January 2017

Minutes of Sway Parish Council 26 Jan 2017 at 19.30 Pavilion Jubilee Field. Present: Cllr Rickman (Chair), Cllr Golby (Vice Chair), David Edwards (Clerk), Cllrs Dance, Fleat, Marchant, Pepper, Seacombe, Tarling, Thomas, Warden. Also present: Sway News, Lym Times, 16 members of the public (incl potential co-optees Kevin Cripps and Claire Simpkins).

  1. Apologies via Cllr Golby, Cllr Turner
  1. Minutes of Meeting of Dec 15 approved with minor amendments.
  1. Co-option

Two candidates addressed Councillors and the public gallery.

Claire Simpkins has lived in the New Forest all her life. Married with one 2 year old daughter. Passionate about protecting the Forest.   Her business experience with FTSE 100 companies could be of value to the Council.

Kevin Cripps previously co-opted and also elected in the last round of elections. Served as Chair of Finance Committee. Resigned for personal reasons and is now prepared to serve again.

A ballot was taken and Kevin Cripps, by a small majority was co-opted. Chair thanked Claire Simpkins and hoped she would continue to show interest in the work of the Council.

  1. Chair reported that a seat at the bottom of Adlams Lane had been destroyed by a white van (on CCTV). It will be replaced.
  1. Clerk’s Report
  • S106 monies now received
  • Contract with Farwell & Co agreed, work to start when ground drier!
  • Gate Jubilee Field repaired at no cost to Council
  • More signage to alert motorists to animal deaths on B3055
  • Lyndsey Davies who ran Brockenhurst MUGA build offered to help Sway
  • Sway commended for report on organised cycle events
  • Wild play officer NPA will part fund Stanford Rise area.
  • NF Marathon wish to meet to talk about allocating proceeds of last year’s event locally.
  • Boilers – Pavilion – 3 need to be replaced. Report and costs awaited.
  1. Finance

3 year plan previously circulated to Councillors was generally well received. It is a planning tool, nothing set in stone.

£5K ‘earmarked’ from reserves for MUGA. Member of public believes should not come from reserves. (Social Club monies available?)

Planning for MUGA agreed 2002.

  1. JFUG update

There was a meeting the outcome of which should be on the Agenda for the next Parish Council Meeting on Feb 23 to give villagers an opportunity to attend and hear arguments.

Jnr Football thriving and only one game cancelled this year thanks to drainage work.

Dog fouling stopped because of large temporary signage. Good news.

  1. Cllr Tarling reported on the meeting of Planning and Transport at Pavilion Jubilee Field on Jan 12 2017.

Present: Cllr Tarling (Chair), David Edwards (Clerk), Cllr Dance, Fleat, Marchant, Warden. Also present: Sway News, 4 members of the public.

(i) Apologies Cllrs Seacombe, Pepper

(ii) Minutes of Meeting 8 Dec 2016 were approved

(iii) Outcome of Planning applications

  • The Silver Hind, Station Rd. Single Storey extension roof extension. 2 roof lights. Refused (PaTc recommend something smaller)
  • Land to Rear of 37,38 Setthorns. New dwelling. Refused.
  • Claywood House, Arnewood Bridge Rd. Granted subject to conditions
  • 1, Dennett House, Brighton Rd. Change of use granted with conditions.
  • Land at Mill Lane. Field shelter granted with conditions
  • Sway House Cottage, S Sway Lane single storey extensions granted with conditions
  • Plovers, Station Rd. Automated timber gates granted as within permitted development (5m back from highway and less than 2m high)
  • Old School House site Church Lane. Roof lights to allow further accommodation in high roof space. Subsequent to meeting granted but roof lights have to be conservation type. Retention of single storey extension refused by NFNPA development and control committee. Where PaTc represented by Cllr Marchant.

(iv) Treework

Cllr Seacombe’s report states

  • Sway Manor, Station Rd. Fell 1 large TPO specimen Cedar tree. This high amenity value tree is diseased (significant cavity in base of trunk). It will be replaced by a new tree, type and size to be agreed before felling. (It is hoped it will be of significant size)
  • Lepe House, Flexford Lane. Fell 26 assorted trees. Sway agree that most are of no amenity value and are not in good condition. However 1 Cherry tree (not on application) should be retained.

(v) New Planning Applications

  • 2, Red Cottages, Middle Rd. Detached garage in keeping with SVDS/materials etc. Cllr Warden commented on pitched roof being very steep for slate? (1) permission
  • Land adjacent Oaklea Farm, Agars Lane. New barn and stables seem very large for 3.5 acres? (5) leave to NFNPA officer
  • Sumac, Marley Mount. Flue against SVDS should be a brick stack (2) Refuse
  • Boundway Gate, Boundway Hill. Detached garage – this version of application is more acceptable (1) permission but leave to NFNPA officer. (Contractor’s parked vehicles making a mess in a triple SI site)
  • Swaylett Farm, Arnewood Bridge Rd. Replacement buildings PaTc recognised that this is a good local animal feed business with a difficult entrance onto main road. The plans seem to lack accuracy, design and useage information (2) Refuse
  • Rushcroft, Mount Pleasant Lane. Application for a certificate of lawful development for a mobile home for residential use. Refused in 2008 and should have been removed. Lack of enforcement follow through means it re-surfaces. The area needs more small/affordable housing. However should non compliance be rewarded?(2) Refuse but leave to NFNPA officer

(vi) Enforcement – 4 dealt with 8 left

(vii) NFNPA Planning Development Control

Church Lane over developed site. Cllr Marchant to represent. See “Outcome of Planning”.

(viii) Transport

Extremely disappointing useage figures for Cango. (weather?). Good new driver. Is the service too complicated for the casual user?

‘Only roving service left in Hampshire’ Use it or lose it.

(ix) Roads, Hedges, Ditches

Footpath vegetation, flooding to be reported to Clerk information has to be presented by Feb 1. Cllr Dance/Tarling.

Committee disappointed with County response to verge cutting

(x) Brockenhurst ‘Flood’ Action Group

Lymington River does not really affect Sway (Avon Water our concern). Brock want support… to be referred to Parish Council Meeting

(xi) Speedwatch

Good police support reports Cllr Marchant. He also thanked Cllr Len Thomas for all his co-ordination/admin work in setting up and running Sway Speedwatch from which he had now resigned. This role will be taken over by Cllr Marchant.

(xii) Correspondence/Agenda items

NFNPA Local Plan will be re-issued later in the year taking into account public and Council responses.

Member of public concerned about 90 houses on Church Lane site which is 400 mtrs from a Statutory Buffer Zone. What control will PaTc have “not much” was the response. “But some input and influence… not final control”.

The Committee await the NPA re-worked local plan (Summer?) before further comment… lower density, style/type of housing which needs to be mixed, traffic, are all problem areas which have been registered with NPA.

(xiii) Footpath 2

In a poor state, barbed wire, electric fence, close boarded gate, not enough room etc etc reports Cllr Marchant. Clerk to write to owners of land.

(xiv) Wootton Riverine

Contractor’s heavy machinery has left access in a very poor state indeed Cllr Marchant says impassable.

Meeting closed at 21.17

Next meeting Feb 9.

  1. Parking/Congestion

Talked about endlessly can the Council please come up with costed resolutions. Parking in Heron Close is dangerous – report to police.

Cllr Rickman says he does not want to turn the village into an urban double yellow line area. He would rather rely on good citizenship. DON’T PARK ALL DAY ON STATION RD. School drop off and pick up from Jubilee Field please!

  1. Great British Spring Clean Up 3-5 March (or near offer…)

Ted Watts reported on previous clean up where 17 people removed leaves to stop accidents in centre of village.

The above initiative is Village wide so needs volunteers to clean their bit of Sway. Please contact Ted Watts on 681053 to co-ordinate activity. Cllr Rickman offered to clear Station approach with his family.

  1. Brockenhurst Flood Action Group

Council were prepared to write a letter of support but not to provide £100. This was agreed with 2 abstentions

  1. Agenda next Meeting

Update on MUGA/Jubilee Field proposals.

Parking a new survey – what do villagers want done about this problem (via PaTc under Transport)

Meeting Closed at 21.00

Next meeting Feb 23 19.30 Pavilion Jubilee Field

Warren Breach

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