March 2016

Parish Council


 Meeting of Sway Parish Council at 19.30 on 24.3.16 in Pavilion Jubilee Field.

Present: Cllr Rickman (Chair), Cllr Golby (Vice-Chair), Cllr Fleat, Gresham-Hale, Marchant, Pepper, Seacombe, Tarling, Thomas, Turner. Also present: John Warden (Transport), Sway News, 5 members of the public.

  1. The Chair welcomed Cllr Golby back after personal illness and the death of his wife. Cllr Golby made a personal statement thanking Councillors particularly Cllr Rickman and members of the public for their understanding and support for which he was very grateful. A spontaneous round of applause followed.
  2. Kevin Cripps. Cllr Rickman announced that Cllr Cripps had resigned.
  3. Apologies. Cllr Dance.
  4. Minutes of 25 Feb were approved.
  5. Matters arising.

Original bus shelter – an offer had been made to move next door and use as log store.   All costs to be absorbed by neighbour. All agreed that this was a simple solution and keeps as part of street scene. Neighbour to put request in writing.

  1. HCC Report. Cllr Thornber unwell so no report. 
  1. Chairmans Report.

Cllr Rickman led with the unfortunate news that Cllr Cripps had resigned by letter. The Chair thanked Kevin Cripps for his hard work over many years particularly in the area of Finance. He also thanked Mr Cripps’ wife for her contribution. A collection would be taken as a thank you.

Traffic Congestion Survey (Sway) closes on March 31.

Village Hall AGM on March 21 attended by Cllr Rickman. A tiny extension was proposed to the Village Hall. This should not hold up the work being conducted using 106 monies to enhance the ‘Village Green’.

  1. Correspondence. Cllr Thomas went through a number of letters
  • Oakhaven Hospice events on April 17 and May 15. Would Sway display posters – of course (and support!)
  • Barry Gough asks that when 106 monies spent on ‘Village Green’, allowance be made for a permanent space to accommodate annual village fete.
  • Sway Jnr Football. Annual ground maintenance from April please.
  • NFNPA asking if Sway wishes to be involved in ‘Local Distinctiveness’ – letter noted!
  • Parish Clerk. There are 4 candidates. Cllr Tarling said that March 30 looked like a possible date for interview consisting of Chair/Cllr Thomas/Cllr Pepper/Cllr Tarling. Cllr Thomas to phone candidates to appraise date.
  1. Queen at 90 (souvenir for the children of Sway)

Cllr Turner went through the options and cost. There were two; book/booklet which won’t last and quite expensive and a ‘gold’ medal/coin with Queen image on one side and 90 on the other. This was the most cost effective and lasting memento. It was agreed to go for this. It was hoped St Luke’s Church will make a contribution to the cost and it was agreed Cllr Turner will source a good presentation box which could accommodate the Parish logo and St Luke’s Church. Cllr Turner to contact the vicar John Pawson. When and where to distribute to be decided.

  1. HR Group

Cllr Golby said not necessary. Cllr Tarling believes no immediate need – let’s wait for new Clerk and Cripps replacement.

  1. Finance

The Chair had spoken to the RFO and payments were agreed. Discussion about Jnr Football rebate and most understood why a rebate was due because of severely waterlogged pitches this season (which of course is not a full 52 weeks) the ground is shared with Cricket Club.

  1. Cllr Tarling reported on a Meeting of Planning and Transport at 19.30 on 10.3.16 in Pavilion Jubilee Field.

Present: Cllr Tarling (Chair), Cllr Marchant, Cllr Pepper, Cllr Thomas. Also present: Guest speaker Steve Avery NFNPA, John Warden (Transport), Sway News,

Lymington Times (for part), 22 members of the public inc. Cllr Ted Fleat.

(i) Apologies Cllr Cripps, Dance, Seacombe.

(ii) Minutes of Feb 11 on Council website for sometime and approved.

(iii) Cllr Tarling introduced Steve Avery Exec Director (Strategy and Planning NFNPA) who had addressed the Councillors in private session pre public meeting. In a frank, honest and interesting discussion about Central Government and their belief that archaic planning regulations are holding back building and protection of National Parks. The headlines are Central Govt do not believe the Affordable Housing rental model is working and wish to move to ‘affordable right to buy’ housing with help from Government and the public purse!

Brownfield sites – not popular with construction companies – should be the first to be built on. Local communities have drawn up lists of available sites with a good response. The 30% rule not favoured by householders – too restrictive – has worked well in containing huge houses being built and a balanced stock of smaller dwellings has resulted.

Originally National Parks were not going to get special status that was overturned last year after a fight. There will now have to be a new round of convincing Central Government that special status should apply to these new proposals. A report that some 150-200 per annum houses are needed, this figure would not be met it was more likely to be 30 – 50 a year. Perhaps very draconian local plans should be drawn up to protect National Parks. Particularly in the New Forest. Construction companies should not be allowed to hold onto land for years without building without high penalties being applied. Rates should be charged if land lies dormant.

Mr Avery has offered to walk the Village to see examples of over-developed sites and suburbanisation creeping in – start in Manchester Rd!

Cllr Tarling thanked Mr Avery for his insight into government plans and opened the debate to Q & A from the public gallery and Councillors.

  • Cllr Pepper believed brownfield sites often took away local employment opportunities – as with the Old School House site. Sway and other villages in the NF will fast become dormitories to large conurbations like Southampton, Portsmouth, Bournemouth and even London…
  • John Warden believes there should be more attention to downsizing. ‘Starter’ homes are important but so are ‘finisher’ homes. Thereby releasing family homes (at a price!) to younger people…
  • Mr Avery took the points and added that older hotel sites were very vulnerable – turning into Nursing homes, taking away leisure service employment (although some nursing opportunities are created)

Engineers in the audience complained about lack of accurate dimensions on plans. Not a planning requirement apparently!! (how daft is that?)

  • NFNPA rely on neighbours to ‘shop’ construction that exceeds plans! In confidence of course.
  • Does the cost of Appeal restrict the NPA from fighting cases. No! In fact NFNPA very successful in obtaining costs from unreasonable appeals.

A spontaneous round of applause followed for a frank, open debate about the pressure a National Park executive in planning has in protecting a valuable resource. When commercial and Government pressures are constantly undermining that resource (and Greenbelt).

(iv) New Planning

  • Meadowbank Lodge, Barrows Lane. Double garage/office/storage. Balcony to main house. Applicant spoke from public gallery. (2) refusal but prepared to leave to NPA officer or withdraw and re-apply for a reduced proposal.
  • 11 Widden Close. Roof alterations including raising ridge height. Applicant spoke. (2) refusal but leave to NPA officer or withdraw and re-apply.
  • Cheriton Cottage, Manchester Rd. Replacement dwelling new proposal worse than previous plans. Two neighbours spoke against. Compromise on horizon? (4) refuse.
  • Kings Hyde Farm. Cladding replacement windows etc. (2) refuse but leave to NFNPA –too marine-like use natural or stain black as SVDS.
  • Swallows, Kings Lane. Single storey extension (1) permission
  • 9 Bond Close. Single storey extension (1) permission.
  • Kings Lane Nursery. Cllr Marchant to draft response – caravans can be moved but only to certain areas.

(v) Outcome of Previous Planning.

Aloma, Kings Lane – grant with conditions.

14 Widden Close – grant with conditions

Gablemead – grant with conditions

Sway Tower – grant with conditions

Sway Social Club site – minor changes, no objections

Shirley Holms – new commoners dwelling. Heavily supported by PaTc

Knightsbridge Farm – withdrawn

Kings Hyde Farm – withdrawn

14 Anderwood Drive – grant on appeal

Swallows, Kings Lane – withdrawn

Boundary Gate – grant with conditions and removal of garage

Avonwood, Arnewood Bridge Rd – withdrawn for resubmission

Quarr Lodge, Manchester Rd – grant with conditions

(vi) Tree Report

Carbery Manor, Adlams Lane prudent to carry out minor works to prevent damage to cables etc. Agreed but work should make sure trees remain ‘balanced’

21 Anderwood Drive. Fell 1 oak. If damaged so be it. Happy to accept NFNPA Tree Officer’s view.

(vii) Planning Enforcement

Started with 11 – lost 2. Now gained 3.

(viii) Transport

John Warden concerned that Cango not being used because of inclement weather. Please try and use as much as possible. Important if we wish to retain service in the future.

(ix) Roads, Hedges, Ditches

Lots of potholes causing much damage and swerving! (Report to Council they are then responsible for any damage).

(x) Parking. Cllr Marchant reported that a survey of Sway Village Congestion is being conducted. Parking is intolerable at school dropping off and pick up times with a great deal of inconsiderate parking. The survey concludes on March 31.

(xi) Speedwatch

Letters are going out from Police to errant drivers. 134 recorded speeding!

(xii) AOB

Anyone placing objects on Council owned verges could be liable to insurance claims. Cllr Marchant highlighted emergency gas main repairs – water in the system.

Meeting closed at 21.32

  1. Amenities Working Group
  • Fencing Cllr Pepper had gone for the cheapest quote
  • MUGA working group in process of being formed. 2 Councillors plus interested members of the public plus user group reps.
  • Friends of Stanford Rise. Public meeting on 15 April in Pavilion, Jubilee Field.
  • Boiler Service. Go ahead
  • Grass cutting no longer needed on allotment site as new more robust cutter bought which will become a PC asset.
  • Playpark Annual Assessment to be conducted as last year.
  1. Agenda items
  • Dates of Parish Assembly Annual Meeting and any guest speakers
  • Annual Tree Survey
  • Playscheme Budget
  1. AOB

Barrier near neighbour has offered to lock each evening around 22.00. Key to be cut?

Meeting closed 21.04

Warren Breach

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