March 2013

 Parish Council Meeting

Meeting of Sway Parish Council held on 28.03.13 at 19.30 in Pavilion Jubilee Field.

Present: Cllr Rickman (Chair), Neil Gulliver (Clerk), Cllr Cripps, Cllr Gates, Cllr Fleat, Cllr Dance, Cllr Tarling. Apologies Cllr Gulliver, Cllr Langford. Also present Cllr Ken Thornber Leader of County Council, Sway News, Lymington Times, John Warden (Transport) and 6 members of the public.

  1. Clerks Report.

a) New bus shelter on order and concrete base will be installed shortly.

b) Parish website progressing well

c) Parish office. New phone number is 01590 718116

d) Memorial Ground Pitmore Lane. Meeting with Forestry Commission on 23 April at their suggestion.

2. Leader of County Council Report. Cllr Thornber mentioned superfast broadband which will cover 90% of the County by 2016.

New Forest Wiggle Cycle event. There have been meetings, it is not a race, (confirmed by PC Morgan Williams who was present). The organisers want to co-operate, the police will be observing. These events take place all over the country without mishap. The priority is to make the April event as safe as possible.   Sway village shop could apply to the Hants Village shop initiative. Sway Station lighting – the lamp standards (and a lot of them!) are in situ. Social Club perhaps there is a need to amalgamate pre nursery nursery and the school on one site? 20 mph campaign Hugh Marchant asked for an update. The monitoring equipment had been removed on March 4. Cllr Thornber will check and report via the Clerk.

  1. PC Morgan Williams reported on the Speed Watch campaign. The equipment will cost around 3K. Three parishes including Sway will participate and it will involve 20, 30, 40 mph limits. A risk assessment will be carried out on nominated roads. Volunteers will be requested (Sway has 28 interested already via the 20mph campaign). Police provide training. This is about road safety and safer driving rather than enforcement – education really… Pitmore Lane, Station Road and Brighton Road were mentioned.

The Chair asked PC Williams if he was aware of the Street Pastor Scheme which he had been introduced to recently. PC Williams said it was a good initiative particularly in towns and cities and helped a great deal.

  1. Finance and Accounts. Clerk tabled a paper which was accepted.
  2. Planning and Transport. Cllr Tarling reported on the meeting of the Planning and Transport Committee in The Pavilion Jubilee Field at 19.30 on 14.03.13.

Present: Cllr Tarling (Chair), Neil Gulliver (Clerk), Cllr Gates, Cllr Gulliver, Cllr Langford, Cllr Cripps, John Warden (Transport), Sway News plus 6 members of the public.

(i) Declaration of Interest. Cllr Gulliver Avonlea, John Warden Stud Farm

(ii) Previous minutes – approved and signed off.

(iii) SVDS. The Chair explained that the public could comment on the Draft which would be the Parish Council Website until that Friday. (As well as hard copies in the Parish Office for those without technology). It would then be on the NFNPA website for 6 weeks.

(iv) Outcome of previous Planning Applications.

Corve Station Road was approved by NFNPA.

29 Heron Close granted.

Old School House further demolition planning request refused. Contrary to DPI. The planning committee chair is also writing to David Yates Chief Executive New Forest District Council to try and get this pleasant example of Victorian architecture placed on the register of assets with community value. (Localism Bill).

Makaira and Tiptoe Lodge Farm are going to appeal.

(v)New Planning Applications.

Applegarth, Brighton Road – a substantial extension to a large house on a smallish plot. Neighbours were present and spoke of their objection. Not of an extension in itself but of the size and the loss of privacy with windows overlooking their bedroom and conservatory. They had not been shown prior plans by their neighbours. Councillors agreed 4 – refusal.

Acorn Fields, Crabbswood Lane – 3 agreed.

Busketts House, Brighton Rd. Considered over building but agreed 1 – agreed but happy to accept officers’ recommendations on condition no tree felling.

Crooked Cottage, Shirley Holms – extend planning permission – 5. Happy to accept NPA officers’ recommendation.

10 Stanford Rise. Out of building line but at the end of the Close. 1 was agreed.

Avonlea, Sway. After much discussion 1 agreed – leave to NPA but if granted with stringent conditions.


Tiptoe Lodge Farm – Parish council will wish to comment so will be brought forward for the next meeting.

(vii) Enforcement. 9 still under investigation.

(viii) NFNPA Planning Development Control committee Meeting March 19.

Stud Farm – NFNPA say many of the points raised by Planning Committee have been addressed. There is to be a site visit; the Chair wishes to attend to congratulate part of the proposals but to ask that drainage, parking and impact on a tiny lane be more carefully addressed.

Sunrays, Mead End Rd. NFNPA say there is no formal building line. The Chair will attend and explain Councillors’ concerns on siting and potential effect of noise on neighbours.

(ix) Other planning issues.

The Chair to write to Chief Executive of NFDC to ask that the Old School House, Church Lane, Sway be placed on a register of Assets of Community Value (Localism Bill)

(x) Local Enforcement Plan

Consultation paper continues until April 12. Cllr Tarling urged Councillors and members of the public with interest to read and comment to the Clerk by April 4.

(xi) Tree Preservation orders

Burbush House, Brighton Road. A large indigenous tree is apparently diseased and a member of the public was very concerned that in the application to fell no suggestion of re-planting was made. To re-iterate Sway Planning Committee view that if felling has to take place then replanting should occur on all occasions.

Cllr Gulliver with Tree Officer will visit the site to establish exactly how diseased this tree is and report.

(xii) Transport.

John Warden said Cango had actually been completely full on one journey that day. (21 seats occupied!)

Alan Cracknell from the public ‘gallery’ explained that SW Trains would make up the shortfall in providing lighting on the down line side of the station. Work had just started. A new seat would be provided on the up line. Plans for planting were in progress. He also explained that NFNPA were inviting submissions for monies from a source of funding – they provide 75% if Parish Council provide the rest. Mr Cracknell was working on a detailed submission.

(xiii) Roads, Hedges and Ditches

While there was some understanding of waiting for weather improvement before road repair is started the overriding feeling was that roads are in a very poor and dangerous state and that the County Council really ought to have temporary repair teams out rather than leaving holes to become very deep and dangerous.

S Sway Lane was one example quoted. Compensation claims must be running at a very high level? It was agreed that Councillors and members of the public should inform the Parish Clerk on 01590 718116 mob 07927 311041 of all potholes, overflowing ditches, overhanging hedges. He will report them to highways/County Council. His letters to householders on ditches had the desired effect.

(xiv) Date of next meeting.

April 11 Pavilion Jubilee Field at 19.30. Bryan Wilson Snr tree officer at NFNPA will be present to talk about tree preservation in the New Forest. All members of the public are welcome to hear about this important subject and how it affects Sway in particular.

Meeting ended at 20.50.

  1. Amenities Working Group. Cllr Gates reported on that evening’s meeting. Barrier now erected with yellow and black stripes on the green gate. It will be operated from April 1. Sign on pavilion wall. ‘These facilities are used at your own risk’.

Two quotes for re-seeding and looking after the grounds and John Pearson will undertake. Drainage only carried out in 2009 has not proved successful. A feasibility study at £775 + VAT was agreed to find out what’s wrong.

‘No dog’ signs are up.

Main pavilion instead of deep clean of kitchens as requested it was agreed to deep clean the whole facility.

Pitmore Lane meeting on April 23 with Forestry Commission and we edge closer to a new contract.

Car park opposite allotments very potholed but one quote of £1700 to fill them in was considered excessive.

  1. Grant application. Jnr football -because of waterlogged field were asking for help towards the costs of going to an all weather facility. Cllr Tarling argued that the rent was low for the season yet the Council were being asked for more than that rent for a month’s use of an alternative. He proposed 25% – Cllr Dance proposed 50% which was agreed.
  2. Other Correspondence. Cllr Rickman proposed a guest subject for the Council AGM on May 23 should be the Street Pastor Scheme. Ted Watts proposed the new rural Housing Enabler to talk about affordable housing.

Meeting closed at 20.45.

                                       Warren Breach

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