July 2015

Parish Council Meeting

Sway Parish Council Planning and Transport Committee Meeting 19.30 09.07.15 Pavilion Jubilee Field

  1. Apologies. Clerk Susan Brayley, Cllr Dance, Cllr Pepper. Meeting to be recorded as Clerk unwell.

Present. Cllr Tarling (Chair), Cllr Cripps, Cllr Marchant, Cllr Seacombe. 7 members of the public, including Len Thomas (Community SpeedWatch) and Sway News.

  1. Declarations of Interest. Cllrs Marchant and Tarling (NFA)
  2. Minutes of 11 June. Unanimously agreed and signed off.
  3. Outcome of Planning Applications.

Willerton, Westbeams Rd. Pruning 2 oak trees, crown reduction of 2 metres.

Forest Heath House, Station Rd. Removal of lowest lateral branches of Monterey Pine granted. Parish Council to consider writing own tree policy.

Avon Wood, Arnewood Bridge Rd.   No objection to cert. for completion of proposed extensions.

Forest Haven, Jordans Lane, Refuse.

Arnewood Ct. Farm House, grant subject to conditions.

Sway Butchers, single storey rear extension. Grant and request fence be softened.

Cavalier Cottage, Mead End Road, grant subject to conditions.

Busketts House, Brighton Rd, grant subject to conditions.

Myrtle Cottage, Sway Road, grant subject to conditions, only to be open between 10.00am-4pm Thu-Sun, March to September.

One Oak, Middle Road, grant subject to conditions.

  1. Tree Works

Stable Cottage, Quarr House, fell 1 sycamore (exempt works).


Laurel Cottage, Northover Lane, 2 storey extension, garage, removal of chimney, partial change of use of paddock. This is a fine cob and thatch cottage, proposal is incongruous and too massive (4) refuse.

10 Heron Close, Sway. New dwelling. Too miniscule a plot to add another dwelling (4) refuse.

Shirley Down, Shirley Holms, creation of raised patio. (1) and ask tree officer to check trees on western boundary.

Communications site, Sway Tower, installation of 3 no. replacement antennas, 6 no. mast head amplifiers, assoc. ancillary development, removal of 3 existing antennas. This is a Grade II* listed building and deserves better care. (2) Any external additions must be close to wall, of minimum size and be the least obtrusive possible.

Forest Haven (new), Jordans Lane, replacement dwelling, detached garage, demolition of existing. This is not within DP10 limits incl. loft space (4). Also not appropriate design for a New Forest village.

  1. Enforcement Started month with four, 1 new added.
  2. Planning Inspectorate and Enforcement Appeals. South Sway Farm House and Limolands awaited.
  3. NFNPA Planning Dev. Control Cttee.   No Sway applications before the committee.
  4. Reviewing New or Amended Policies from External Bodies. Review ‘defined villages’, is the policy working? David Ilsley will talk about new Local Plan, probably in September.
  5. Report by Parish Council’s transport representative. John Warden sent his apologies for not being present. Cango numbers have increased and the deputation to HCC has been cancelled at John’s request.
  6. Roads, hedges and ditches. No items except member of public, Chris Strain mentioned a loose fitting on the cattle grid near cemetery, he has informed Highways.
  7. Small grants scheme. To help fund improvements to footpaths, styles etc. Further funding rounds to come.
  8. Community SpeedWatch. No decrease to speeding at the moment. Consideration being given to points on licenc if caught three times. Police speed enforcement officers are being seen more often at Sway hotspots.
  9. Review Terms of Reference of Sway Planning and Transport Cttee. Considered and generally agreed with a few amendments to be made and recirculated.
  10. Date of next Meeting 13 August. Meeting closed at 8.45pm

Iris Watts

Meeting of Sway Parish Council July 23 2015   Pavilion Jubilee Field.

Present: Cllr Rickman (Chair), S Brayley (Clerk), Cllrs Cripps, Dance (until 20.30), Fleat, Golby, Greenwood, Gresham-Hale, Marchant, Pepper, Seacombe, Tarling, Turner. Also present Sway News, John Warden (transport), Len Thomas (speedwatch). 3 members of the public.

  1. Cllr Rickman congratulated the Clerk on obtaining enhanced qualifications and Len Thomas for Speedwatch recognition. He also asked that Councillors be sensible about their declaration of interests on an annual basis and where monthly conflicts of interest may occur. He also reminded everyone present that Council Meetings are now sound recorded.
  1. Minutes of Meeting held on June 25 were approved with minor amendments.
  1. County Council Report

Cllr Thornber highlighted 2 major items.

Local Government Boundary Review is commissioned by statute to intervene if inequality occurs. 33% of 75 divisions in Hampshire do not conform. On population projections to 2021 an 11 member working group have got this figure down to 12% and 67 divisions. Eastleigh believe they should have 8 (currently 7) and that the New Forest should lose 1 County Councillor.

Cango – Sadly it is a fait accompli – HCC intend to introduce Hail and Ride fixed route by Oct 1 2015. This has already happened in Andover and Basingstoke. The excuse is the booking system is on it’s last legs so must be done away with. Cllr Tarling and others believe this a specious argument.   Let’s be honest HCC simply want to save on manpower and help their further 100m cost savings! Cllr Thornber has asked Lymington, Pennington and New Milton if they would help fund a local booking operation. (Two quotes have been received from Community First, Go South Coast of around 18K pa). If an alternative booking system is to occur a show of interest needs to be established by 10 August. All Councillors believed this to be unrealistic in the height of the holiday season. Cllr Thornber thought there were 3 options

(i) Accept fixed route

(ii) Agree local booking service with commercial company. He favoured Go South Coast.

(iii) Set up a local volunteer service.

Councillors believed it possible to set up a local volunteer service but not by Oct 1. A compromise would be to use Go South Coast for one year.

  1. Correspondence

Email received from NFDC Head of Environment Services, concerning fly posting and their intention to reclaim additional costs incurred as had to bring in staff to remove over 100 advertising boards spread all across the forest.

  1. Clerk’s Report

Request received from Robert Payne re storage of a powered tennis chair in the sports pavilion from the 4 to 6 August.   Councillors very supportive.

Summer Play Scheme – Grant of £1200 received from NFDC; 6 advanced bookings and payment received to date. Advert in A & T this week and in August edition Sway News.

Vandalism to football stand – the second culprit has now completed his community resolution by painting over the damage to the stand. Thanks to both the JFP Caretaker and the SFC President who gave up their time to oversee the repairs.

The contractor who installed the defibrillator cabinet at JFP, Mr Drayton, has advised that he was pleased to do the work for the community and it was therefore free of charge. Excellent and a big thank you from Councillors.

Senior football have detailed certain pre-season maintenance items at JFP that they will carry out free of charge. These will be discussed in more detail at the next Amenities Working Party meeting.

Cllrs Gresham-Hale, Turner and Rickman have all kindly agreed to become key holders for Jubilee Field Pavilion, providing cover for both the Caretaker and the Clerk.

Clerk advised office closed Wed/Thurs next week as she and other Councillors will be at the New Forest Show.

  1. Payment Schedule

Distributed to Councillors only Cllr Cripps asked about an office item of some £500. This was a bulk order of printer ink. (Some Councillors believe we are in an electronic age why so much printing – not everyone is wired!) Also a payment to Cllr Marchant was queried (this was a re-imbursement for USB equipment now Clerk takes minutes from sound recordings?)

  1. Finance

Cllr Cripps explained there had not been a meeting of the Finance Working Group.   He will report at the next Parish Council Meeting.

  1. Planning and Transport

Cllr Tarling reported on the meeting of July 9, which Iris Watts has covered separately.

  1. Amenities

Cllr Pepper said there had not been a meeting but she has a large agenda building for the next meeting on Aug 6.

  1. Communications

Cllr Greenwood asked for volunteers for local fetes.

Funding for the Council newsletters was ‘challenging’ and sponsors will want ‘space’ if they are funding.

IT profiles of Councillors and photographs in hand.

  1. Standing Orders

Cllr Tarling went through 6 items line by line as laid out on the Agenda. Sway was in good shape.

  1. Review and Agree Jubilee Field Play Park Proposals

Cllr Seacombe reported that urgent maintenance needs to be fulfilled. The recent inspection highlighted a number of items, which should have been rectified by now. ‘Maintain’ will do the work and will probably need to close the play park for a day, which is not ideal in the school holiday period. Cllr Gresham-Hale asked why this work had not been put out to tender. Cllr Tarling, Cripps and Golby agreed. The Clerk said she always sought three quotes but this was urgent small item rectification, which most companies would find difficult to quote for. Cllr Fleat agreed. Clerk, Cllr Seacombe concerned about tripping risk and we need to get on with work immediately. It was agreed that on site tuition for any number of people for £255 + VAT was the route to go with regard to Safety Training. A number of Councillors were interested in attending such a course (as well as

Caretaker and Cricket Groundsman).

  1. Hampshire Village of the Year Contest

Cllr Gresham-Hale has made enquiries and been encouraged to enter. Sway is definitely not ‘chocolate box’ but is a fine example of an honest working village that help those less fortunate. Her report to Councillors only was encouraged. Now look for funding.

  1. AOB

Cllr Cripps had obtained a quote to clean/refurbish the War Memorial after a complaint from a member of the public. As no mains water supply the work would have to be done by hand at a cost of 2.5K plus VAT. Two suggestions were made

(i) The Memorial is in open Forest and is ageing with dignity in an open site.

(ii) Apply for funding from one of the Army Charities Trusts?

Cllr Seacombe says an adventurous game/swing had been set up by youngsters on a tree in Centenary Close which needs to be removed (she applauds making toys/games from nothing but not when they are dangerous…)

Cllr Pepper had stopped tree climbing in Jubilee Field.

There was a long discussion about refuse collections and leaving black bin liners by the road.

Next meeting 27 August. Meeting Closed at 21.27.

Warren Breach





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