May 2014

Parish Council Meeting of Planning and Transport Committee on May 8 2014 at 19.30 Pavilion Jubilee Field.

Present: Cllr Tarling (Chair), N Gulliver (Clerk), Cllr Cripps, Cllr Gates, Cllr Golby, Cllr Dance, Cllr Langford. John Warden (Transport), Sway News and eight members of the public.

  1. Minutes of April 8 2014 were agreed and signed off. Cllr Cripps reported that 290 drivers had been ‘clocked’ over the speed limit in only a few days of operating Speedwatch. They would be receiving letters from the Police.
  2. Outcome of Planning Applications.

Hazel Bank, Kings Lane. Two storey rear extension granted subject to conditions

17 Heron Close. Single storey granted with conditions.

Greenfold, Station Rd. Retention of 1.65 metre fence refused contravenes SVDS etc

Hilltop, Pitmore Lane granted with conditions

Yew Tree Cottage, St James Rd three bay car park granted subject to conditions

Hawthorns, Barrows Lane single storey extension plus demolition of existing conservatory granted subject to conditions

Pipistrelles and Homestead Cottage, Marley Mount. Detached carport and outbuilding granted subject to conditions.

  1. Trees

21 Heron Close. Modest reduction but for the wrong reason i.e casts shade. All trees in leaf cast shade.

22 Heron Close ditto. Cllr Cripps asked that forms be filled in accurately and preferably the work is by a recognised expert tree surgeon. However as modest reductions Councillors agreed.

Woodside Cottage, Mount Pleasant. In contrast a good example from a professional explaining work required.

  1. New Planning

The Chair was concerned that the Sway Village Design Statement was not being considered by Case Officers. The Clerk will write to Rob Ainsley pointing out that this important document created by villagers, part funded and adopted by the NFNPA had legal status.

3 Stanford Rise – the applicants were present and spoke to minor changes to the previously agreed plans. 3 agreed – recommend permission.

Little Purley Farm, Chapel Lane. Retrospective very tall long solar panels ugly structure. Very close to a footpath and blocking views. 4 refusal

The Paddock, Middle Rd, Tiptoe. Cllr Tarling declared a non pecuniary interest as he knows the applicants and is also a customer of theirs. The applicant was present and spoke to the planning proposals. Removal of ugly flat roofed outbuildings replaced with pitch roofs. 3 agreed – recommend permission

Gable Mead, Manchester Rd. The applicant was present and spoke to the proposal to demolish existing building rebuild to include large garage. The roof structure would be re-configured to answer one neighbours’ concerns. Neighbours views had been sought and there were no strong objections although it is a crowded site. 1 agreed recommend permission but will leave to NFNPA officer.

Arnewood Court Farmhouse, Barrows Lane. The applicant was present and explained that he wishes to enhance and tidy up a rather nice but neglected house/plot to include the rebuilding of an important wall. 3 permission agreed.

  1. Planning Inspectorate Appeals

Heathey Lodge, Station Rd. The Chair excused himself from discussion of this item as he had written a piece for Sway News about fencing in keeping with the village scene and the SVDS (he left the room for this item). Cllr Cripps led the meeting. After much discussion it was agreed that this was a new fence (not a repaired fence) which ‘stood out’ in the street scene of a quiet village high street. It contravenes the Village Design Statement and NFNPA guidelines that no fence on a highway should be more than one metre high and should be refused.

Paradise Farm. The Committee want to encourage village business particularly agricultural, but do not feel equipped to know whether the arguments made in support of a mobile home etc is actually needed.

  1. Planning Enforcement.

Started month with 13 – 2 now closed – now 11 cases. Still ongoing.

  1. Cycle Charter.

Write to say that this voluntary charter is ‘toothless’ how can it be policed? Numbers participating should be capped and each rider should wear a number for identification purposes. Lavatory facilities were inadequate?

  1. Transport.

John Warden reported on Cango figures which were improving. The new brochure is in the Deli, at the station and in hotels.

Alan Cracknell joined to report on Sway Station and a draft map of the area. The final version will be approved by the full council on May 29.

  1. Roads, Hedges and Ditches.

The Lengthsman should work on Council owned ‘property’/assets. Suggestions were the iron fence around the war memorial, signage, seating. This was agreed.

The potholes are getting deeper and more dangerous in Barrows Lane, South Sway Lane, Mead End Rd. Let’s hope Operation Resiliance gets close and another year does not slip by. The watersplash in South Sway Lane and Coombe Lane remain a disgrace in the 21st Century.

10. AOB

Sadly Cllr Dance reported that the Social Club was likely to close that weekend due to insolvency

The meeting closed at 21.15

Warren Breach

 P.S I will be away for the Parish Council meeting and AGM on May 29. Ted Watts will cover this meeting separately.

Meeting of Sway Parish Council on Thursday 29 May 2014

Present: Cllr Rickman (Chair), N Gulliver (Clerk), Cllrs Cripps, Dance, Fleat, Gates, Golby, Langford, and Tarling. In attendance, John Warden (Transport), Lymington Times, Sway News and twelve members of the public.

Election of Chairman. Barry Rickman was elected as chairman.

Election of Vice Chairman. Ted Fleat was elected as vice chairman.

Minutes of the Meeting held on the 24 April 2014; Agreed, no matters arising.

Affordable Housing Update. The Chairman reported that a meeting took place yesterday with officers from Hampshire Alliance for Rural Affordable Housing and the National Park and 9 sites were inspected. Three sites were being considered for the next stage and officers were considering ownership issues. The matter would be reported to a future Parish Council Meeting.

Clerk’s Report. The Clerk tabled his report. The Operating Framework document and the proposal for membership of the Committee and Working Groups were approved.

Chairman and the Clerk were authorised to sign the Annual Return

Finance – Accounts to be paid for May 2014. A note of proposed expenditure was circulated; all agreed.

Report from the Planning and Transport Committee. The report by Warren Breach is on page 35. Stephen Tarling gave an up to date report on what had transpired since the Committee had last met.

The National Park Authority had granted permission without waiting for the observations from Sway Parish Council. Strong protest sent. A suitable apology has been sent by their planning officer, Rob Ainslie.

Correspondence and Any Other Business. The Friends of Sway Station were thanked for their contribution. Carole Gates remarked that the flowers on the platforms looked really good and our station was a lot better than many others.

A letter has been received from a national charity that wishes to use the grounds of Jubilee Fields for youngsters from Sway on 23 August. Agreed. Ted Fleat suggested opening the building so attendees could use the toilets. Agreed. Stephen Tarling drew attention to a paper he had prepared for approval by the Councillors; if approved this would appear in a future edition of Sway News.

Len Thomas; Speed Watch starts next week in Sway – beware!

Earlier in the week three older teenagers had been observed abusing the children’s swings. It was concluded that a call to 999 would have been appropriate as criminal damage was possible and imminent.

Date of Future Meeting. 26 July.

The Chairman, Barry Rickman, thanked us all for coming, and asked Councillors to stay behind for a short further private meeting.

I stepped outside into twilight, a still evening with the soft sounds that birds make at the end of the day. All seemed calm and normal in Sway. I hoped that it was the same inside the meeting room I had just left.

Ted Watts

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