June 2017

Annual Meeting of Sway Parish Council

(The main meeting notes were taken by Iris Watts, with the Planning and Transport notes being taken by Warren Breach)

25 May at 19.30 Jubilee Field Pavilion

Present: Cllr. Rickman (Chair), Cllr. Golby (Vice Chair), David Edwards (Clerk), Cllrs. Cripps, Dance, Fleat, Marchant, Seacombe, Tarling, Turner, Thomas, Warden. Also present Sway News, Lym Times, and 14 members of the public.

  • Election of Chair of PC: Cllr Barry Rickman.   Agreed
  • Election of Vice Chair: Cllr David Goldby      Agreed
  • Apologies: Cllr Pepper

Before any further business the Chair, Cllr Rickman said how very sad it was to hear of the death of Graham Levers, who had been a valued member of the Parish Council.

  • Minutes of the Meeting held on 27 April were agreed, Matters Arising, A draft co-option paper by Cllr Cripps, had been given to Cllrs, they asked for a small amendment that states the PC may decide not to co-opt. Agreed
  • Finance : the payment schedule had been circulated and was agreed. Audit : Income £108,050 (includes £31K Section 106 monies) Income over budget £38,636. Section 2 of the Statement had been circulated, approved unanimously, so will now go to external auditor.
  • Review and Accept Standing Orders. All agreed, with Cllr Stephen Tarling to be added to Information Working Group and Cllr Graham Turner leaving Stamford Rise Task Group with Cllr Kevin Cripps joining it.   Under Review of work with external bodies, Cllr Graham Turner is standing down from Village Hall, with Cllr. Len Thomas taking his place. Time and Place of Ordinary Meetings: these all agreed with dates on the website. The July parish council meeting has been brought forward to 20 July to avoid meeting during the New Forest Show. The Review of Inventory of land and assets, this needs updating to include a replacement tractor, new goal posts (with Football Club), new bench at Adlams Lane and the bus shelter has gone. The above will be added to the assets and the rest will be checked. Insurance cover, no change. Complaints procedure, no change. Freedom of Information requests, no change.
  • Jubilee Field Project. The Parish Council has received a letter from the Trustees of the Social Club and is waiting to hear from them again. (see later under AOB)
  • Stamford Rise. Ongoing discussions with Trustees of Village Hall and NFDC in relation to land needed to extend hall. An additional element if Scouts give up their present hut and wish to move to Stamford Rise. The Trustees would need to have a right of way entry. The District Council believes that these proposals raise issues that are not insurmountable. There are planning issues in extending the village hall. A Memorandum of Understanding will be signed by the Parish Council, the District Council and Trustees of the Village Hall, this will be a statement of intent by the three parties. The Clerk will circulate a paper for Cllrs to read and comment on before the next Parish Council meeting. Agreed.   Farwells are on site carrying out drainage works. Work is due to start on the paths on the 21 August by contractor Keffin.
  • Cllr Tarling reported on the Planning and Transport meeting of 11.05.17 held in the Pavilion Jubilee Field at 19.30. Present: Cllr Tarling (Chair), Cllr Marchant (Vice Chair), David Edwards (Clerk), Cllrs Dance, Fleat, Pepper, Seacombe, Warden. Also present Sway News and 2 members of the public.

(i) Cllr Tarling opened the meeting reporting on the sudden death of a previous Councillor Graham Levers the day before (10.05.17).

(ii) Minutes of the Meeting held on April 13 were signed off.

(iii) Outcome of Planning

The Chair reported that most were in accordance with PaTc recommendations.

  • Old School House – ‘minor’ material amendment granted but with conditions in landscaping, parking, rooflights and further developments rights.
  • Land at the Rear of Toby Cottage – granted but development in accordance with drawings only for horses owned by owners of property. No commercial use. Hedgerow screening.
  • Shalfleet Mount, Pleasant Lane. First floor extension Juliet balcony etc. Granted with condition.
  • Little Mead, Hollies Close. Retention single storey rear extension. Granted with tight condition.
  • 7 Buldowne Walk – Single storey extension demolition of garage 1.2 m wall. Granted development must conform to drawings
  • Land at north of Hunters Folly, Marley Mount – retention of hard standing muck heap enclosure. Granted – replant hedgerow.
  • Durnston, Durnstown. 2m high fence, 2 m brick piers, 1 m high brick wall, new entrance gates. Refused – not in keeping with rural setting and SVDS.
  • Boundary Gate – replacement ‘Summerhouse’. Refused – out of keeping with setting and creeping suburbanisation.
  • Land to rear of 37 and 38 Sethorns. Refused . Cramped overdevelopment.
  • Flexford House. 2 storey extension – granted with conditions.
  • Fuchsias, Station Rd. Application withdrawn.
  • 22 Sethorns. 2 storey rear extension. Granted with conditions.
  • Bojangles, Mount Pleasant – single storey extension. Granted with conditions.

(iv) New Tree Preservation            orders/treeworks

Cllr Seacombe had agreed with NFNPA tree officer that they should visit BIG SKY Manchester Rd and identify actual trees to be felled in this sensitive area. This visit has not yet taken place.

Cllr Seacombe also reported that the large cedar tree at Sway Manor had been felled (Cllr Fleat asked if the suspected decay was actual?). Some of the timber has been donated to the Stanford Rise Village Green. There was no news on the replacement tree planting type, height, girth etc.

(v) New Planning

  • The Squirrels, Middle Rd. Proposed replacement single storey extension. (1) grant
  • Everglade Farm, Mount Pleasant Lane. Continued temporary siting of agricultural buildings on this smallholding. Cllr Seacombe had visited the site where quails were being bred and sheep were grazing. After much debate for and against (5) was agreed leave decision to NFNPA officer. Most thought a 3 year extension acceptable

(vi) Update on Planning Enforcement

Started month with 11, 3 resolved, 1 new one added.

(vii) Enforcement Appeal

Unit 1 Old School House site – single storey extension built without planning permission. Appeal to retain.

(viii) Transport

Cllr Warden. Cango holding its own but could always do with new customers. Management Committee should meet…

(ix) Roads, Hedges and Ditches

With modern farming destroying habitat, road side verges were vital and should be less brutally managed.

Cllr Seacombe said the Council should examine its own site too!

(x) Speedwatch

All locations to be inspected for health and safety.

One new site will be added in South Sway Lane.

Cllr Marchant asked what request would be made of new Councillors/Leaders of HCC. Actual speed flashing signs work and if HCC won’t provide Sway PC should?!

(xi) Correspondence

Clerk reported that he had received a letter from Forestry Commission about work at Wootton Bridge. Residents should be careful.

(xii) Date of Next Meeting

Pencilled in for 8 June but dependent on PC AGM on 25.5.17 where dates, committees and membership would be agreed.

The Chair thanked all Councillors who had supported the current session of PaTc which ended that night.

Warren Breach


Speedwatch During last month 118 people were caught speeding

It was noted that the Appeal on the Old School House was recently allowed………..

  1. Any other Business

Correspondence: The Clerk had received an email complaining about the congestion at Stamford Rise due to contractors equipment, the PC have been advised that contractors will move their vehicles and staff will park responsibly.   A complaint had also been received about teenagers’ behaviour at Jubilee Field. The Chairman asked everyone to monitor behaviour by people here.

Cllr Thomas asked where cones in Station Road had come from. It was thought that the HCC was responsible while working on gullies. It has slowed the traffic down!

Allotments: A short waiting list, one or two plots are in a poor state, those tenants will be receiving letters. All will be looking wonderful for Open Gardens!

Anne Dew, from the audience, said that she had heard a rumour that the Trustees of the Social Club have withdrawn their offer of money to the Parish Council for extending the facilities at Jubilee Fields. This was confirmed by the Chairman.

Terry Simpson, from the audience on behalf of the Social Club, explained that the original letter to the Parish Council had not been seen by two of the three Trustees and that they wanted a different offer to be put forward. Sway Club members are grateful to Ian Gale for his work in disposing of the old premises and securing funds for the future. Sway Club is still registered with the FCA and the club members want a decent sized attractive room that anyone in the village can use and they will provide a sinking fund to go with it. Furthermore he said that the club members did not want their cash going to clubs with restricted access for membership.

He emphasised that it will not be a Sway Club Mark II, and that they wished to meet with the Parish Councillors. However, it was explained that this was not possible as the PC is a corporate body, it must be done through the Council’s Jubilee Field Project Group.

A completely new proposal will be needed from the Trustees of the Social Club before anything can be done and the Parish Council awaits a formal proposal.

Mike Reynolds, Chairman of the Jubilee Users Group, requested that any proposals be put to his group for consideration.

12.) Date of next meeting: 8 June and 22 June 19.30pm       The meeting closed at 20.22pm

Iris Watts

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