July 2014

 Parish Council Meeting

Meeting of Sway Parish Council at Pavilion Jubilee Field on July 24 2014 at 19.30.

Present: Cllr Rickman (Chair), N Gulliver (Clerk), Cllr Cripps, Cllr Dance, Cllr Fleat, Cllr Gates, Cllr Golby, Cllr Langford, Cllr Tarling. County Councillor Ken Thornber, John Warden (Transport). Sway News and 8 members of the public.

  1. Minutes of previous meeting 26 June 2014 approved.
  2.  Matters arising.

Sway brochure. Alan Cracknell has liaised with Cllr Tarling. Cllr Rickman and Councillors happy to leave to them. The map will be at the station and bus shelter.

  1. County Council Report

Cllr Thornber had two matters to bring forward. He had offered to help the Football club and asked for a breakdown. They came up with a long list! Cllr Thornber eventually offered £1034 from his fund which will help with 2 team strips. He has also provided 1K to Youth club and 1K to St. Luke’s Church.

Cutting of road verges other than for sight reasons. Hampshire highways follow national guidelines and many of the points made by Alan Titchmarsh in his Plantlife Verge Campaign. The HCC criteria is, notable species or relic grass areas (although these were being reduced for reasons of cost!).  In addition large numbers of the public have to be keen to protect verges and a survey must be conducted which would not be until May/June 2015. Mr Marchant pointed out the main criteria of the Mr Titchmarsh campaign was only cutting between September and March each year, which the Council did not keep to – they cut in April and August in the main destroying species. Cllr Thornber would be meeting Mr Titchmarsh in the coming week and would discuss with him and report.

Cllr Rickman asked if there were any other points for Cllr Thornber. Cllr Golby raised the residents of Brighton Rd adopting HCC owned verges and placing obstacles on returfed areas, some of which had been vandalised. Cllr Thornber said County Council owned verges – residents are not covered by insurance and ‘No boulders from Boldre please’ …

A concerned member of the public raised the question of ragwort pulling and a proliferation of the dangerous weed on public land. (Private land owners can be fined if they leave ragwort to seed!). Cllr Rickman said pulling starts next week.

  1. Clerks Report.

External Audit – clean bill of health from Council Auditors. The annual return was approved.

Sway Summer Playscheme. NFDC had granted 1K to this scheme as requested.

  • Temporary road closures after Aug 4. Kings Lane – junction Coombe Lane and Pitmore Lane – 2 days.
  • Pauls Lane – junction with Coombe Lane and Pitmore Lane – 2 days.
  • Licensing Act 2003 – Central Stores, Station Rd would like a revised licence from 05.30 to 23.00 Mon – Sun plus remove conditions inherent in Licensing Act 1964. Many Councillors were concerned about what they saw as excessive hours to sell alcohol. However, after discussion it was agreed subject to review in 1 years time and each year thereafter.

5. Finance.

Accounts to be paid July 2014 – paper tabled to Councillors only. Agreed.


  1. Finance Working Group.

 Cllr Golby explained that due to changed personal circumstances he would not be able to Chair this group and suggested Cllr Cripps should take over his role. This was agreed and Councillors offered their good wishes to Cllr Golby.


Cllr Cripps explained that estimates were on target and all under control. Main topic of conversation at the groups last meeting was replacement Clerk. Now there are 5 applicants. Formal interviewing was recommended. Councillors were given copies of CV’s and should make comments to Neil Gulliver by next Thursday. There should be an interview panel of say 3 or 4. Cllr Tarling suggested a woman be on that group.


Cllr Cripps also explained that a meeting with Jubilee Field user groups had been fruitful and they were all looking to reduce their dependence on Parish Council funding and finding ways of generating additional funding themselves.

A trial Licensing period for alcohol in the Pavilion could help.

  1. Planning and Transport.

Cllr Tarling reported on the July 10 meeting of Planning and Transport which took place in the Pavilion, Jubilee Field at 19.30. Present: Cllr Tarling (Chair), N Gulliver (Clerk), Cllr Gates, Cllr Golby, Cllr Dance, Cllr Cripps, Cllr Langford. Cllr Fleat in public gallery along with Sway News and 6 members of the public.


(i) Apology John Warden (Transport rep)


(ii) Minutes of June 12 meeting were approved.


(iii) Outcome of Planning

5 Heron Close – cloakroom granted.

6 Oakenbrow. NPA have allowed further large extension against SVDS and Planning committee recommendations.

Hazelhurst Farm. Tidy up mish mash of building styles and fenestration – granted.


(iv) New Planning Applications

Westwards, Birchy Hill. Applicants present. They have spoken to neighbours and all agree that anything that improves terrace-like building would be a plus. 3 – recommend permission.



Shirley Down, Shirley Holms – Large property. No impact on neighbours. However flat roof against SVDS recommendations. 3 – recommend permission.


Buckland House, Adlams Lane Cllr Gates declared an interest as a neighbour and friend and took no part in discussion. Demolition of existing not very old dwelling, nice design but Councillors were concerned that a large garage would be built in front of the property against SVDS recommendations. Particularly as there would be room at the side of the property. Cllr Gates said there were many examples of garages in front of property in Adlams Lane i.e pre SVDS. Also Councillors were concerned about lots of hard standing, gravel would be better. Retain trees. Soakaways also important. 5 with conditions. Happy to accept NPA officers recommendations.


Claywood House. Arnewood Bridge Rd. Demolition of existing. Nothing can be seen from gateway. From plans ridge height 30% higher than existing. Plans ‘look more like Dulwich than a New Forest village’. 2 – refusal


Folds Farm, Mount Pleasant. Very little seen from highway. Modest application. 3 – grant permission subject to using matching materials etc.


Communication Mast i.e. Grade II listed building otherwise known as Sway Tower! 6 antennae to be replaced – Councillors think existing mounts should be used (will look like a bar of Aero soon if not) and camouflaged on a Grade II listed structure. 1 – grant but will accept NPA officers recommendation and with camouflage.


Dennett House, Brighton Rd. Cllr Cripps declared he had spoken to applicants. The whole is a mess. Third application. Bathroom could go somewhere else in envelope. Can’t see how bottom flat works.


Gas Kiosk. Current eyesore, anything will be an improvement. Better to use real bricks rather than mock bricks?!! 3 granted.


Limolands – very little public knowledge of this huge solar field proposal of some 14 hectares on farm land in a National Park. Councillors consider totally inappropriate use of agricultural land. 4 – refusal.


Silver Hind – Councillors have supported this local business since the Forest Heath controversy but feel that the patron is being unreasonable in not removing rear decking he will not use, was built without permission and removal of which was part of agreement reached over 6 months ago. 4 – recommend refusal.


(v) Appeals. New fencing in Station Rd. Decision awaited.


(vi) Navitus Windfarm proposal off Dorset and IOW coast will have an effect on land too! 120 ft swathe cutting through hedgerows, farmland, trees etc etc if granted, and only just skirting Sway.


(vii) Transport. John Warden in a note to the Chair reported Cango being used well.


(viii) Roads, Hedges, Ditches.

People in Brighton Rd are returfing and putting obstacles on the verge that does not belong to them. They are not insured should damage occur to a third party. The Council own the verges. In villages the verges are part of the highway and need to be kept clear for emergency vehicles. Cllr Gates most concerned and also about B3055 being patched rather than more serious structural repair. (Also in the 21st Century expecting traffic to drive at 10mph over potentially dangerous chippings is outmoded… There must be a better way?) Mr Marchant reported on Alan Titchmarsh campaign to stop Council Highways cutting verges until September.


(ix) AOB


Speedwatch Len Thomas reported on a pleasant meeting with PC M Williams. Letters are being sent to those exceeding the speed limit as some present can vouch!


More volunteers required. There will be a monthly report from Mr Thomas as a non voting co-opted member of Planning and Transport (this was agreed at full Parish Council meeting on July 24)


(x) Review:-

  • Terms of Reference recently updated were agreed.
  • Speedwatch an agenda item. Mr Thomas co-opted.
  • Full mineral and waste monitoring (annual review).
  • Agricultural occupancy monitoring on an Annual basis over a year since last review of full list.
  • Dates of meeting, Planning and Transport have changed to 3rd Thursday of each month from August 21 until April 2015.
  • Kathy Gulliver continues as tree rep.
  • John Warden as Transport rep
  • Co-opted numbers to remain as is until next years elections.
  • Road signs can be cleaned by Lengthsman. Please report obscured ones to Clerk.
  • Hedges with dangerous brambles hanging over paths particularly bad this year – when observed a note should be put through owners door or inform the Clerk.


Meeting closed at 21.00. Next meeting Aug 21 at 19.30 Pavilion Jubilee Field.


  1. Amenities Working Group

 Cllr Gates reported on that evening’s meeting.

  • Village Hall vandalism. CCTV cameras to be fitted.
  • Jubilee Field users to reduce dependency on PC funding.
  • Electrician estimate on changing to lower cost lighting. A saving in the long term.
  • Children’s playground inspection has shown minor faults which will be rectified.
  • Allotments – huge amount of water being used by some. No unattended sprinklers in future. Indeed should there be a ban on sprinklers?
  • Re-allocated plot. £20 to strim very overgrown plot agreed. Should lease be changed to accommodate ‘leave plot as you found it?’


Meeting closed at 20.30. Next meeting August 28 at 19.30 Pavilion Jubilee Field.

                                   Warren Breach


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