May 2013

A meeting of Sway Parish Council followed the AGM at 20.35.

  1. Election of Chair. Cllr Gulliver proposed Cllr Rickman seconded by Cllr Tarling. Unanimous agreement.
  2. Vice-Chair. Cllr Gulliver proposed Cllr Fleat seconded by Cllr Gates. Unanimous agreement.
  3. Committees Working Group. Membership to remain as now.
  4. Clerks Report. Auditor – agreed. Annual audit return agreed. Risk management – fee agreed. Tree works – adopt green proposal.
  5. Planning. Cllr Tarling reported on the Planning and Transport Committee meeting held in the Pavilion Jubilee Field 19.30 on 9.05.13.

Present: Cllr Tarling (Chair), Neil Gulliver (Clerk) Cllr Cripps, Cllr Gates, Cllr Langford, John Warden (Transport), Sway News, 5 members of the public. Apologies Cllr K Gulliver.

(i) Minutes of the previous meeting were agreed following a slight amendment.

(ii) Outcome of Planning

Applegarth – granted after being called in by Cllr Rickman

Avonlea – granted.

Paddock View (nee Belevedre Cottage) new application allowing cars to turn was granted with conditions.

Highfield Close – new application required.

Avonmead – permitted development

Sway House Cottage – application required.

(iii) New Planning

Land adjacent to Avonmead – stable agreed – same footprint but re-orientated. A tumbledown shed should be removed when works take place. Gates also OTT in Councillor’s view.

Lyndale, Arnewood Bridge Rd. New application one metre less high. Neighbour spoke from the public gallery “still too big”. ‘It’s a one acre site, place elsewhere rather than on top of us …’ Cllr Cripps believes the application is too overbearing and recommended refusal which was accepted unanimously.

(iv) Planning Inspectorate

Makaira – granted with modification

Tiptoe Lodge Farm – decision awaited

(v) Enforcement – 7 cases were reduced to 5 plus 3 new cases.

(vi) NFNPA development Control Committee

Bradgate Kings Lane and the Old Rickman photography premises were the two points in the absence of an agenda. On the latter if the proposal for Murray Hayward to move is rejected the Parish Council will decide what action to take as they support the move. NFPA have granted.

(vii) Other Planning Issues.

Affordable Housing, there will be a paper from the Chair and he suggested Catherine Kirkham be invited to a Planning meeting to discuss the subject.

(viii) External Bodies Review New Policies.

The deadline has been extended to July 31 so the review can take place at the July 11 Planning meeting – comments to clerk by June 30 so he can prepare a paper.

(ix) TPO’s

Coke Green, Mead End Rd. In the view of the Tree Officer 1 or 2 trees could be removed but only if in a dangerous condition. Replacement with young trees should always be encouraged.

Adlams Cottage agreed.

(x) Transport. John Warden reported that use of Cango fluctuates with the weather. Holiday makers increase useage during the season. District Council plan for a replacement area when the Bus Depot goes are eagerly awaited. Now is the time for a re-drafted Cango leaflet. The lighting at Sway Station is a great asset but the lights come on during daylight hours. This is a waste and is it due to incorrect timers? Mr Warden to discuss with Alan Cracknell.

The Sway map may be placed by the new bus shelter when built.

(xi) Road, Hedges and Ditches.

Situation has improved with the weather and clerks’ letters. Quite a lot of ditch clearing has been seen around the village. John Warden asks that pressure be put on Highways not to cut verges before wild flowers have seeded. This is a countrywide problem with seemingly little respect for the flora and fauna being shown.

Cllr Cripps was concerned about the inertia over Speed Watch. Clerk to take up with the police and report.

Hugh Marchant reported fly-tipping of garden refuse in the St Pauls Rd area. Report to NFDC.

(xii) AOB

Mr Golby from the public gallery reported yet another application for demolition of the Old School House. Surely this should not be dealt with until a decision has been given on whether the building should be preserved as special to the village under new Localism proposals.

Mr Pickles urges people to consult with near neighbours if large conservatories are to be built under permitted development rights. NFNPA fear they could be overwhelmed with challenges.

Meeting ended 20.30.

  1. Amenities Working Group. Councillor Gates gave a brief report. Junior football had thanked PC for £1K donation following water logged pitch. Ground maintenance works completed. Mr Batchelor to smarten up decoration if PC supply paint etc.

Awaiting Memorial Field proposal.

Meeting closed at 21.15.

                                       Warren Breach

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