May 2012

Parish Council Meeting held in the Village Hall at 20.15 after the Annual Meeting.

Present: Chair Cllr Gates, Cllr Gulliver, Cllr Rickman, Cllr Dance, Cllr Fleat, Cllr Cripps, Cllr Tarling, Clerk N Gulliver. Apologies Cllr Langford (working). Also in attendance: John Warden, Sway News and nine members of the public remained.

Headline News

  • Cllr Gates steps down as Chair
  • Cllr Rickman appointed Chair (for the 3rd time)
  • He wants to speed up Council business with more committees (meeting in public?) reporting to PC meetings
  • These would start with Planning and Amenities he thought.
  1. Appointment of Chair. Cllr Gates stood down – Cllr Gulliver proposed Cllr Rickman – no one else offered themselves and Cllr Rickman took up the role for the 3rd time in his political career in Sway. He paid tribute to Cllr Gates who had chaired some difficult meetings in the past few years. His political career had started in the Silver Jubilee year of 1977 (appropriate that for a 3rd time he stands as Chair in another Jubilee year) and villagers had said we did not need a Youth Centre and buying the Jubilee Field for £100K was crazy. Now both were major assets. He hoped the Diamond Jubilee Year would bring about more initiatives and more interest in the running of the village. He said the burning issues at the May 19 village design meeting were about housing- for locals and particularly young families. He hoped more people would come forward to serve on the Parish Council both as councillors or Committee members.

He outlined at least two committees Planning and Amenities (in public?- how is that arranged) and report to the Council which should speed up Council business. “Give me a couple of months and we’ll get things moving…”

  1. Election of Vice Chair. Cllr Gulliver was proposed by Cllr Rickman – no one else put themselves forward and she was duly elected.
  2. Declaration of Interest. Cllr Rickman then raced through business. His proposal was declare interest today and then that becomes standard for every meeting.

Cllr Dance – Licensing

Cllr Cripps – Allotments

Cllr Fleat – Carnival

Cllr Rickman – District Council, NPA Planning

  1. Minutes. 22 March have been amended as agreed at the last meeting and would appear on the website when signed. 28th April Cllr Rickman took Councillors through each page (he asked the Clerk to number the pages in future). The Clerk had provided useful 2 page updates on matters arising. The Minutes had been reduced to 8 pages which was appreciated.

Bus Shelter. Two tenders must be obtained and sent with a formal written request to Cllr Thornber. Tender one totalled £7,200 (more than double Cllr Thornber’s members’ fund!)

Sway Station. Gateway to the New Forest. Cllr Rickman reported that the Design Company no longer exists. Maybe funds available from previously mentioned Transport Fund. Maybe we’ll just say “Welcome to Sway”.

Allotments. Work being done on gateway next week.

Jubilee Field. Cost of blinds was not mentioned at meeting. Skip to tidy up broken chairs etc on order.

Jubilee Memorabilia. Given the late ordering and questions asked of mums what “kiddies” would like it was felt in the 21st century children are not interested in spoons and mugs?!

Most parents favoured seating and table in public places particularly Stanford Rise. This was agreed and the furniture will be labelled Queens Diamond Jubilee June 2012. How long before they are in place?. Anyone can use Stanford Rise (it’s not very welcoming at present).

Youth Club. A meeting is being set up with the Council’s Solicitor and Ted Watts to agree new lease reported the Clerk.

  1. Planning Working Group. Cllr Gulliver went through a number of planning items some which did not tally with Cllr Cripps and Tarling’s view. Cllr Rickman re-iterated that a committee should meet (in public) and agree all planning requests and present their deliberations to each PC meeting. This should cut down time spent to-ing and fro-ing over detail. There was much discussion about Sway Storage and Workshops in Barrows Lane. “A junkyard in open forest” was one description. But an overwhelming view was it did provide employment and although there was retrospective planning involved with certain provisos to clean up the area employment should be supported. Some seven other planning items were discussed including a new development which a member of the public supported along with 12 other “neighbours”.
  2. Governance. Cllr Rickman welcomed Cllr Tarling’s detailed report which should be taken away, read and discussed at the next meeting. This also included increasing the number of Councillors in three years time.
  3. Roads and Hedges. Overzealous cutting of hedges said John Warden. Cllr Dance wanted to know if there was a schedule. Cllr Cripps has mentioned before, but a grit bin is needed in Brighton Road. When will the bollard be replaced in Station Rd?
  4. Grant Application. Cllr Fleat said bunting replaced on an annual basis could he have some help with funding. Yes £400 worth. Thanks!!
  5. Jubilee Field. New circuit board required, clerk to obtain 2 quotes. Goal areas returfed. Skip – get user groups to use it and tidy up particularly broken chairs.
  6. Pitmore Lane Memorial Field. Everyone happy to see a change of heart and look forward to a new lease in Jubilee Year.
  7. AOB. Cllr Dance asked if there was an Olympic torch schedule for Hampshire. Yes said Cllr Rickman available in libraries (and net?) in two weeks. Lymington and Brockenhurst and the IOW ferry apparently!
  8. Next meeting. Thursday 29 June Sway Village Hall. Meeting finished at 21.25 (a record for 2 meetings!!)


Warren Breach

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