March 2014

Parish Council Meeting

Meeting of Sway Parish Council at Pavilion Jubilee Field on 27 March at 19.30. Present: Cllr Rickman (Chair), N Gulliver (clerk), Cllr Cripps, Cllr Gates, Cllr Golby, Cllr Fleat, Cllr Langford, Cllr Tarling. Also in attendance Julian Higgins, Hants County Council Highways, Cllr Thornber, PC Morgan Williams, Lymington Times, Sway News. 10 members of the public

  1. Apologies Cllr Dance
  1. Minutes 27 Feb approved
  1. PC Morgan Williams reported on crime over the last 60 days. Ranging from two assaults, anti social fly tipping, no burglaries as prolific villain had been apprehended. Outbuildings and garden equipment are vulnerable. Lock it – with good locks. Thefts from cars at Wilverley a problem. Be Aware. PC Williams asked for help in tracing a black Citroen Zantia registration R436 DVC. It is reported that the driver is allegedly watching trades people and stealing machinery/equipment from their vehicles. He may also be stealing from outbuildings.
  1. Lighting in Sway

Julian Higgins explained that lighting replacement which started in 2010 in Hampshire is on its last 12 month phase and moving to villages. Sway’s turn will be in October. Replacing lamp posts, some now 40 years old, is required in or near the same spot as existing, plus all lighting to be replaced with LED technology. LED provides a much whiter light and using mobile technology, lights will be dimmed between midnight and 05.00. There is a huge energy saving which has to be good. 6 – 12 weeks before October all affected households will be contacted – digging in your road – the new post position will be marked in yellow.

A survey/questionnaire should be filled in following the completed works.

  1. HCC Cllr Thornber Report

The extended bridge works and road closure at Marlpit had now become a joke. Network Rail wish to continue until June. The Council has said April 4 latest. Businesses have been severely affected.

There is a meeting with Network Rail next Tuesday 1 April (appropriate?!). They have proposed a one way traffic light system but this is not favoured by local business as they think jams will result particularly around weekends and holiday periods.

Replacement lighting will save some £1 m in energy over 140,000 columns throughout the County.

Coombe Lane fly tipping a disgrace.

Cango 2 year contract now extended by another 4 years.

Broadband £7m more from Central Government that originally did not consider the New Forest rural!

Cllr Thornber outlined the huge amount spent on bus/transport subsidies.

  1. Sway Village Hall

Paper tabled to Councillors only. Proposals will go forward to the Finance Committee for consideration in next year’s budget.

All agreed the Village Hall should be supported. Cllr Golby wondered if patching and make good was cost effective or is a more radical solution required. Cllr Fleat believes it has plenty of life left in it.


  1. Clerks Report

Code of Conduct paper – all agreed useful and acceptable.

Donation from Osbornes, Chair believes it should go to Friends of Sway Station.

Community First Responder – Clerk wishes to tell Ms Russell £2K has been allocated for a volunteer in next year’s budget.

Proposed increase in size of Parish Council – NFDC’s General Purposes and Licensing Committee have supported an increase to 12. Your Council needs you to stand for election in May 2015.

Road works – B3055 Sway Rd – closure for two weeks between 09.00 – 16.30. Linnies Lane – four week closure 07.00 – 19.00 drainage/resurfacing.

  1. Finances

Paper tabled to Councillors only. List of payments agreed.

Audit Report of Financial Systems agreed.


  1. Planning and Transport

Cllr Tarling reported on a meeting of the Planning and Transport Committee on March 13 2014 in the Pavilion Jubilee Field at 19.30

Present: Cllr Tarling (Chair), Neil Gulliver (Clerk), Cllr Gates, Cllr Golby, Cllr Dance, Cllr Langford, John Warden (Transport). Sway News and three members of the public.

(i) Apologies Cllr Cripps

(ii) Minutes of Feb 15 agreed

iii) Matters Arising.

Land adjacent to High Forest – Cllr Golby declared again a non-pecuniary interest as a neighbour. Steve Avery Chief Exec of NFNPA had yet to respond to the outstanding points made by the committee via the Clerk. (Since the meeting Mr Avery has now responded.)

(iv) Outcome of Planning

Youth Club application agreed with conditions.

Hazelhurst – disabled lift approved. Two diseased trees at Clayton Warren Farm to be felled. The Committee were pleased to see the NPA requiring replacement tree planting as proposed by the applicant and included in SVDS.

Meadows Cottage. Refused

Crabbswood – agreed

Buckland House – application withdrawn

(v) Planning Control Committee

Land adjacent to High Forest – Cllr Tarling had made yet another robust presentation about concerns about problems on this site, many on the Committee agreed but Steve Avery intervened to express concern that with Govt relaxation of planning/building rules the builder could appeal and costs could be awarded against the NFNPA. This swung the vote in favour of accepting the application with conditions on drainage and roads. (There had been a detailed drainage planning application in 2010 which seemed to have been forgotten by most involved?!)

Stop Press:- A Planning Appeal on landscaping for this site has been rejected by the Inspector citing Sway Parish Council and village concerns as one of the reasons.

Thanks to local MP’s Nick Boles had done a welcome U-turn by exempting National Parks from relaxation of planning rules.

(vi) New Planning Applications

Hazel Bank, Kings Lane. Nice building modest 10% infill not seen – 3 recommend permission.

Hilltop, Pitmore Lane. New double garage/playroom not seen but very large (nearly 120 square metres). Some Councillors concerned this was “….a house in the making …”. 2 if granted it must have stringent enforceable conditions attached that it must never be habitable…

Greenfield, Station Rd- retrospective planning, fencing exceeds regulation on a highway. Breach of SVDS and NPA rules. Why do local fencing contractors erect above planning rules? Copies of SVDS had been sent to Last Post and Ashley Fencing.

17 Heron Close – 3 – permission

(vii) Planning Enforcements

Thirteen at start of Feb – a lot for a smallish village – five added. Unauthorised work becoming more common – (is this because perpetrators think they will get away with retrospective planning? It’s a concern.)

 (viii) Other Planning Issues

A member of the public was concerned that permission had already been granted for the MUGA proposals. Why have a consultation on March 15? Cllr Gates explained that an all weather facility had been agreed at the original planning for Jubilee Field. The meeting was to inform/consult neighbours and public and to answer any questions i.e good public relations.

(ix) Transport

Sway Station

Nr Majid Nassari of Osbornes and Alan Cracknell joined the meeting at this point. Councillors and the public congratulated Osbornes on the excellent work and active consultation they had conducted during recent renovations. A letter of thanks would be sent to Osbornes and Network Rail. Mr Nassari then presented a cheque for £300 to the Chair as a token of appreciation to the Council and Villagers for their understanding during construction. The money will be used for a local charity or charities.


Cango – usage up on previous weeks – keep it up. A new leaflet will soon go the printers explained John Warden.


Bridgework on the road to Brockenhurst. A member of the public asked if those responsible for the absurd delays causing this important route through the Forest to be closed for months could come and explain what they are doing, and why the extended delays. (Bridge being strengthened to carry heavy freight apparently!)

(x) Roads, Hedges and Ditches

Coombe Lane watersplash has now become a builders dumping ground. The road was impassable all day.

Anyone with information should contact the police.

Roads – most attending the meeting were concerned at the priority criteria Hampshire County Council Highways apply to repairing/resurfacing roads. For well over 12 months most of the A and B roads through and around Sway have been inundated with very large and dangerous potholes – yet the lightly used Flexford Lane and Shirley Holms have been closed and entirely resurfaced while many if not all the holes remain on heavily used ‘main roads’. Why?

Speedwatch – will start soon. The Chair reminded all Councillors and public to drive within the speed limit of 30 mph through the village…


Sway Tower – new mobile phone antennae to be installed on this listed building in a conservation area!

(xii) Affordable Housing

Catherine Kirkham survey/report findings will be available from the newsagent, Council Office (Pavilion Jubilee Field) and/or Web. One or two sites recommended by villagers and landowners is now sought.

Meeting closed 20.35


Please note next meeting on April 10 will start at 19.00. Lucie Cooper of NFNPA will address meeting.


10. Amenities Working Group

Cllr Gates reported on that evening’s meeting.

The Jubilee Field users group would like their own defibrillator. Four users will contribute £250 each. Will the PC pick up the remaining cost. Yes. Maintenance football/cricket field £1415 + VAT agreed

Jubilee Field for a wedding – the users group had no problem. But require more details when/time/how many people etc. Cllr Golby asked that legal restrictions be pointed out.

Disabled access – Adspace quote accepted of £1590 + VAT.

Hedges – Stanford Rise and allotments could not be cut now as nesting season in full swing.

Allotments. Taps replaced for £106. A rogue tree needs to be felled cost £80.

Jnr football had to spend £800 + for replacement all weather surface. Councillors eventually agreed to provide £500 for this year only because of prolonged wet weather.

MUGA a very successful public consultative meeting on March 15. A good enthusiastic turn out which provided useful feedback.

11. Grants

Hampshire Wildlife Trust required fund to fight giant hogweed. This fell outside the Councils remit

12. Correspondence/AOB

John Warden will speak to Cllr Golby about SWAG support for the aged.

A member of the public – a dog owner/lover was concerned at the number of people not picking up their dogs faeces. There are 4 bins around the village – PICK IT UP AND BIN IT – PLEASE!! (There is more dog walking in the village because of Alabama Rot)


Speedwatch – starts soon – you have been warned.


Cllr Rickman proposed that he and the Clerk explain how the Council is structured, how it works and the future after 2015 with 12 Councillors to be found. This on May 29 AGM instead of a guest speaker. This was agreed.

Meeting closed at 21.10.

                                         Warren Breach

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