November 2016

Parish Council Meeting

Meeting of Sway Parish Council 24.11.16 at 19.30 in Pavilion Jubilee Field.

Present: Cllr Rickman (Chair), Cllr Golby (Vice Chair), David Edwards (Clerk), Cllrs Dance, Fleat, Marchant, Tarling, Thomas, Turner. Also present: Sway News, Lymington Times, 13 members of the public.

1. Chair announced that Cllr Gresham-Hale had resigned by email as from now.

2. Apologies Cllr Pepper, Cllr Seacombe

3. Minutes of 27 Oct accepted and signed off

4. No HCC Report as Cllr Thornber not well

5. Chair Report

  • Cllr Rickman thanked all those Councillors who had taken part in the Remembrance Service and Memorial wreath laying with Cllr Thornber.
  • No mention of devolution in Central Government report

6. Clerks Report

  • Solent coaches had accepted responsibility for damage to gate post
  • HMRC will not accept cheques in future! (Thin end of the wedge…)
  • Carpets in Pavilion very grubby. Permission to clean yes but not until Spring
  • Allotment hedges to be cut

7. Amenities update

  • Jubilee Field Development. Meeting of User Groups had said that the big plan was too big and ambitious and therefore could not be supported. A smaller proposal will be put to the village in a meeting in the Village Hall 3.12.16 from 14.00 – 16.00 (it will be in the form of a Forum reports Cllr Turner)
  • MUGA therefore resurfaces outside. Depends on how much S106 money left after Stanford Rise. Most Councillors support as does Village as second after Stanford Rise on Village survey wish list. Can some Councillors act as a conduit from working party to Council. Yes
  • Liquor Licence – after much further debate (and Clerk read a letter from User Group rep) it was agreed a 7 day licence controlled by the Council from 09.00 – 21.00 would be applied for. This was proposed by Councillor Dance
  • Dog Fouling – apparently there are Villagers who can’t read NO DOGS ALLOWED signs – can there be more of them and larger. After much further anti dog debate it was agreed temporary larger signs would be tried. Sway News report NO DOGS ALLOWED in Jubilee Field.
  • Moles – Clerk would like to set the mole killers loose. Councillor Fleat says far too expensive and ineffective. Their activity is shortlived. Knock down and spread the earth. However it was agreed the Clerk can engage the Mole Men!
  • Finance – Cllr Turner spoke to Schedule of Payments paper – which was agreed. Also ran through his draft three year plan projection which was missing Cango and Children’s Summer playgroup.
  • Electricity Supply – EON are currently cheapest Cllr Warden says SSE very close. Clerk charged with getting best deal and for 12 months.

8. Telephone Kiosk

Before anyone gets too sentimental this is a 70’s version of the iconic design. The overview was not worth saving unless a private individual comes forward to put on their land and look after it

9. Parish Council on Facebook

Cllr Gresham Hale was “administrator” the all powerful gateway to any Facebook operation. She has resigned. Councillors agreed to close that account and set up a new one with more than one ‘administrator’. Leave to Communications Working Group to nominate

10. Congestion in Station Rd

On the agenda at the request of Cllr Gresham Hale who has now resigned. However further long debate ensued. The bottom line is Councillors are powerless to do much. Hampshire Highways are responsible for the Highway. Short of double yellow lines (which would need policing) we can only name and shame people who park all day and commute. Any names to Councillor Rickman please. Encourage everyone to park in Jubilee Field and walk a short distance to shops or station. Cllr Tarling would like a couple of disabled bays.

Cllr Golby was concerned at comments that Councillors were self congratulatory and ineffective at controlling parking. Not for the want of trying but it’s all about human behaviour, and inconsiderate activity

11. Stanford Rise Update

Clerk explained that only two quotes had been received, one for 32K one for 30K. The lower quote was from Farwells and the Working Group believed that with local knowledge and a lower quote this was the one to accept. Ted Watts who is a non voting member of the Working Group explained that had Cllr Pepper/Seacombe been present there would have been a much stronger proposal to accept the Farwell quotation.
12. Cllr Tarling reported on a Meeting of Planning and Transport 10.11.16 at Pavilion Jubilee Field.

Present: Cllr Tarling (Chair), Cllr Marchant (Vice Chair), David Edwards (Clerk), Cllrs Dance, Fleat, Pepper, Seacombe Warden. Also present Sway News, 17 members of the public
(i) Previous Minutes of 13 Oct agreed

(ii) Matters Arising. Cllr Marchant had circulated a draft to Councillors of the Clerks letter to NFDC about the recent Wiggle Cycling event. All agreed this should be sent.

(iii) Outcome of Planning

The Chair ran through his paper of what had been approved or not by NFNPA. Most followed Sway’s recommendations. Coombe Grange was approved at a full meeting of NPA planning with tight conditions/restrictions. When the two starter homes are built they should be allocated fairly and with transparency.
(iv) Trees

Cllr Seacombe ran through her paper.

High Forest, Manchester Rd. Sensitive pruning and removal of branches close to property agreed

Busketts, Brighton Rd. Fell a Corsican Pine, prune Sycamore and Hornbeam. Agreed

TPO on Church Road site. Tree officer says all trees that need TPOs have them – no further consideration!

(v) New Planning

  • Land east of Woodside, Shirley Holmes – replacement stables (3) Permission
  • Marlings Cottage, Mead End. Single storey extension demolition of existing conservatory (1) permission but leave to NFNPA officer
  • The Foxes, Highcroft, Manchester Rd. Lots of neighbour objections for orangery and porch on this new build (2) recommend refusal but leave to NPA
  • Land to rear of Toby Cottage, Back Lane. Retention of manege. There seems to have been disregard of previous planning permission and conditions (4) Refusal
  • The Swallows, Kings Lane. Render of brickwork/slabwork. Cllrs were split on suitability. White render would be intrusive thought some (5) leave to NFNPA
  • Plovers, Station Rd. Roof alterations redesign of front dormer, fenestration and additional cladding (1) recommend permission but leave to NFNPA officer
  • Hunters Folly, Marley Mount. Owner gave a detailed exposé of why original building pulled down. Cllr Marchant concerned about this. Pre-application advice sought. Trees, hedges will be replaced. Tree report needed (5) leave to NFNPA officer
  • The Silver Hind, Station Rd. Single storey extension needed for this thriving asset to the Village since the loss of Forest Heath Hotel. Near neighbour spoke from public gallery about noise and privacy. Some Councillors while supporting a local business were concerned that perhaps the owner’s aspirations had outgrown the site. The need is to put up staff when working late. Perhaps the extension could be smaller asked Cllr Seacombe. Cllr Fleat supported the business and it’s needs, it is a great asset to the Village in that position and the owner had been very helpful to Village organisations (4) refusal – while supporting the local business!
  • Claywood House. Agent spoke from public gallery. Two storey side extension, single storey side and rear extension plus replacement windows. Although large it is within 30% allowance. Reapplication after ecology survey bat boxes will be provided (1) recommend permission but leave to NFNPA officer
  • Land to rear of 37 and 38 Setthorns. Cllrs considered a ‘landgrab’. Neighbours spoke against from public gallery (4) refusal
  • Old School House site. Cllrs did not consider this a ‘minor material amendment’ on this overcrowded/developed site (4) refusal
  • 1 Dennett House, Brighton Rd. Change of use of part of ground floor to office use storage bike store, hard standing. Most Councillors considered inappropriate on this site -should be residential. Looks like a ‘used car sale lot’ was one view from neighbour speaking against from public gallery (2) recommend refusal but will accept NFNPA view

(vi) Enforcement

Started with 14 – 4 resolved gained 3

(vii) Boundway Gate

Cllr Tarling to represent at full planning meeting of NPA. Subsequent to meeting, Sway’s stance upheld. Refusal.

(viii) NFNPA Local Plan for Next 20 Years

Excellent draft response circulated and added to by Councillors. Too many houses and the infrastructure too fragile to cope was the general view from public gallery.

Cllr Pepper said we need houses and they have to be built somewhere.

We need houses but not so many. By all means resist but have a counter plan/proposal.

We don’t need another Setthorns.

We need a professional proposal drawn up with sympathetic mixed architecture rather than a housing estate taking in all the points made about parking, style and infrastructure. Most support ‘affordable’ whatever that means…

(ix) Transport

A dismal view regarding Cango usage. All the warnings are there. It has been a long continuous battle to retain this useful service all to no avail unless usage increases and is maintained. 2018 is not far away and unless the figures are there to support its retention the service will be LOST. Cllr Warden who has done so much to support Cango is at a loss to understand why more villagers don’t use the service. You may need it one day when you can’t drive – then what?

(x) Speedwatch

Arnewood Bridge Rd on Red Alert – traffic far too fast on this potentially dangerous road with many blind bends. Real police required with real speed equipment and prosecutions.

(xi) Correspondence

Temporary closure of footpath near Scout Hut 25 – 29 Nov. Important drainage work

Next meeting on 8th December.

13. Cango

Member of the public concerned that all rather complicated service. Not very obvious where and when Cango ran particularly on Market Day (New Milton). Cllr Warden has asked for more timetables and reports some good news – the buses are likely to be repainted (still yellow) – a good sign? Message remains Use it or Lose it.

14. AOB

Windy weather has made a mess of wreaths at War Memorial. Cllr Rickman would love someone to fix a wire around the bottom of Memorial that wreaths can be slotted into. Any volunteers?

Land behind Artsway – what is to happen to it? Make a great car park!!

Meeting closed at 20.52

Next meeting earlier than normal because of Christmas 15th December.

Warren Breach

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