October 2012

Parish Council Meeting

Meeting of Parish Council held on October 25 at 19.30 in Jubilee Field Pavilion

Present: Cllr Rickman (Chair), Mr N Gulliver (Clerk), Cllr Gulliver, Cllr Gates, Cllr Dance, Cllr Cripps, Cllr Langford, Cllr Fleat, Cllr Tarling. Also present: Cllr Ken Thornber Leader of the Hampshire County Council, Sway News, Lymington Times, John Warden (Transport), Ted Watts and 7 members of the public.


  • Cllr Thornber says Back Lane only one pilot scheme of many in 2 National Parks.
  • Funding of lighting at Sway Station to go ahead 2012/2013
  • Cango useage increases.
  1. Previous minutes agreed and signed off.
  2. Hampshire County Council.

(a) Cllr Ken Thornber reported that funding from a Government Local Sustainable Transport Funding budget could fund essential lighting of the road on the downside of Sway Station. He had submitted a request for funds on May 24 and it is being considered and should go ahead in 2012/13.

(b) Back Lane – he had written to the Chair of Sway PC with a very full explanation of why Back Lane was being considered as one of many ‘quiet roads’ in two National Parks for pilot closure. He was surprised it had not been read in full to the PC. He also understands that there will be a special meeting to consider all aspects of the Government pilot scheme to move traffic away from unsuitable roads on to major roads. So that the peace and tranquillity of the two National Parks (South Downs National Park too) can be enjoyed more fully. He welcomes this. He believes that much will be learned from such pilot schemes over a 5 – 10 year period. He believes there are many unsuitable roads that can be returned to the quiet enjoyment of local villagers and tourists which will improve safety and the quality of life not just Back Lane. Does the Parish Council want to take the opportunity he asked. Full consultation with full facts is what is required… before any decisions are taken. Cllr Tarling congratulated Cllr Thornber on obtaining Government funding. Sway was ‘well ahead of the curve..’ as a resident Hugh Marchant had done the County Council job for them with an excellent researched paper on 20 mph speed limits and small road useage and thirdly as Chair of the Planning and Transport committee he had to report to Cllr Thornber that the County Council website was not being used accurately when road damage was reported to them i.e damage has been repaired when it has not. Cllr Thornber will look into this but wished that the Clerk had written to him as the conduit rather than to an officer of the Council. He was here to serve…. Cllr Tarling also reported the watersplash in Coombe Lane had become overexciting and dangerous. (The last time he had such an experience he had to pay for it at Thorpe Park!). (Cllr Thornber left the meeting at 19.50).

  1. Finance. It was agreed that payments as tabled by the Clerk should be paid. Mr Gulliver was then asked to leave the meeting while his hours of work and future salary were discussed. Cllr Rickman said that he now had evidence of hours worked, he had looked at local Government pay rates and similar sized Councils. His very reasonable recommendations were unanimously accepted and all agreed that these should be back dated to when Mr Gulliver joined the Council. It was agreed to review in 6 months time although if on a Local Government agreed pay scale there would be automatic uplifts in future. Cllr Tarling recommended increasing the agreed weekly hours to allow say 2 hours to be spent on website upgrade which was sorely needed as the public face of Sway Parish Council.
  2. Planning and Transport. Committee Meeting held Jubilee Field Pavilion 11.10.12 at 19.45. Present: Cllr Tarling (Chair), Mr N Gulliver (Clerk), Cllr Gulliver, Cllr Dance (deputising for Cllr Langford), Cllr Gates, Cllr Rickman (deputising for Cllr Cripps). Present: Sway News and 7 members of the public. Cllr Tarling reported on the meeting of 11.10.12.

(i) There were a number of planning applications discussed in some detail most the Committee were happy to give a ‘3’ which means “permission for the reasons stated below…” This included a local artist’s home who wished to build a large studio/workshop some two and a half times the original but because of the current loss of Artsway it was felt support was in order. There was one refusal. The owners of Belvedere which is very run down were present to explain why they wished to demolish and re-build and were seeking advice. Cllr Tarling stated that his Committee could not give any pre-planning application advice they can only listen. Best to go through NFNPA pre-planning who are very helpful.

(ii) Cango a £10 – £15K grant maybe forthcoming from Government funds reported John Warden, there is also much improved useage recently. He is producing a new leaflet.

(iii) Station bulb planting has taken place.

(iv) 20 mph limit on very rural roads such as St Pauls Road, Kings Lane etc. Stuart Jarvis of Hampshire County Council is considering countywide speed limits. A member of the public, Hugh Marchant, had produced an excellent document supporting a 20 speed limit.

County Council website reporting is getting better. But Chair would raise concerns with Ken Thornber Leader of County Council.

(v) Co-options. Cllr Gates is against – if members of the public wish to become Councillors they should stand for election. Cllr Tarling pointed out that a mechanism to co-opt interested members of the public had been agreed by Councillors. A member of the public agreed and said it was surely sensible to bring in expertise from villagers where appropriate. Cllr Rickman said it was too early to discuss such co-opting although ‘ a larger Council with more interest from the public was something to aim for in the future, lets return to the matter in January’.

(vi) Cllr Tarling stated that Mr Rob Ainslie Development Control Manager at NFNPA could not make a November date but would address the meeting on Dec 13. Venue Jubilee Field Pavilion at 19.45.

Meeting ended at 20.45.

N.B At the PC meeting on 25.10.12 the Clerk mentioned a planning application for 1 Heron Close which fell between two PaTC meetings. It was given a ‘3’. A tree felled and replaced was agreed too.

  1. Road Speed. The Chair explained that other local Councils had not all agreed to proceed with a common approach but that New Milton were to spend £750 on equipment. He supported a similar amount for Sway. Councillors welcomed this initiative and looked forward to hearing more and agreeing a common way forward now the nights were drawing in.
  2. Roads and Hedges. Cllr Dance stated that Flexford Lane is in diabolical condition. Cllr Fleat agreed. Cllr Gulliver said there was a huge pothole by the side of the road at the top of Station Rd above the cattle grid.
  3. Amenities Working Group. Met at 19.00 on 25.10.12 in the Jubilee Field Pavilion. The Chair Cllr Gates gave a report to the Parish Council. There was not a great deal to report everything was going pretty well. The brass Jubilee plaques had been fitted to the presentation picnic tables in Stanford Rise.

The barrier soon to be fitted to Jubilee Field entrance will have a simple padlock with a number of keys for the user groups ‘and we’ll see how it goes in operation…’ Quotes were being obtained for gravel additional parking area. Two more dog signs were to be added to the three already in situ. Eight folding tables at a cost of £59 each were agreed. Cllr Fleat had organised a clean up of Pitmore Lane but a member of the public said both entrances were locked and a fence had been repaired. She thought we were doing away with fencing and barriers. A meeting with the Forestry Commission to re-new the lease is awaited. Allotments: Hedge trimming is being arranged by Cllr Fleat. Rents – a modest increase had been agreed. No glass structures or large polytunnels are allowed.

  1. Grant Application. Two had been received by the Clerk. Oakhaven Hospice and Victim Support. It was agreed £300 for the former and £50 for the latter.
  2. Correspondence/AOB. Cllr Tarling would attend a course on Planning offered by Association of Local Councils. The new grandstand subject of an enforcement notice was now cleared by NFNPA but who was to pay their fee – the football club it was agreed?!!

Sway Village Design Statement. Cllr Tarling explained that the Royal Mail had failed to deliver to all households and had offered £50 compensation. Cllr Langford said it looked like junk mail and had been thrown away. Despite all this 310 completed forms or web submissions had been received so a useful exercise and the public can still submit to either the newsagents or on the website as there had been a postal hiccup. This is your chance to shape Sway of the future… use it.

10. Remembrance Sunday. Cllr Rickman reminded everyone that this year it actually fell on 11.11.12 and that the Councillors’ wreath had been ordered. All were invited to St Luke’s Remembrance Day Service at 09.15 in church and then a procession to the War Memorial at 11.00.

The meeting closed at 20.30

Diary Dates: Date of next PC meeting 6.12.12, Village Hall at 19.30 (preceded at 19.00 by Amenities Working Party). A special meeting of Planning and Transport on 13.12.12 with Mr Rob Ainslie of NFNPA. Also Jubilee Field at 19.45.

 Warren Breach

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