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It was with a sense of disbelief, shock and immense sadness that the Sway News team learned of the untimely death of Graham Levers.

Graham had recently joined our team and had produced the April edition. He had a wonderful sense of humour and was a totally ‘can do’ person.

Prue and Graham moved to Sway in July 2000, he became a parish Councillor for a while and was Vice Chairman of the Tennis Club under Caroline Bray. Graham took early retirement in Dec 2010 and started his computer consultancy service also becoming the Chairman of the Tennis Club and the Secretary of the Jubilee Field User Group.

He enjoyed cycling and motor racing. He and Prue bought a motor home when he retired in which they travelled extensively at home and abroad. They also spent time at their home in Turkey.

Graham was a brilliant husband, father, grandfather and father in law and will be sorely missed by everyone.

Sway Open Gardens will soon be with us on 11 June, let’s keep our fingers crossed that the weather will be fine. Tickets are available now and full details on this and SingSway’s concert on 3 June, appear on page 7.

Then from 30 June to the 9 July it will be Carnival time, events for the week are featured on page 11 with relevant forms and details inside. A huge amount of work goes into making this event such a success and it’s always amazing to see the crowds of people who attend the procession on the Friday evening, it’s a fantastic village atmosphere with events throughout the week.

You will see a short piece on Cango on page 35, those of us who went on the trip thoroughly enjoyed our hour in Lymington. We caught the bus at Sway station bus stop arriving in Lymington without having to worry about where to park. If you register with the service you can be picked up from home and dropped back there when you decide to return. Full details on:

We will shortly know who the contender will be for the America’s Cup. On pages 33 and 35, there is an update on this event from Warren, with diary entries from bowman Matt Cornwell.

You will see that drainage work has started on Stanford Rise green and on page 21, the Sway Village Hall Trustees are looking for new Trustees to help them with the exciting redevelopment work that will be taking place over the months ahead.

Iris Watts