July 2013

Parish Council Meeting

Meeting of Sway Parish Council in Pavilion Jubilee Field at 19.30 on 25.7.13.

Present: Cllr Rickman (Chair), N Gulliver (Clerk), Cllr Gates, Cllr Cripps, Cllr Fleat, Cllr Dance, Cllr Tarling, John Warden (Transport).

Also present: Sway News, Lymington Times, 11 members of the public. Apologies: Cllr Thornber, Cllr Langford


  • Cllr Gulliver resigns

  • Plans for new cricket/football pavilion for Jubilee Field

  • Foundations for bus shelter are cast

Before proceedings started Cllr Rickman read out a letter of resignation from Cllr Kathy Gulliver. She had thought long and hard about this decision but for personal reasons she could not continue serving Sway, other than as Tree Warden for Sway. Cllr Rickman paid a glowing tribute to Cllr Gulliver’s long period of service to the people of Sway and all present including members of the public signed a card.

There was the possibility of an election if members of the public wanted one for a replacement or there could be a co-optee and if more than one person came forward perhaps there could be more than one person co-opted to help in the running of the Council. The resignation has concentrated Councillors’ minds on formation of a Finance Committee and an increase from 8 Councillors to 12 (which will formally take some 12 months to achieve). Cllr Tarling also paid tribute and hoped that Cllr Gulliver would consider working as Tree Warden on the Planning and Transport Committee? The Chair asked for replacements for the working group and committee Cllr Gulliver served on.

Amenities Cllr Rickman will serve in her place.

Planning Cllr Dance currently a reserve will take Cllr Gulliver’s place and Cllr Fleat will become reserve.

1. Previous minutes approved and signed off.

2. No report from County Council

3. New Pavilion. David Marshall Captain/Chair of the Cricket Club – outlined proposals for a joint Cricket Club Football Club Pavilion to replace the current unserviceable building which is rotting away. He also tabled an initial outline drawing of the proposed building. The two clubs would raise funds. The NFNPA seem happy with the proposal as it encourages local sport. Cllr Rickman thanked Mr Marshall for his excellent and succinct presentation he had no doubt a replacement was needed. There would be no significant extra running costs and mains drainage would be included.

4. Clerks Report. The Clerk ran through his tabled report.

(i) Parish Council Internal Auditor. The Clerk has concluded a 3 year contract with Paul Reynolds. This was agreed by Councillors.

(ii) Public Sector Deposit Fund. Arrangements are in hand.

(iii) Terms of Reference. Cllr Tarling said that no committee/group should create it’s own terms – they should be independent. Copies of amended terms for two groups are available should members of the public wish to see them.

(iv) HCC Lengthsman Scheme. Going ahead ever so slowly…

(v) Pitmore Lane/Memorial Field. A list of requirements from the Forestry Commission have now been received and the Clerk will arrange for the work to be carried out. A working protocol must be in place between the Parish Council and Junior football for the future acceptable management of the site. If the Committee accept the requirements a contract for a 5 year renewal will be drawn up.

(vi) Parish Office. From next Monday the office will be open from 09.30 – 13.00.

(vii) Summer Playscheme – NFDC have given £850. Councillors formally thanked NFDC

(viii) Accounts. Tabled at the meeting to Councillors only. Cllr Rickman was happy the PC was within budget. Cllr Dance was concerned about Lloyds Bank charges which he considered excessive.

(ix) Risk Assessment. Cllr Tarling pointed out that this was a risk assessment for Finance only. A proper all encompassing risk assessment needs to be carried out.

5. Planning. Cllr Tarling reported on the meeting of Sway Parish Council’s Planning & Transport Committee on July 11 2013 in Pavilion Jubilee Field at 19.30.

Present: Cllr Tarling (Chair), N Gulliver(Clerk), Cllr Gates, Cllr Cripps, Cllr Langford. Apologies: Cllr Gulliver, John Warden (Transport). Also present:- Sway News, Cllr Fleat and 17 members of the public.

(i) Minutes of previous meeting June 13. Minor correction to page 2 then approved.

(ii) Outcome of Planning.

9 Buldowne Walk – granted. Sway Bowmen – can continue present use of Great Break Field.

Lyndale, Arnewood Bridge Rd – outbuilding application was granted with strict useage conditions.

Flexford House, South Sway Lane. Granted subject to conditions.

Land adjacent to Oaklea Farm. Application refused by NFNPA.

(iii) New Planning

High Forest, Manchester Rd. 8 objectors were concerned that the original planning consent had been flouted without reference to villagers or Parish Council. Planning Committee feel that NFNPA should return to original planning agreement.

Spindle Cottage, Chapel Lane. Planning Committee – after much discussion from both sides of the argument – suggest NFNPA officer visit the site and view and listen to neighbours concerns along with a member of Planning Committee.

Paradise Farm, Barrows Lane. From the public gallery argument was made for an in-keeping, onsite agricultural dwelling. Quail egg production, calf rearing required 24/7 attendance. The Committee wish to encourage agricultural business in the area and agreed (1) recommend permission but happy to accept officer recommendation.

New Cabin, Station Rd agreed a (1).

Westwards, Birchy Hill. Legal interpretation leave to NFNPA.

4 Moser Grove – (3) recommend permission.

Ben Venuto, Pitmore Lane. Modest extension (3).

47 Underwood Drive, rear dormer (3).

Tiptoe Lodge, granted on appeal with the strict condition only to be used for agricultural purposes.

(iv) Enforcement. 11 at time of Meeting.

(v) Terms of reference.

A number of minor amendments were approved and adopted.

(vi) Application for tree works.

Cllr Tarling re-iterated that where felling occurs new planting should take place.

(vii) Roads, hedges and ditches.

Highway to look at Mead End Rd culverts – not working. Network Rail have a ragwort problem – so do highways on major roads!

Speedwatch – is happening and someone has come forward to run it.

Meeting closed at 21.00.

6. Amenities Working Group. Cllr Gates reported on that evening’s meeting. The Tennis Club have asked if they can have unused changing rooms 3 and 4 as their Club House. They would organise internal reconfiguration at their expense. This proposal was supported subject to informing Sport England on the change of use (originally 3 and 4 were included in plans for a Ladies Football team – none have come forward in 12 years…).

Pavilion Security Alarm quote was accepted.

Members of the Tennis Club concerned about the barrier being closed and proposed a key safe by the barrier or pay someone living opposite to close and lock it at the end of nightly activities.

7. Grant Application. Sway Village Hall on the 21 – 22 Sept in conjuction with St Barbe are mounting Sway at War. Cllr Rickman proposed £100 donation, this was supported by a majority.

8. Other Correspondence. The Chair reported that the Clerk had received a very pleasant letter of thanks from the Rev John Pawson following the reception he and Tony Owen were given when they outlined refurbishment plans for St Lukes Church. (Heating/lighting/creating a useable space for the people of Sway).

Cllr Rickman proposed a donation of around £500 should be made to provide something for the entire village i.e a clock or similar for this important Victorian building to all people in Sway. (Christians and non Christians alike).

Cllr Tarling was against this proposal supported by Cllr Fleat. The Church of England and the St Lukes Christian Community had far more funds than the Parish Council. This was not a refurbishment of the exterior to protect it for future generations. It was agreed to wait and see precise proposals for protection of the building for the whole of Sway…

9. AOB. Members of the public raised:

Security light remains on day and night. Electrician booked.

20 mph. When would Cllr Thornber update Parishioners?

Urbanisation is roaring ahead. Tall close boarded fences, road signs/markings. If there are contraventions please report them. Roadside fences 1 metre max. Neighbours fencing 2 metres max.

Meeting closed at 20.35.

Warren Breach

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