October 2014

 Parish Council Meeting

Meeting of Sway Parish Council on 30.10.14 at 19.30 in Pavilion Jubilee Field. Present: Cllr Rickman (Chair), Sue Brayley (Clerk), Cllr Cripps, Cllr Dance, Cllr Fleat, Cllr Gates, Cllr Golby, Cllr Tarling. Also in attendance: Cllr Ken Thornber HCC, John Warden (Transport), Len Thomas (Speedwatch), Sway News and 8 members of the public.

  1. Apologies Cllr Langford
  1. Minutes of Sep 25 were approved
  1. County Council Report

Cllr Thornber stated that he did not attend all Parish Council meetings – only when he had something to report.

Bridge work was taking place in 3 locations.

Manchester Rd, strengthening and safety measures.

Sway Rd, Brockenhurst will remain single lane and traffic light controlled. The northern lights will be moved back closer to Brokenhurst Golf course. Pavements will be installed on both sides of the road down to the golf course.

Latchmere Bridge where work was postponed will be resumed and a one way traffic light system will be operated.

Youth Centre. Cllr Thornber said he had 3 grant streams the main one being Community Building Grant. This could only be used on capital expenditure, IT and or renovation.

  1. Clerks Report

Sue Brayley went through her circulated report.

  • Remembrance Sunday – Rev Pawson had invited Councillors to attend the service on Sunday Nov 9 at 09.30 followed by a procession to the Memorial for wreath laying. 5 Councillors confirmed they would attend.
  • Heritage Lottery Bid – Conserving the forest fringe. Letter and leaflet received but with rather short notice to respond (by Nov 7). Lets bid.
  • Hampshire CC Quiet Lanes Project. Councillors not over enthusiastic.
  • Speed limit sign – Brighton Rd, cattle grid. The lengthsman had done an excellent job clearing and cleaning the signs.
  • Cycle racks at Jubilee Field – Cllr Rickman will seek funds from NPA.
  • NavitusBay proposed wind farm –there are specific hearings 18-21 Nov, 25-28 Nov and an open floor meeting on Dec 2. Venues to be announced. This will be your last chance to make your feelings known…
  • Sway’s new PC Leon Simon will be at the meeting on Nov 27 at 19.00 to answer any questions from the public (and Councillors)
  • Tarmac around the Pavilion in a poor state in places. Quotes to be obtained by Clerk.
  • Memorial – an excellent job had been done by the lengthsman and Cllr Cripps.
  1. Finance/Accounts

Paper tabled to Councillors only ‘nothing exceptional this month’ reported the Chair.

6. Standing orders

Cllr Rickman said he wished to operate ‘the lightest of touches…’ to filming, photography and recording.   If members of the public wished to sound record or use new technology it should be made apparent and the Chair would alert Councillors. Transparency is one thing, interrupting the work of the Council is another.


  1. Cllr Tarling reported on the Planning and Transport Meeting of 16.10.14 at 19.30 in the Pavilion Jubilee Field.

Present: Cllr Tarling (Chair), Sue Brayley (new Clerk), Cllr Cripps, Cllr Dance, Cllr Gates, Cllr Golby, Cllr Langford (Cllr Ted Fleat in public gallery). Also present : Sway News, John Warden (Transport), Len Thomas (Speedwatch),14 members of the public.

(i) The Chair introduced Sue Brayley the new Clerk. (A profile will appear in the December edition of Sway News)


(ii) Minutes of meeting 18/09/14 were approved with two minor amendments.


(iii) Outcome of Planning

  • Flechlea, Westbeams Rd. Granted but no further development rights allowed.
  • Estate office – Station Rd – application for take away withdrawn as building sold for offices!!
  • Kings Lane Nursery. Granted subject to a number of conditions the main one being all surface water to be adequately dealt with and a specialist report agreed before planning is finally granted.
  • 1 Rose Cottage, Pitmore Lane. Granted subject to tree protection and matching materials being used.

(iv) Trees – 1 Rose Cottage, Pitmore Lane. NPA wish to see Tree Protection applied.

While on the subject of trees Councillors were concerned about wholesale removal of mature trees which had taken place at Sway Manor. This destroyed a well loved village scene/amenity. The work was conducted without prior Council knowledge which is not required in law unless a TPO is in place. Tree stumps looked hollow in places – were the trees in ill health but even so as a matter of courtesy should not the Council or tree officer have been informed? The NPA have now imposed a blanket tree order on the rest of the site.


(v) New Planning.

  • Dennett House, Brighton Rd. Rev Richard Elliott who owns the building explained the planning history which now boiled down to the bottom 2/3rd returned to residential, the front 1/3rd to be an engineering consultancy company office rather than a clinical consulting room. Councillors agreed 1 – recommend permission but leave to the NPA officer with a note that there should be no industrial activity in the front room. (Subsequent to meeting, granted with conditions)
  • Downlands Farm, Linnies Lane. The Chair said the application was well presented and researched. It brings a modest business (cattery) to Sway and so long as the agricultural tie can be maintained there was no downside in his view. 3 – recommend permission. (Granted with conditions).
  • Hazel Bank, Kings Lane – very minor adjustment to planning application. Agreed permission.
  • Meadow Way, Mill Lane – withdrawn
  • Land to rear of Silver Street. Stables with store in horsey country. 3 – recommend permission. (Granted with conditions).
  • Moorlands, Middle Rd. Councillors very concerned that here was a property being advertised for sale with additional 2 bedrooms that had no planning permission. 4 – refuse and report to Enforcement officer. (Refused).
  • Shallfleat, Mount Pleasant. Traditional open wooden field store. 1 – recommend permission but leave to NPA officer.
  • Flexford Farm – South Sway Lane. 3 metre ground level solar panels. Applicant more than happy to retain boundary wall. 3 – recommend permission.

(vi) Enforcement

Started the month with 11 lost 4 gained 4 – back to 11!

  • High Forest. Cllr Golby declared (again) a non pecuniary interest as a neighbour. Allegedly it would seem the houses have been built in a different position to planning agreement, probably because of drainage problems. Councillors were generally concerned at what seemed like a cavalier attitude to planning by the long established building company. What is the point of planning regulation if it is to be ignored. (Subsequent to meeting the enforcement officer has checked and there is no breach)


(vii) Roads, Ditches and Hedges

All day parking in Station Rd by commuters a continuing problem. Are double yellow lines the only answer? New road signs are to be installed by NFDC around Sway.

Maintenance of road signs is not good. Most covered in green mould or obscured by plant growth. Please report such to highways.


(viii) Speedwatch

Cllr Golby concerned that no reaction from Police over Clerks letter to them. Sway News reported that real speed cameras and Police were operating a speed trap opposite the allotments on Wednesday 15.10.14 – so they are taking notice it would seem.

Mr Thomas had given Councillors a very detailed and thorough breakdown of speedwatch activity in recent months. The Chair thanked all concerned.

There is some confusion as to who Sway’s ‘Beat’ officer is… can he please reveal himself!


(ix) AOB

Dog Poo! Most dog owners are responsible and self policing clearing up after their dogs BUT not ALL. Should there be more dog poo bins around the village? Yes particularly in Brighton Rd. A plea from all Councillors. Please clear up after your dog and dispose properly. Not in grit bins! The dog warden is on the case too. The subject will be discussed at the next full Parish Council Meeting.

Meeting closed 21.00

Next meeting Nov 20 19.30 Pavilion Jubilee Field.


  1. Amenities

Cllr Gates reported on that evening’s meeting.

  • Disabled ramp into Pavilion on hold until a disabled tennis players recommendations are considered.
  • Cycle racks. NPA to provide?
  • Dog poo – No Dogs signs to be much larger and better placed. Costings to be obtained.
  • Defibrilator – not yet installed
  • Allotments – boundary hedges to be cut. Estimates ranged from 1K to £300.
  • Licensing extended hours on Sundays requested by Football Club. Wholeheartedly supported by Councillors.
  1. Dog Fouling

Cllr Rickman wants the whole matter looked into in a thorough manner with a complete village survey and report. More bins are certainly needed (also see Planning report under Dog Poo!). Let’s name and shame the minority who are giving dog walkers a bad name was one suggestion from two Councillors.


10. Allotments

Forestry Commission new 3 year lease is more than reasonable and was approved.





11. AOB

Cllr Cripps reported that a new seat had finally been installed at the bus shelter. Looks rather good.

Cllr Tarling reported on NPA Management Plan which sets out its intentions from 2015-2020 on http://tinyurl.com/nsbr5hb and with little prior warning there is to be a Sway village consultation in the Village Hall on Monday Nov 10 from 14.00 – 20.00. Do attend and show the NPA we do care about our New Forest and their intentions!

Cllr Tarling also reported he had attended New Forest Business Partnership Meeting. “Everyone who was anyone was there” “an interesting forum..” Lots on tourism and capitalising on horses and horse riding. The New Forest Marque for promoting sale of local produce.

Mr Dew from the public gallery thanked Cllr Rickman for attending the AGM which was well attended. A commoner had warned all allotment holders not to throw clippings and rubbish “ over the hedge” for animals much of it is poisonous to ponies.

The Football Club reported that taps remained on far too long wasting fuel and water.


Meeting closed at 20.35.


Next meeting 27 Nov 19.00 for new Police Constable.

                                   Warren Breach


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