February 2015

Parish Council Meeting

Meeting of Sway Parish Council 26.02.15 Pavilion Jubilee Field 19.30.

Present: Cllr Rickman (Chair), S Brayley (Clerk), Cllr Cripps, Cllr Dance, Cllr Fleat, Cllr Gates, Cllr Golby, Cllr Tarling. County Councillor Ken Thornber. Also present: John Warden (Transport), Sway News, Lymington Times, 6 members of the public.

  1. Apologies Cllr Langford
  2. Minutes of Jan 29 approved with minor corrections.
  3. County Council Report

Cllr Thornber reported that Officers of the Passengers Transport Group would be conducting a phone survey of Cango registered users. Important we have a positive response as to how valuable this service is.

Cllr Thornber has been working closely with British Rail on getting work on Latchmoor rail bridge completed as quickly as possible and tabled a 4 page update on why the work was needed and how it was progressing. There is heavy corrosion on metal girders and poor masonry substructure. It is not possible to operate one way traffic as sandblasting of surfaces is taking place. Cllr Thornber hopes work will be finished by May 30 Spring Bank Holiday. He is well aware that business is losing money. One apparently at the rate of £1K per week.

The Verderers are to issue a one page guidance document about work on roads in the Forest. Highways will issue an annual surface dressing programme and email updates. Grey surfacing for roads cannot be used as it does not pass anti-skid tests.

Schools. British standards are falling in a league of 30 countries we are 23rd. Why? It’s very disturbing but Mr Thornber was able to report that Hampshire is well above average in exam results from GCSE to A Level to Baccalaureate.

Cllr Thornber said that after 6 years of holding down Council Tax, Band D would rise by £4 per annum. He hoped for a further freeze 2016/17. He explained that £130m (and 1800 staff lost) had already been saved and a further £100 m was required and a further 500 – 1000 jobs to go. Services at the point of delivery would not be affected…?

  1. Clerks Report

Susan Brayley went through her report.

Correspondence. NF marathon were anxious to be involved with Sway in planning. The Clerk will set up a meeting and would be looking for Councillor volunteers.

HARAH – Catherine Kirkham would like to speak to the Council about affordable housing crisis. Chair said not at the moment.


  • Free cycle check being offered. Information will be posted on notice board.
  • Family wedding reception at Setters Farm Workshop 16 May until 23.30 latest. Agreed
  • Hampshire Fire and Rescue Safety Legislation and how it affects Pavilion and Jubilee Field including evacuation procedures.
  • Councillor name plates. Agreed – ready for March 14. Meet the Councillors meeting 10.00 – 12.00?
  • Community Clear Up Day. Sat 21 March 10.00. Meet outside Pavilion all Councillors and members of the public welcome
  • IOW & Hampshire Village of Year competition. Do we wish to enter?
  • Rural Outreach. Where would be a good place to engage with villagers? All suggestions to Clerk please.
  • National Policy Framework concerns
  • Office closed for one week from March 9
  • NFDC grant of £300 received (£300 to village hall too).
  1. Finance

Payment schedule agreed.

Cllr Cripps reported on meeting of Finance Working Group of 16 Feb.

Everything on track. Less expenditure on winter storm damage.

Grant from NFNPA for cycle racks welcome. On the downside utilities bill higher than budgeted. Grounds maintenance bill for 3 months finally arrived.

National Pay Award. All agreed this should be passed onto the Clerk. Larger litter bins required. Website refurb on target.

Cllr Cripps thanked the Clerk for her input.

Floodlights and re-charge of use to tennis club. Apparently separate meter not connected. Clerk to meet with Mr Levers.

  1. Planning

Cllr Tarling reported on Meeting of Planning and Transport Committee 19.02.15 at 19.30.

Present: Cllr Tarling (Chair), S Brayley (Clerk), Cllr Cripps, Cllr Dance, Cllr Gates, Cllr Golby, Cllr Langford. Also present Len Thomas (Speedwatch), Cllr Fleat in public gallery, Sway News, 5 members of the public.

(i) Apologies John Warden (transport)

(ii) Minutes of Jan 22 agreed

(iii) Planning applications (outcome)

All in line with PATC recommendations.

  • South Sway Farmhouse. Equestrian holiday centre refused but going to appeal.
  • Glenside, Middle Rd. Granted
  • Myrtle Cottage. Application withdrawn.
  • Surgery, Station Rd. Granted with conditions.
  • Westwards, Birchy Hill. Granted
  • 21 Setthorns. Withdrawn.

(iv) Tree Preservation.

Land at Willerton, Westbeams Rd and St Lukes Church. Cllr Dance said it was only the Social Club building that was holding some trees in the church yard up! As building to take place trees could go.

(v) Application for Tree Works

Oakcroft, The Close – Cllr Golby wanted more arborial information. Is the tree deceased? No. Is it dangerous? No. Then No to felling it.

(vi) New Planning

  • 12 Setthorns. Amended plans are acceptable if within DP11.
  • Greencroft, Manchester Rd. Revised plans are little different to the original – cosmetic at best – the plans are oversized for the plot – replacing a small New Forest dwelling (there are few left) with an oversized suburban style house with a garage in the front totally against the Village Design Statement. 4 – refuse.
  • Flexford Mill – three car garage and log store is large but within the context of the mill and it’s land it is not. It is also of excellent design and has no effect on neighbours or the street scene. 3 – grant.

(vii) Planning Enforcement.

Started month with 9 lost 1 and now back to 9 with Kings Lane Nursery. Water is the problem here and how it is disposed of. Work should not have started before water disposal had been agreed and signed off.   Councillors feel that Sway were somewhat misled by agents that no works would be started until water disposal had been sorted. In future it would be better to give such applications a 4 recommend refusal and it would then have gone straight to NFNPA Planning Control. Councillors were so keen to support a job creating enterprise they supported before seeing water disposal agreement signed off (although they had made this part of their agreement).

(viii) Planning Inspectorate Appeals.

Fencing at Heathey Lodge way down list of priorities.

  • South Sway Farmhouse – going to Appeal. Chair to draft Sway’s response asked for by NFNPA by March 25.
  • Moorlands, Middle Rd Chair to draft a letter to NFNPA officer outlining reasons for refusal of first floor window to rear.

(ix) NFNPA Planning Control Development.

Another solar array refused in the New Forest. NPA not keen to have any in the New Forest National Park.   Hampshire Highways are not much help when assessing (or not) the impact of new developments on road use/parking etc.

(x) Trees for Life.

This interesting initiative to grow more trees on small parcels of land will be brought forward for the next meeting (around Jubilee Field would be a possibility?).

(xi) Transport.

John Warden will report at full PC meeting.

(xii) Roads, Hedges and Ditches

Hampshire Highways tour of the highways and byeways of Sway and environs proved fruitful said Susan Brayley. There are some 37 sites that need attention. The Clerk thanked Councillors and villagers for letting her have information. Cllr Cripps asked now what about action. The belief is there will be some… as new brooms should be encouraged!

Hants Highways believe privately owned ditches and hedges not being attended to is causing many problems. (A leaflet explaining freeholders responsibilities from Highways is expected soon.)

Someone is using a lay-by to sell a vehicle. Please don’t…

(xiii) Speedwatch

Len Thomas provided useful information. Someone was doing 59mph in Pitmore Lane recently in a hired car. The ludicrous closing of police stations – Lymington to go soon the nearest proper police station will be Lyndhurst which will create problems for the Speedwatch team liaising with the Force. Cllr Cripps believes we should ask the police to address the PATC and explain what they are doing with the carefully gathered information.

Meeting closed at 20.40.

Next meeting 19 March 19.30.

  1. Amenities

Cllr Gates reported on that evening’s meeting. Not a lot to report really. Jubilee Field work held up because of rain.

Defibrillator. Cllr Cripps intervention has moved things on dramatically and he was thanked by the Chair. One to be sited outside Surgery. One outside Pavilion in a heated cabinet on a hard wired circuit. Cllr Rickman had been to a demonstration and was very impressed. Instructions easy to follow and no previous experience required. They will save lives. These are provided at no cost to the Council.

  1. Vandalism

Two culprits had been identified and spoken to by Police. Their parents were very helpful and upset they had been involved. Helping in the community would help their rehabilitation.

  1. MUGA

David Gibbons reported that Sport England had turned down a grant of £42K No one is sure why? (other organisations will be approached to replace their funding.)

Do Sway want MUGA – yes

Do they have the legal planning right to build it – yes until 2016

Full contract should be drawn up – yes

Cllr Cripps said don’t let’s make any further assumptions let’s get confirmation in writing. Cllr Rickman re-iterated that the original concept/planning for Jubilee Field was to include a MUGA so that the facility was available to all not just the established sports clubs.

Cllr Rickman very disappointed Sport England had rejected proposal.

  1. 2015 Playscheme

Agreed 3 August for 2 weeks. Village Hall booked. Cllr Gates said it was a great asset to the village. Don’t let’s price it out. No, but people outside the village must pay more.

11.Pavilion Licensing

Probation period passed with flying colours – all working well and will be extended.

  1. Footpath to St Lukes School

The Head has asked for support for a footpath from car park Jubilee Field to Church Lane. Councillors could not support as much of the land did not belong to the Council. Cllr Fleat offered a good compromise with a crossing at Jubilee Oak. A number of Councillors believed this was something the Head should arrange with Hampshire Highways. Difficult for the Council to get involved. Cllr Fleat and Dance disagreed and thought it vital we try and provide a safe footpath to Church Lane particularly as the Council was encouraging the School to use Jubilee Field car park and the “walking train” to school.

  1. Grants Policy

Cllr Cripps was very concerned that last month the policy was broken (only local charities should be supported). Clerk suggests a grant application form with the policy clearly stated. If this is contravened the request will be rejected and not brought to the Council.

  1. AOB

Len Thomas asked who was responsible for maintenance of road signs. Try customer services NFDC, suggested Clerk.

Meeting closed 20.55

Additional meetings to meet the Councillors, Saturday 14 March 10 am – 12.00 and 26 March 1800-1900 followed by the full Council Meeting at 19.30.

All meetings at the Pavilion Jubilee Field. All welcome.

Warren Breach



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