. Agreed

  • Efford Recycling will open at times similar to other sites in the area following public outcry. Will be closed on Thursdays though. The Silent Majority should speak more often …

  • Entrance to Jubilee Field. Post hit by coach – cost of £300 to rectify will be sent to Solent Buses. Clerk to go ahead with work.

  • Congestion working group to encourage use of Jubilee Field car park. Hurrah!

  • Dog litter bin for Manchester Rd on order

  • Red phone box – last remaining one in Sway? Can be purchased for £1 by Council. What would the village like it used for (some villages use as mini lending library). Would Sway villagers purchase and look after it as part of our village heritage? The Clerk would like to hear from you. It could be moved from its present site – perhaps placed near the Victoria oak or in front of newsagents – any more suggestions? Brockenhurst are adopting theirs.

5. Finance

Cllr Turner reported on a Meeting of Finance Committee 19 Oct. Electricity will cost more so shopping around for better deal.

Financial statement – agreed. Salaries not shown individually. Computer back up. Yet another upgrade to computer. Yearly licence for Cloud storage (£100 pa approx). Government grade encryption. Agreed.

New tractor. After further lengthy discussion agreed (ex Cllr Gresham Hale) to proceed with £9950 quote (which is a good deal for a new tractor). 2 years warranty. Discussion exposed grass cutting contractors £590 a month. Cllr Rickman explained that contractors very helpful to Clerk with sundry work too.

6. Stanford Rise NFDC

Approve works to take place. 7 organisations asked to quote. 2 have responded. Cllr Seacombe wants to keep up momentum and start work before bad weather. Can working group authorise? Email agreement (or not) next Thursday, hook up of all Councillors. 106 monies likely cost £25K.

7. Information Working Group

Cllr Rickman thanked Cllr Marchant for his tireless, energetic, full time work on bringing the Council website from a shambles to a 60 page multi-faceted information site. Ted Watts also thanked Cllr Marchant but put on record that this and so much work for the public good in Sway is all voluntary – surely the Council should look at professional paid help too? (As with most things new tech that’s expensive). Cllr Marchant said it was not all his work. He had help from other Councillors (they disagreed!) he would like to see more public involvement and interaction.

8. Next agenda

Cllr Gresham Hale would like the thorny subject of congestion returned to. Cllr Rickman would like to name and shame. Some park all day and commute which causes chaos.

9. Remembrance

Cllr Rickman reminded Councillors of Church Service at 09.30 on Sun 13th November at St Luke’s then onto Memorial for 11.00. Cllr Fleat would also like the 11th hour of the 11th day of 11th month commemorated each year in addition to the closest Sunday and would like people to gather this year on 11th at the Memorial for a simple informal act of Remembrance. He has noticed most villages do both…Please gather at the War Memorial from 10.40 onwards.

10. Cllr Tarling reported on a Meeting of Planning and Transport Committee on 13.10.16 at 19.30 in Pavilion Jubilee Field

Present: Cllr Tarling (Chair), Cllr Marchant (Vice Chair), David Edwards (Clerk), Cllrs Dance, Fleat, Pepper, Seacombe, Warden. Also present: Sway News and 11 members of the public

(i) Minutes of 11.9.16 were approved after minor amendments

(ii) Outcome of Planning

Sway Tower – latest technology apparatus refused on a Grade 2 listed building.

Lyndale – Arnewood Bridge Rd. Large outbuilding granted with tight conditions both on materials and no habitable accommodation!

Fyre Stychen – Mount Pleasant. Refused for manifold reasons.

Meadow Farm – Sway Rd. Granted with a number of conditions to observe conservatory status…

Wilmar – Manchester Rd. Granted with conditions

Combe Grange – Coombe Lane. Cllr Marchant left the discussions as a neighbour. Will be discussed at NFNPA full Planning Committee on Oct 18. PaTc keen that there should be conditions on resale of affordable properties and that the homes should be allocated in a fair and transparent manner. Cllr Tarling will represent. Subsequent to meeting NFNPA granted with conditions

Peartree Cottage – Arnewood Bridge Rd. Granted with conditions

45 Oakenbrow. Granted single and 2 storey rear extensions with conditions

Mimosa – Manchester Rd. Potential ‘marineising’ with cladding etc. Granted with conditions regarding colour of cladding etc to be agreed before works start.

North Lodge – Barrows Lane. Lawful development

Durnstown – Durnstown. High walls and new entrance. Refused as being inappropriate and against SVDS.

(iii) Trees

Cllr Seacombe ran through her paper. She and other councillors concerned about plans to further develop in Church Lane and believed that important trees need TPO protection.

The Busketts – Brighton Rd. Fell 1 Pine tree, prune 2 mature trees. Leave to NFNPA Tree Officer while recognising there is amenity value so not too much pruning. Plus replacement native tree for felled tree.

Peppercorn Cottage and Tarna reported in last months Sway News – both granted.

(iv) New Planning

Boundway – Boundway Hill. Detached garage which is still against SVDS (4) refusal

Shelleys Cottages – Manchester Rd. 2 storey rear extension (1) Permission but leave to NFNPA

Tarna – Brighton Rd. Owner spoke from public gallery. Took pre-application advice knocking down ugly building and replacing attractive building on same concrete footprint. Existing garage to become part of dwelling (2) refusal but will accept NFNPA officers decision.

Little Haven – Middle Rd. Single storey side and rear extension. Neighbours agree plan (1) permission but will accept NFNPA officer’s decision. No further development rights.

Moorlands – Middle Rd. Insertion of 3 velux style roof lights. To make use of space being used without planning (2) recommend refusal but will accept NFNPA decision

Jubilee Cottage – Chapel Lane. Single storey extension (3) permission

Swaylett Farm – Arnewood Bridge Rd. Incomplete plans (2) refusal but will accept NFNPA decision

Claywood House – 3.6 mtr boundary fence, 2.4 mtr brick piers and gates. Agent spoke from public gallery some disagreement where datum was and height of bank on which fence would sit. Councillors considered excessive height and against SVDS and one 2 mtr turned down in Durnston (not comparable) recently. New owners obviously want security and a sound barrier from traffic on Arnewood Bridge Rd.? (4) refusal.

Old School House site – Church Lane. Too many houses on too small plot. Oak tree roots have been damaged on Church land and bund has not been retained?

(v) More accurate dimensions should be followed on drawings. Member of public concerned house being built next to him in Manchester Rd has ‘encroached’ closer to his property.

(vi) Wiggle Event

Route changed at last minute bringing event through Sway. Not a race or time trial so no policing required – and must be remembered that New Forest National Park is also for recreation. However Cllr Marchant will draft a note to NFDC.

(vii) Enforcement

Started with 12 cases. One removed 2 added

(viii) NFNPA Future Plans

Important meeting for all villagers to be held in Village Hall on 2 Nov from 14.00 – 19.30. After initial consultation these are NPA plans for next 20 years. Headlines, are limiting the size of new dwellings, to maintain a stock of smaller houses – still too expensive! Possibly up to 90 homes on a Church Lane Greenfield site. What about infrastructure?

Change of boundaries.

Cllr Seacombe suggested some Councillors should be present at this NPA event and help host and hear what villagers have to say. Agreed.

(ix) Transport

Cllr Warden worried that Cango is not being used enough. There is a real DANGER that it could be lost in 2018 if not used more. It’s cheaper than using a car, it couldn’t be more user friendly as far as pick up/drop off once tried (as well as designated bus stops). Cllr Marchant said time to have meeting with other supportive Councils.

(x) Roads, Hedges, Ditches

Overhanging branches still evident (i.e corner Arnewood Bridge Rd/Station Rd) forcing pedestrians into road. Other examples were quoted including a vastly overgrown very old owner’s property.

(xi) Speedwatch

Radar speed sign now erect in Arnewood Bridge Rd – new pole. Arnewood Bridge Rd on Red Alert speedwise – real police and cameras will be needed.

Pitmore Lane also bad now resurfaced road.

Shirley Holms site recommended by member of public. Police will need to approve.

(xii) Correspondence/AOB

Verges are not being cut as recommended by Plantlife. Cllr Marchant /Warden to draft response to Hants CC.

Cllr Tarling mentioned availability of small grants scheme which Tiptoe are using effectively to create a path around their ‘village green’ (£1,800 worth!)

Sway should be aware, perhaps land owners would like to use to improve footpaths? Do come forward.

(xiii) Next meeting PaTc Nov 10.

Meeting closed at 21.40

Parish Council Meeting closed at 20.46.

Next meeting 24 November at 19.30.

Warren Breach

Please do attend the NFNPA draft consultation meeting on Wednesday 2 November from 2.00 – 7.30 pm at the Village Hall.

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