November 2014

Parish Council Meeting

Meeting of Sway Parish Council 27.11.14 at 19.30 Pavilion Jubilee Field.

Present: Cllr Rickman (Chair), Susan Brayley (Clerk), Cllr Cripps, Cllr Dance, Cllr Golby, Cllr Fleat, Cllr Tarling. Also present Sway News, John Warden (Transport), PC Leon Simon, 9 members of the public.

  1. Apologies Cllr Gates, Cllr Langford
  2. Minutes of 30.10.14. Approved with minor amendment.
  3. No HCC report so the Chair invited PC Leon Simon, Sway’s new beat officer to address the room which he did in a very succinct and interesting way.

He is based in New Milton, sadly there is no police station as such, they are now in the Town Hall. 24 hour shift pattern covering a large area from New Milton to Barton to Milford on Sea to Hordle and Sway.

He has been in Police for 16 years mostly at Southampton. We are fortunate to live in a low crime and beautiful area. He has a very good relationship with the dog warden and he is sure any problems of dog fouling can be sorted out. Contact can be made through 101 if non urgent or of course 999 – don’t worry about bothering them ‘you are our eyes and ears’.

SpeedWatch terms of reference need sorting out as nationally the police are being swamped. It’s about education rather than enforcement.

Crime figures for the year to Nov 26 were read out, they are very low. There were 29 suspicious incidents reported which proves the public are letting the Police know if they are unhappy – that’s good. Mobile surgeries are often under attended but he will attend a number of Parish Council Meetings throughout the year and certainly the Annual meeting on May 21 2015.

  1. Clerks Report

Susan Brayley ran through her 13 point report to Councillors. Main points being:

  • NFDC free parking day on 6 Dec in all council run car parks to help small businesses.
  • HARAH affordable housing offer to visit by coach similar housing schemes in neighbouring villages. Cllr Tarling and Rickman had been to Breamore and not similar to Sway. So thank you but no thank you.
  • Proposed NFDC funded alterations at Sway cemetery were welcomed. New fencing, parking and roadway.
  • Cycle racks at Jubilee Field – 12 please
  • Thank you card from the Blackwell family about Reggie Blackwell’s wake
  • Parish Elections: 7 May 2015. Transparency, evening public meetings in March plus a Saturday morning session proposed by Cllr Rickman in the Jubilee Field Pavilion.
  1. Finance

Paper tabled to Councillors and agreed. More problems with tractor, yet again not fit for purpose?

  1. Planning

Cllr Tarling report on the meeting of the Planning and Transport committee held at the Jubilee Field Pavilion on Thursday 20 November 2014 at 19.30. Present: Councillors Tarling (Chair), Susan Brayley (Parish Clerk), Cllr Cripps, Cllr Dance, Cllr Gates, Cllr Golby, Cllr Langford. John Warden (Transport representative), Len Thomas (Community SpeedWatch Rep.), Sway News and eight members of the public and Ted Fleat.

i) Minutes of the meeting 16 October 2014 and matters arising were approved and signed. Matters arising – Kings Lane Nursery – Chair advised that the Clerk had contacted NFNPA Planning with the Committee’s concerns over surface water disposal. A detailed report had now been received which needs careful study. A member of the public advised that work had already started on felling trees on the site – no work should have started before surface water disposal agreed.

(ii) Applications for tree works/ new planning applications

Applications for Tree Works. Silver Birches – Westbeams Rd – prune three oak trees. Agreed but shading not a reason to prune.

(iii) New Planning Applications

Waldon, Kings Lane , Sway. First floor extension. Does it exceed the DP11 rule? Cllr Cripps observed it seemed a quite modest proposal. If within DP11 3. Grant. If outside leave to NFNPA officer.

Land at Limolands Farm, Vaggs Lane, Hordle – construction of a 14 hectare solar farm to include solar panels to generate electricity, associated plant buildings; perimeter fencing; CCTV camera; landscaping and associated works (resubmission of planning). Chair declared a non-pecuniary interest . Then invited the representatives from the agents, Locogen to make a presentation to the Committee and members of the public. The Agents spent some time talking through their presentation which gave a detailed explanation of proposals and steps taken to counter concerns raised by the original application. This was supported from the public gallery by Cllr Lovelace (Hordle) who left the meeting before hearing counter arguments and a neighbour whose woodland bordered the fields concerned, he was also in support. Cllr Fleat (attending as a member of the public), made observations about how unreliable wind and solar farms are and that the New Forest National Parks was not an appropriate location for them. Cllr Golby/Cripps agreed. The Chair detailed a number of planning regulations the proposal breached and observed that the Environment Secretary was also distancing herself from this sort of development on the basis that farming land should be used to grow food and not energy. (Government subsidies are to be withdrawn in 2015?).

Consultations appeared to be extremely localised, and Sway an afterthought.   Vote on Option 4 (refuse) was then taken; result – 3 for, 1 against with 2 abstentions.

Broadley Brake, Middle Rd, Tiptoe. First floor extension. 4 (refuse) as substantially exceeds DP11 limits.

8 Normandy Close, Sway, addition of cladding to rear elevation. Recommend permission.

Forest Paradise, Silver Street, Hordle, temporary siting of a touring caravan as a dwelling for an agricultural worker and the erection of an agricultural barn (amended description). Committee not in a position to understand the agricultural needs leave to NFNPA Planning officer after they have obtained professional advice.

Little Meadow, Manchester Rd, Sway – single story extensions, roof alterations to facilitate first floor accommodation, alterations to conservatory, rooflights. Applicants in attendance gave a short presentation to committee. Neighbours had been consulted. Cllr Cripps observed that the proposal was modest in scale and also in keeping. 3 – recommend permission subject to neighbours agreement.

Part parcel of land Great Break Field, North Common Lane, Sway – Application to vary condition 1 of planning permission to allow permanent siting of three storage units. Cllr Golby proposed 4 – however an application for a more appropriate permanent structure would be viewed favourably. Go back to NPA.

28 Cruse Close, – 2 single storey extensions: committee unanimously agreed the following. 3 – recommend permission, with condition that free draining hard standing is maintained.

(iv) Review possible participation in BCC/NFNPA Quiet Lanes Project   A member of the public observed that he believed this was now a suitable project for the South Sway Lanes.

(v) Report by the Parish Council’s Transport Representative. John Warden reported that due to the bad weather the Cango figures were down. He had attended the New Forest Transport Forum meeting on the 3 November. The meeting had little to do with bus transport!


(vi) Roads, Hedges and Ditches.

Patched potholes already breaking up! Sadly a member of the public reported the return of the ‘water splash’ in Coombe Lane following the heavy rain.

Cllr Langford advised of new lighting problems.

Both the Cango bus drivers were complaining about congestion in Station Rd due to long stay car parking on the roads.   Not a lot we can do other than urge commuters to park in Station car park or Jubilee Field and walk!

Community SpeedWatch. Len Thomas was pleased to report that 252 letters had been sent out since the last report.

(vii) Correspondence and any other business.

Cllr Gates advised that Hatch Motors would cease to sell fuel after Christmas – sadly…

Meeting closed at 21.20.

  1. Amenities Working Group

In Cllr Gates absence Cllr Fleat ran through that evening’s business.

  • Stanford Rise ‘No Dogs’ awaited
  • Jubilee Field kitchen completed
  • Disabled ramp – work in progress?
  • Cycle racks – 12 to be ordered
  • New ‘No Dogs’ signs
  • Thank you card from Blackwell family
  • Licensing hours – amendments agreed
  • 5 ft synthetic Christmas tree agreed in Pavilion at user group cost
  • Pitmore Lane – more accurate record keeping required
  • Allotments rents in hedge cut
  • Store cupboard in Pavilion agreed at user group cost
  1. Dog Fouling

New bins to be sited. If bins available behaviour improves. Sway News reported that having seen the previous evening’s BBC programme on litter, Portsmouth Council had a 75% reduction in dog fouling by adopting ‘luminous eyes’ “We are watching you” signs at little or no extra cost.

  1. Grant applications

New Forest Disability agreed £100

10. New printer

Agreed. Clerk can spend up to £300 on laser printer.

11. AOB

War Memorial – Police to close Arnewood Bridge Rd for wreath laying from next year.

Bus shelter seat gets wet – so do lots of Council seats.

Defibrillator – when will it be installed. Community nurse offered to help.

Station Rd parking. Please park in car parks and walk to shops/station. Perhaps the luminous eyes “we are watching you” could be placed on windscreens too?!

Meeting closed at 20.50

                                 Warren Breach




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