June 2014

Parish Council

Meeting of Planning and Transport Committee on June 12 2014 at 19.30 Pavilion Jubilee Field.

Present: Cllr Tarling (Chair), N Gulliver (Clerk), Cllr Dance, Cllr Gates, Cllr Langford, John Warden Transport, Sway News, 4 members of the public plus Cllr Fleat as observer. Apologies Cllr Cripps, Cllr Golby.

  1. Election of Chair

Cllr Tarling unanimous

  1. Election of Vice Chair

Cllr Cripps unanimous

  1. Minutes May 8 approved
  1. Outcome of Planning

Paradise Farm, Barrows Lane. NFNPA refusal – no essential need for dwelling

Appeal Paradise Farm – withdrawn

Little Purley Farm, Chapel Lane. Retention of large freestanding solar panels. NFNPA granted with note on surface water removal onto footpath? (This decision was taken before Sway PC had made their observations due to oversight on NFNPA behalf for which they apologise)

Orchard Cottage, Hazelhurst Farm, Flexford Lane. Lawful development certificate as a separate dwelling was granted by NFNPA

Land off Pitmore Lane. Large agricultural building well back from Pitmore Lane – agricultural so prior application not required.

Dare Motorsport, Kings Lane. Certificate of lawful development for existing use of the site for B8 storage and distribution use including office after 10 years. NFNPA granted.

The Paddock, Tiptoe. Outbuilding after demolition of existing NFNPA granted subject to conditions including tree recommendations, incidental use and no fenestration (as recommended by Sway PC)

Arnewood Court Farmhouse, Barrows Lane. Amended description of planning application. No objection from Sway PC. NFNPA granted with conditions.

Hawthorns, Barrows Lane. Application for Certificate of Lawful Development for proposed installation of roof lights. NFNPA granted

Gablemead, Manchester Rd. Replacement dwelling and garage with storage. Demolition of existing amended garage plans to lessen neighbours concerns. NFNPA granted with conditions including those outlined by Sway PC including hard standing, materials, incidental use only, no external lighting, and fenestration without permission.

  1. New Planning Applications

Oakenbrow, Sway. A large house with a large proposed extension over garage to roadway. Committee considered this over bearing visual impact. The extension (as per SVDS) should be subordinate to main dwelling. 2 – recommend refusal but will accept NFNPA officer’s view

5 Heron Close. Modest ground floor extension to accommodate downstairs bathroom. 3 – recommend permission.

Jubilee Cottage, Chapel Lane. Retention of extension to outbuilding. It is an overbuilt outbuilding but subordinate to main dwelling and sits within a large plot so fulfils SVDS guidelines etc. 3 – permission but for incidental use only.

Whistlestop Cottage, Station Rd. Outbuilding applicant in attendance. Neighbours had been spoken to and there was no surface water problem as it filled a pond. 3 – recommend permission.

Hazelhurst Farm, Flexford Lane. Applicant present. One and two storey extensions dormer windows external alterations. Now falls within 30% permitted (Orchard Cottage, separate dwelling). The Chair’s concern about in keeping fenestration was shared by the applicant. 3 – recommend permission

Lepe House, Flexford Lane. Application for a Certificate of Lawful Development for use of dwelling in breach of condition 3 (agricultural occupancy). Older members of the Committee explained the history behind this application. There were no objections from Sway PC.

  1. Planning Enforcement

Started month with 11 – lost one and now gained one. Sumac, Marley Mount. Unauthorised use of outbuilding as holiday let.

  1. Planning Appeals

Final comments (from appellants) on two appeals at Heathey Lodge by 23 June 2014.

  1. Transport.

John Warden reported Cango had been full on occasion which is excellent news. Map at Sway Station to be approved by full Parish Council.

  1. Roads, Hedges, Ditches

The South Sway Lane permanent Flood now has a resident shark ….

Coombe Lane the potholes have grown, 6 cones sticking out of a lake!

Lower Mead End culverts rodded but ditch needs to be cleared. Owner to be contacted by Clerk. (Road is closed at present So Highways may take over problem?)

Owners of ditches need to be responsible and clear them particularly in Mead End Rd.

10. AOB

Stolen post boxes when will they be replaced?

Terms of reference and annual review of Planning and Transport at the next meeting on July 10.

Speedwatch to be added as a regular agenda item. Are the Police sending letters to the hundreds of people exceeding the limit if not surely it cannot be an effective exercise taking up valuable volunteer time?

Ted Fleat raised refuse from industrial units in Barrows Lane. A matter for NFDC?

Cllr Tarling closed by thanking Len Thomas and all the volunteers who have freely given up their time to operate Speedwatch an important element in all surveys of local concerns. Perhaps PC Morgan Williams can report from his end exactly how information is being dealt with.

Meeting closed at 20.40

(Next meeting at 19.30 July 10 Pavilion, Jubilee Field

The Parish Council Meeting on 26 June will be covered separately as I will be on special birthday celebration part 2!)

Warren Breach

 Meeting of Sway Parish Council held on Thursday 26 June 2014

Present : Cllr Rickman (Chair), N Gulliver (Clerk), Cllrs. Cripps, Dance, Fleat, Gates, Golby, Langford and Tarling. County Cllr.Thornber. In attendance, Lymington Times, Sway News, and 16 members of the public.

Cllr Rickman opened the meeting by announcing that the Parish Council will be losing Neil Gulliver, its Parish Clerk and that the position is being advertised.

  1. Minutes of the 29 May 2014 were agreed and signed off.
  2. Matters Arising.

Cllr Tarling asked for a breakdown of the expenditure for Maintenance to Football and Cricket areas as this seemed excessive.

  1. Report by County Cllr Ken Thornber. Transport matters:

Cobblers Corner, cattle grid being replaced starting 30 June for 3 weeks.

South Sway Lane, replace all or part of culvert. Work to start 7 July by then Silver St. should be open.

Coombe Lane, some pumping going on, this road will be repaired at some point.

Latchmore Railway Bridge, enquiries have been made about management of work and when it will be carried out. Waiting to hear back. A solution would be a one way system whilst work is ongoing.

4 Clerk’s Report.

The Football Club, having lost the use of the bar at the Social Club due to its closure, would like to use the Jubilee Pavilion 12.00 noon – 7.30 pm on match days and 6 -8 pm on Tuesday (Aug-April) and to have an alcohol licence. Ron Loveless speaking on behalf of the Football Club said that alcohol would not be kept on the premises and a strict control would be in place. If the club could not use the Pavilion, it has no other hope, there is no other place to go. The full Council, except for Cllr Gates, voted for a trial period of one season for the Club to have a licence but with the condition of renegotiation of Football Club’s lease and a reduction of expenses by Parish Council. Cllr. Thornber said that the Club could make an application to him for money for kit and equipment of a value adding nature; he has a Member’s Budget and would look at it favourably.

It was proposed that with a new Clerk taking over, the Planning and Transport Committee dates should be moved from the 2nd to 3rd Thursday of the month, as at the moment there is no breathing space. Cllr Tarling said that it will become very tight for planning applications and more will have to be done outside meetings. This will make things easier but will reverse the move towards transparency. It was agreed to try it for a year.

The AGM for 2015 will be 21 May.

The Parish Council Office will no longer be open each morning. In future it will be open Wed and Thurs each week 10 am – 1 pm then 2 pm – 4.30 pm

  1. Finance – Accounts To Be Paid.

Circulated to Cllrs . Agreed.

  1. Planning and Transport Committee.

See Warren Breach’s report, page 37.

Since then Applications on:

5 Heron Close granted

6 Oakenbrow, Granted by NPA officer in spite of Parish Council’s views.

Hazelhurst Farm – Granted.

Cycle Event Charter: The NFNPA would not support the Cycle Event Charter or any version that does not set a limit on event size (suggested limit 1000) or that does not require rear numbers. If this does not work, they will lobby government for new legislation to cover mass cycle events.

It was suggested that the Parish Council should support the NPA on this and Cllr Tarling will have this opportunity at the next Quadrant meeting.

  1. Amenities Working Group.

There has been some vandalism at the Village Hall, the suspects had made a den behind cover next to the hall and indeed had scrawled a name on the pavement! These leads are being followed up! It is believed the culprits are roughly eight and ten years of age. Consideration is being given to the use of CCTV cameras and a stronger fence is being erected between the hall and Stamford Rise Gardens.

  1. Grant Applications.

No applications.

  1. Correspondence and Any Other Business.  

The new Director and Chairman of Sway Youth Centre is Ken Wilson. Cllr Rickman thanked Ted Watts for everything he had done for the Youth Centre.

Hugh Marchant asked the Council whether the date for the Parish Council meeting could be moved as the Planning and Transport meeting was being moved. He said that Ted Watts had asked for this some time ago but it had not been possible. Iris Watts said that this would be very helpful as the timing for Sway News was very tight. Cllr Rickman said that there was no reason why there should be a change at the moment but it was something that might be looked at when the new Council is elected in 2015.


David Gibbons said that they have approached a number of councils throughout the country who have installed multi-use games areas. The message is clear, dependant on what is specified for the ground surface and surround fencing, maintenance costs can be minimal.

They have identified three organisations from whom funds might be obtained but it is important that a representative of the Parish Council is involved to ensure that any application is full and complete.

Community Speed Watch.

Len Thomas asked if the police had sent out any letters to members of the public caught speeding. There is no point in the volunteers carrying out this exercise if the police are not acting. They are not receiving any replies from PC Morgan Williams and they feel frustrated. Cllr Cripps asked if the Clerk could write to PC Williams.

Anne Dew said that you could email him but you will not receive a reply. All the other villages in Speed Watch in this area come under Lymington but unfortunately Sway comes under New Milton.

The meeting closed at 8.50 pm.

         Iris Watts

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