October 2015

Parish Council


Sway Parish council meeting Pavilion Jubilee Field 19.30 Oct 22.

Present: Cllr Rickman (Chair), S Brayley (Clerk), Cllr Cripps, Dance, Gresham-Hale, Marchant, Pepper, Seacombe, Tarling, Turner. Also in attendance: HCC Cllr Thornber, John Warden (Transport), Len Thomas (Speedwatch), PSO Stuart Redhead, Sway News and 9 members of the public.

  1. Apologies Cllr Fleat, Cllr Golby
  2. Chair announced third in Best Village competition results (see Planning report).
  3. Minutes of 24 Sep approved with minor amendment
  4. HCC Cllr Thornber had a number of points.

Highways England (new name) website trying to reduce major road delays by government request A31 M27. Major roads will have surfacing/upkeep priority so people use them. All other routes from cycling to B roads, bridleways listed to encourage other forms of travel! Road freight routes and non suitable routes also featured. Locally Sway Rd bridge repairs completed on time and budget. Now open.

Traffic regulation order from Nov 23 for 18 months local roads will be closed for max 2 or 3 days (see Clerks report)

Cango – Lymington/Pennington Town Council met and discussed and will make £2000 available for improvement of bus stops, advertising of route/times, review routes etc. Cllr Thornber pointed out this is their statutory duty anyway. They won’t join the partnership booking service. No problem New Milton, Sway, Hordle plus 3 councillors shortfall funding is enough to keep the service going. (Most present surprised at Lym/Penn attitude particularly as they have most to gain in footfall terms in their town). Cllr Thornber said a Governance Committee should be set up:

1 elected Sway Parish councillor

1 elected New Milton councillor

1 elected Hordle councillor

Plus a Clerk from one of these Councils plus co-opt John Warden. Cllr Thornber said there was a pilot 20mph project in existence which by 2016 will determine future County policy.

Westbeam Rd/School/Church Lane – demolition, future building works. PSO Stuart Redhead explained that there had been complaints about parking and drop off and dangerous reversing around the school, when the police are parked up the problem is eased!

This problem has been discussed endlessly by the Council. Parents should park in Jubilee Field and/or walk to school. It’s the safest option. Councillors surprised the Head does not take more interest/action.

Cllr Marchant/Cripps asked the Police a number of questions.

Moveable flashing sign. If exceeding limit by Hare and Hounds no problem but who funds? (Cllr Thornber did once and will check where sign has gone). Clerk said NFDC have such signs, can be loaned out.

Kings Lane and commercial premises deliveries can’t be stopped, urban signage not wanted although vertical NOT suitable, HGV sign would help. Mrs Watts suggested DELIVERIES ONLY via Pitmore Lane (which is what is supposed to happen).

  1. Clerks Report

Susan Brayley went through her 12 point report to Councillors. Highlights of which

  • Remembrance Sunday road closure 10.30 – 12.00 (probably less as War Memorial Service will be over by 11.30).
  • 6 Councillors will attend the St Luke’s Church Service and will meet at 09.15 by Youth Centre (service begins at 09.30 sharp).
  • War Memorials Trust Grants Scheme will help with cleaning/refurb of Sway Memorial. Chair thanked Cllr Cripps for his efforts…
  • Temporary road closures over next 18 months from Nov 23 – each no longer than 2 to 3 days. Back Lane, Barrows Lane, Coombe Lane, Mead End Rd, Station Rd.
  • Replacement Councillor after Tom Greenwood’s resignation one person had put their name forward and was duly co-opted Len Thomas who has attended most Council meetings over the past 5 years and runs Speedwatch.
  • Family Trees Event 28 Nov Jubilee Field 10.00 – 12.00 and 14.00 – 16.00. Clubs have been very helpful in ‘clearing the decks’ for this celebration/planting day – a number of Councillors incl. Cllr Seacombe will be present.
  • Council office closed 26/27 October and 19 November.
  1. Finance
  • Payment schedule agreed.
  • Finance Committee have not met but Cllr Cripps says on budget and in good health.
  • Re-imbursement of ferry fares for IOW Village of Year attendance agreed.
  • Chair said that Clerk has now been in situ long enough to make an accurate review assessment of hours needed to carry out duties required by Sway Parish Council. Some Councillors would like to share some of the tasks and prioritise procedures. All agreed a review was necessary.
  1. Planning and Transport

Cllr Tarling reported on a meeting of Planning and Transport on 8.10.15 at Pavilion Jubilee Field.

Present: Cllr Tarling (Chair), Cllr Cripps (Vice Chair), S Brayley (Clerk), Cllr Dance, Pepper (left at 20.40), Marchant, Seacombe. Also present: John Warden (Transport), Len Thomas (Speedwatch), Sway News and 16 members of the public (incl Ted Fleat, Anita Gresham-Hale).

(i) The Chair reported on the result of the Village of the Year competition held in Bembridge IOW. Sway came third, runner up on Best Economic development and Barry Rickman received a special Lifetime Achievement award for service as a Councillor for most of his adult life. Cllr Tarling also thanked Anita Gresham-Hale for her initiative to enter and for preparing the submission so expertly. A round of applause followed. We will be entering again next year!

(ii) Previous minutes – of 10 September were approved with slight amendment.

(iii) Hollybank, Station Rd

No reply had been received (subsequent to meeting, Lucie Cooper of NFNPA will not pursue). Consistency was the key word none was being applied by NFNPA. Copies of SVDS should be sent to all local builders/fence erectors.

(iv) Outcome of Planning

The Chair went through recent decisions by the NFNPA. 7 grants in line with Sway Parish Council recommendations and conditions.

(v) Trees

Now Tom Greenwood resigned it was agreed that Cllr Seacombe (a former Tree Officer) should deal directly with tree matters and not refer back for decisions. Cllr Cripps asked to be copied on all correspondence.

(vi) New Planning

Boundary Gate – replacement dwelling, owner addressed the Committee about the history, demolition, listened to objections. Better dwelling and energy efficient in keeping with sensitive area will result. Chair thanked him and for following SVDS. Will await revised plan (subsequent to meeting the revised plan has not been lodged so likely to be refused).

Forest Haven – front and rear dormers porch 3rd application. Majority decision (1) recommend permission but happy to accept NPA officer’s decision.

Gablemead – replacement outbuilding for use as annexe to main dwelling plus solar panels. Neighbours objected. (4) refusal over development of site.

Sway Social Club – (4) latest plan refusal too suburban. Needs new proposal.

4 Bond Close – single storey (1) recommend permission but happy to accept NFNPA decision.

41 Heron Close – ditto

Church Cottage – two storey extension not really seen and out of keeping with cob but … (5) happy to accept NFNPA officer’s decision

Well House – Certificate of Lawful Development after 10 years. No evidence that it has been used continuously as ancillary accommodation. Where’s the evidence? (2) refusal but happy to accept NFNPA decision.

Knightsbridge Farm – Certificate for Lawful Development. Insufficient evidence that stables have been used for ancillary accommodation (5) happy to accept NFNPA decision.

(vii) Update on enforcement

11 outstanding cases

(viii) Appeals

Heathey Lodge fence height saga continues. The Chair left the room for this item. Cllr Seacombe to attend the further appeal hearing on 20 Oct (subsequent to meeting the NFNPA granted a reduction to 1.5m (from 1.8m) to be completed within 6 weeks). Cllr Seacombe was praised for her defence of SVDS and consistency.

(ix) Other planning issue

Cllr Tarling reported on a useful meeting with Steve Avery and the NFNPA preferring brownfield sites for development.

(x) Sway response to NPA call for views

An excellent report has been completed by the Chair subsequent to the meeting and will be sent to NFNPA. Covering many aspects of Sway from Defined Village becoming urban to affordable housing via loss of gardens (for building) and retail…

(xi) Transport

John Warden reported that the first week of the new system was working well – some say easier than the HCC system. Numbers are slightly down so use it or lose it particularly after the enormous effort that has been made.

(xii) Speed regulation

To be discussed by full Parish Councillors.

(xiii) HGV Drivers

Because we don’t want urbanisation it can sometimes cause problems for HGV drivers. If no road signage, how are they to know roads are unsuitable?

(xiv) Speedwatch

Another good colourful report. The red areas are Arnewood Bridge Rd and Brighton Rd.

(xv) Correspondence

Mrs Davena Shelley had written to the Council about all the building work around Westbeams Rd, the School and Church Lane. It is becoming intolerable and very dangerous says Cllr Fleat. Mrs Shelley is suggesting a one way system to ease the danger.

Meeting closed at 21.35.

  1. Amenities Working Group

Cllr Pepper reported on a recent meeting.

  • Tennis Club put forward drawings and written details to extend their facility at their cost (some funding from LTA). They recognise that there are bigger plans afoot for the Pavilion and Jubilee Field where all the clubs could join with the Social Club to create a facility for the 21st Century – Sway Community Sports Club.
  • S106 spending plans. Cllr Seacombe explained that a tight consultation period from 23 Oct to Nov 22 asking villagers as to how they think the developers funding (around 60K) should be spent on additional sporting/recreational facilities at Jubilee Field. There are notices around the village. Clipboards in the shops and the following can be used:-



Sway Newswire, Twitter

Chair thanked Cllr Seacombe.

Cllr Pepper asked for a budget of £500 to promote/advertise the process. This was agreed.

(9) AOB

  • Cllr Marchant and Cripps do not want Communications Working Party to be mothballed for 6 months. Agenda item for next meeting.
  • Cllr Marchant would like meeting minutes to be available as quickly as possible after meetings. This was supported by most Councillors and the Chair and goes back to review and priorities of Clerk’s work load.
  • Cango bookings working well
  • Mrs Fleat from public gallery concerned about the effect St Luke’s new pre-school facility for working mums will have on Village Hall. Fact of 21st century life said Chair.

Meeting closed at 21.45.

Warren Breach



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