May 2016

Parish Council


 Annual Meeting of Sway Parish Council at 19.30 Pavilion Jubilee Field 26.5.16. Present: Cllr Rickman, Golby, Dance, Fleat, Marchant, Pepper (from 20.12). Seacombe, Tarling, Thomas, Turner; also present John Warden (Transport), Sway News, Lymington Times and 30 members of the public. (Clerk David Edwards on a pre-booked holiday before he took the job).

  1. Cllr Rickman welcomed such a large turn-out to the Annual Meeting. Good to see.
  1. Cllr Rickman and Cllr Golby were re-elected as Chair and Vice Chair. Cllr Rickman said after 38 yrs it was probably time to bring some new people forward, although he would stand again this year as there was a great deal happening in the village which he would like to see through.
  1. Chair Report. A very eventful year. Resignation of a Clerk, 12 Councillors. Two resignations and one co-option. Another is due but must await the return of David Edwards the new Clerk. Thanks to Councillors for ‘holding the fort’ during absence of a Clerk. Particularly Tarling, Marchant and Thomas. He thanked Mrs Sandra Cripps for all her invaluable financial help and presented her with flowers and a bottle of wine for her husband Kevin Cripps, who he also thanked.

(4) No HCC Report in the absence of Cllr Ken Thornber.

(5) Finance. Payment schedule agreed. Bank mandate changed from Cripps to Edwards. Audit completed and signed off.

(6) Standing Orders. Review of each committee once formed.

Cllr Tarling believed Amenities should be subsumed into full Parish Council Meetings, as so much going on at Jubilee Field, Stanford Rise, MUGA etc. Agreed.

Planning and Transport – Cllr Tarling (Chair), Cllr Marchant (Vice Chair) agreed unanimously. Councillors Dance, Fleat, Pepper, Seacombe (also tree rep) would form committee.

June 9 next meeting, agreed immediately.

John Warden (Transport Rep)

Finance Work Group – Cllr Rickman, Golby, Turner, Pepper, David Edwards.

Information Work Group – Cllr Pepper, Marchant, Thomas.

Jubilee User Group – Cllr Thomas, Fleat.

Village Hall – Cllr Turner, Fleat.

Youth Centre – Cllr Fleat, Thomas.

Allotments – Cllr Rickman.

  1. F. Association Local Council, Cllr Rickman, Dance, Fleat.

Hampshire Association of Local Councils – Cllr Dance, Tarling.

Quadrant – Cllr Rickman, Tarling, Marchant, Fleat.

SWAG – Cllr Golby, Rickman.

Cango Governance – John Warden, Cllr Marchant.

NF Consultative panel – Cllr Fleat

S106 Monies – Cllr Seacombe explained a further meeting had taken place and Ted Watts was now prepared to stand as Chair. Cllr Golby and Turner would be involved.

(7) Dates of Parish Council moved 21 July (New Forest Show) and 15 Dec (Christmas).

(8) Inventory of Council owned property. Cllr Golby said very well drawn up. Cllr Tarling wanted to know why Council land valued at £1. (Until sold, then market value put on it explained Golby – common practice).

(9) Jubilee Field Project

Plans were supposed to be available first week in May. They had just arrived. Hope more information available by the next full Parish Council Meeting on June 30. There was much disquiet from the public gallery regarding lack of information. The Chair explained there was no firm proposal at present; Cllr Tarling hoped there would be more than one – lets have some alternatives. Once proposals received model/plans would be on public display in the Pavilion.

(10) Cllr Tarling reported on a Meeting of Sway Parish Planning and Transport Committee at 19.30 on 12.5.16 in Pavilion Jubilee Field.

Present: Cllr Tarling (Chair), David Edwards (Clerk), Cllr Marchant (Vice Chair), Cllr Dance, Cllr Seacombe, Cllr Thomas. Also present Sway News, John Warden (Transport), 8 members of the public and Cllr Ted Fleat.

(i) Minutes of April 14 agreed with small amendment re: Highcroft subsequently changed from (5) to (2) – recommend refusal.

(ii) Outcome of Planning

Gablemead – much discussion about inside and outside staircases on this over developed site. Applicants assured Councillors the upstairs of the garage would not be for habitation other than an office. Neighbours also present and would prefer outside staircase be removed as an intrusion on their privacy.

Knight Bridge – applicant spoke from floor. Reduced bulk on this application. Roof covering from light to dark – trying to build an ‘outstanding new house, eco friendly and in keeping with New Forest style..?’ Near neighbours ‘not bothered’. Chair concerned about gates, a gap in the tree line (1) Permission leave to NPA

Arnewood Court Farm – Large detached garage with home office. Application for non material amendment. PaTc say not non-material.

Wootton Riverine – restoration of Avon water meadows after Victorian straightening will cause disruption but you can’t make omelettes without breaking eggs – it will be in two phases. July 2016 and July 2017. See Parish Assembly note.

Old School House – sadly no longer with us. The minor amendment to planning consent is acceptable, although there are still concerns about tandem parking and access to Church Lane.

Kings Hyde Farm – Exceeds DP11 (4) refusal.

11 Widden Close – Roof alterations an improvement but flat roof against SVDS so (2) refusal but leave to NPA.

(iii) Planning Enforcement

Started month with 11 – 2 ceased 2 new added.

(iv) Appeals

Laurel Cottage – thrown out as inappropriate to existing building and area.

Chair said of 8 appeals, 7 agreed with Sway PaTC.

(v) New Police Commissioner

Simon Hayes not re-elected. Michael Lane (Conservative) was. Lets hope he stops Police Station closures and Sway sees more police presence.

(vi) Other Planning Issues

If Church Lane one way only to Setthorns please – Setthorns should be accessed from Meadens X rd and eastbound on Church Lane.

(vii) Transport

John Warden reported that a Cango advertisement in Lymington Times had improved user figures. Lymington Times had also done a photo/story outside Bradbeers.

(viii) Roads, Hedges and Ditches

Roads are in an appalling condition. Holes have white lines drawn round them and left. Why not temporarily fill? Some activity on main road, where serious holes had appeared. What do we pay our taxes for? Most cars will have suspension or tyre damage this year – the Council should be responsible.

(ix) Speedwatch

All details on Council website. Police are sending out hundreds of letters. 7 are recurring offenders. 3 to be considered for prosecution, travelling in excess of 50 mph.

Meeting closed at 21.00. Next meeting June 9.

Sway Parish Council Annual Assembly Meeting on 19.5.16 at 19.30 in Pavilion Jubilee Field.

Present: Cllr Rickman (Chair), David Edwards (Clerk), Cllr Golby (Vice-Chair), Cllrs Dance, Marchant, Seacombe, Tarling, Thomas.

Also present: Cllr Ken Thornber (HCC), John Warden (Transport), Sway News, 12 members of the public.

The Chair welcomed villagers to the annual opportunity to question Councillors and appreciated the turn out.

(1) The guest speakers were Nick Wardlaw, a hydrogeomorphologist from the Forestry Commission and Sonia Lorenzo-Martin, also from the Forestry Commission.

With the help of the Council’s new projector Nick Wardlaw explained what the Wootton Riverine Project straightening a section of the Avon Water was all about.

The Victorians had put in a ‘canal’ straight section to alleviate flooding between 1848 – 1898, near the Station Tea Rooms. Work will be east and west of Wootton Bridge in two phases. The area is a SSSI site and the straightening has speeded up river flow causing flash floods downstream particularly, around Mead End. Meanders slow river speed down, allow flora and fauna to establish and help spawning sea trout to find breeding habitat.

Natural England using EU and central funds have asked the Forestry Commission to return the straightened stretches to natural meadows. The work, if planning approved, will take place in two phases July 2016 of 9 weeks each and July 2017 when it is driest (it is hoped!).

Heavy machines will have to be deployed and there will be mud and mess. Leisure users, walkers, cyclists, horse people will still be able to use adjacent area but there will be inevitable disruption. It is hoped that the original Victorian ‘spoil’ can be used to ‘fill in’ the canal/straight bits so that minimal earth will need to be taken away. Surface flora and fauna will be saved and replanted.

Cllr Rickman thanked Nick and Sonia for their exposition and wished them well. There was a Q & A with the audience. ‘Why not leave to nature’ would take too long and valuable flora and fauna would be lost. ‘Important for temporary signage to advise leisure users about directions’. Full details/maps can be found on the NFNPA planning website.

(2) Report from the Clubs

There were none from the public gallery. Cllr Tarling reported that the group Dementia Friendly Sway had met at the Sway Deli on 19.5.16. The Deli had completed the course and is dementia friendly establishment. It is hoped all other ‘shops’ will follow suit shortly.

(3) Signage

While accepting we are a New Forest Village signage is pretty poor at present. Newcomers/tourists would be hard pushed to find Pavilion Jubilee Field or St Luke’s Church or School or the Village Hall – many were lost trying to find Picnic on the Green last Sunday.

Cllr Thornber said HCC were responsible for signage, although as usual had no money! He will see what suitable ‘gentle’ signage could be available.

(4) Amenity Land

A villager asked about the rights and wrongs of colonising amenity land and what steps could be taken to stop it.

One villager was concerned about grass verges belonging to HCC that had been adopted with gravel and/or tarmac. This was causing parking problems and looked an eyesore in our ‘beautiful’ village…

Cllr Thornber asked for specifics after the meeting.

Meeting closed at 20.20.

(11) AOB

Much rumbling from public gallery about school parking and Sway Social Club monies and how they are to be spent. It was explained if they are spent it’s ‘for the benefit of the people of Sway…’ not just working men, whatever that means in the 21st Century.

Most felt the school causes the parking problem and should deal with this by building a car park on their ample grounds. They are not just offering primary school education they are running a business – pre-school/afterschool. They need to provide facilities for the public to use rather than cluttering up local streets with inconsiderate parking

The Chair believed peoples habits had to change. He hoped the Council can continue to deal with problems it is constitutionally responsible for and thanked Sway News and Lymington Times for getting information to the public. Get the word out there – peoples attitudes had to change for the benefit of all.

Meeting closed at 20.32.

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