January 2016

Parish Council Meeting

There were two meetings in December 2015 not covered in our Christmas double issue.

Planning and Transport 10.12.15


  • Overbearing and overdeveloped site. “Manchester Rd looking very suburban…” protests from public gallery. (later withdrawn)
  • Toby Cottage, Back Lane. Manege. Private use. No lighting post n rail fencing. Not against per se but should be resited. (granted with conditions by NPA).

Parish Council 17.12.15


  • Resignation of Clerk. Chair thanked councillors who had filled the gap. Private session to sort after main meeting.
  • HCC Report from Ken Thornber. St Lukes School walking bus with crossing point to be encouraged. (Wild thought!? if parents park in Jubilee Field Cango bus could ferry children safely into school – could solve parking and crossing problems and keep Cango usefully employed).
  • New school governor chosen – 10 years experience and living in Sway. Cllr Rickman suggests he come to future PC meeting to introduce himself?
  • Sid had been tracked down but bought for Boldre and destroyed by hit n run motorist!!
  • Cllr Thomas to join amenities group
  • Good response to 106 spending suggestions – now vote
  • Tree for life not well promoted says member of public but considered successful family day.

Meeting of Sway Parish Council on 28 Jan 2016 at 19.30 in Pavilion Jubilee Field. Present: Cllr Rickman (Chair), Cllr Cripps, Cllr Dance, Cllr Fleat, Cllr Marchant, Cllr Pepper, Cllr Seacombe, Cllr Tarling, Cllr Thomas, Cllr Turner.

H.C.C. Cllr Ken Thornber also present: John Warden (Transport), Sway News, Lymington Times. 6 members of the public including Mrs Cripps as RFO.

  1. Cllr Rickman opened the meeting with a progress report on Vice Chair Cllr David Golby who had not been well.
  1. Apologies Cllr Gresham Hale, Cllr Golby
  1. Minutes 17 Dec 2015. Approved with two updates from the Chair. Playscheme NFDC can make grant to body other than Parish Council.

The previous Clerk situation had reached a “satisfactory conclusion…”. A very detailed job description had been drawn up which was taken later in the meeting although Cllr Fleat registered that it was too detailed in his view. An advertisement should be placed in printed media and Council website as well as National website and Sway News as soon as possible.

  1. HCC. Cllr Thornber ran through a number of points.
  • Council Tax. Central Govt are reducing Revenue Support (by some 48M!). Councils are removed from the ‘freeze’ on Council Tax rises. Hampshire likely to increase by 3.99% – 2% ring fenced for vital social care which equates to about £10M. HCC are also “dipping into reserves to the tune of £50M…” This means about £41 per year on Band D i.e 79p a week – so not too onerous!
  • St Lukes School. Traffic movement survey has not yet been conducted. A footpath from Jubilee Field car park to Church Lane runs across private land in part. (although could be possible in future).
  • Animal deaths. “Seem to be going down although one death is one too many…” 2015 – 76 animals killed or injured. 2014 – 91. 2013 – 104.
  • Mobile Libraries. A consultation with Councillors and communities will take place. “… mobile libraries are expensive but are often of social importance…” There are many librarians who look out for the elderly and vulnerable in communities apart from lending books. However they are not well used and with savings uppermost in Councils minds the service will be reduced.
  • BT Openreach have updated/improved 345 boxes which means 77000 premises can receive 24 megabytes per sec. Superfast broadband can be achieved up to 1200 metres from the ‘boxes’ up to 90% of premises should be in this category. There are some 5000 properties that need an interim Satelite Subsidy. If the public feel they are in this group please let Cllr Thornber know.
  1. Chairmans Report. Cllr Rickman
  • Thanked Councillors for all their efforts to fill the breach caused by the Clerk’s resignation. Much appreciated. Councillors believed it had given them a better insight into the running of the office and tasks.
  • Future of Scout Hut. Much used but almost ‘derelict’. It stands on NFDC land. The Chair had arranged for better access. If any villagers approach Councillors about the future please refer them to him (originally it was hoped the Youth Club would be used by the Scouts when it was first built).
  1. Correspondence.

New Forest Marathon organisers would like to discuss 2015 experience and plans for 2016.

  1. Finance

Councillor Cripps ran through a number of papers and sought approval on various items.

  • Annual Audit for 2015 now on Council website.
  • Council Asset list updated.
  • RFO recommend purchase order number to match each invoice.
  • There are no outstanding invoices to be paid. This situation should be reviewed on a monthly basis.
  • Only 2 signatures for Council cheques now increased to 4.
  • Lloyds Bank, Brockenhurst to close in April continuing the carnage of bank branch closures..
  • Insurance – asking insurance companies to quote for 1-3 years in future. Zurich have said there will be a reduction. Bouncy castles and hoverboards will not be covered.
  • Utility Suppliers – Stay as we are – agreed
  • VAT – HALC delay in information due to leave.

RFO to have online access to Lloyds – agreed

Keyholder – the Council needs to know who holds keys, why, and each needs to sign recently drawn up form.

  • Receipt book for Council office agreed
  • Payment schedule tabled – agreed.
  1. Cllr Tarling reported on Planning.

Planning and Transport held in Pavilion Jubilee Field on 14.1.16.

Present: Cllr Tarling (Chair), Cllr Cripps (Vice Chair), Cllr Marchant, Cllr Pepper, Cllr Seacombe, Cllr Thomas. Also present John Warden (Transport), Sway News plus 10 members of the public and Ted Fleat.

(i) Apologies Cllr Dance

(ii) Minutes 10 Dec approved and had been on website as a draft for sometime.

(iii) Outcome of Planning.

Swallows, Kings Lane. Single storey extension etc. Granted with conditions.

21 Set thorns Rd. Large dormer/roof lights. Refused. (Revised plan granted)

Aloma, Kings Lane. Withdrawn.

Hillside, Mead End. Dormer windows etc. Granted subject to conditions.

Old School House – 5 new detached dwellings coming soon …

(iv) Proposed tree works

5 sites. Cllr Seacombe happy to accept NPA tree officer’s recommendations for sound arborial reasons.

  1. v) New Planning Applications

8 Cruse Close – Single storey extension (3) recommend permission.

Cheriton Cottage, Manchester Rd replacement dwelling revised plan. Neighbours spoke from public gallery against. Garage against SVDS plus privacy issues! Dominates in plot. No clear dimensions on drawing (Cllr Tarling to write to NFNPA about this). (4) recommend refusal.(subsequently withdrawn)

Reservoir, Brighton Rd. Replacement sample kiosk. (1) leave to NFNPA officer

Avonwood, Arnewood Bridge Rd – retention of tree house, decking and pond. OK tree root-wise (1) leave to NFNPA officer. Chair concerned about run-off from new entrance on Arnewood Bridge Rd?

Knightsbridge Farm – owners spoke to the proposal for a new modern dwelling to replace stable/accommodation. Exceeds DP11 (based on 1982 plan) so not acceptable. (4) Recommend refusal. Smaller plan maybe acceptable.

Boundway Gate, Boundway Hill – replacement dwelling much better proposal but garage too big and worries about light pollution in such a sensitive spot. (4) recommend refusal on a majority decision.(revised plan no garage).

(vi) Planning Enforcement

Started month with 14 – 4 closed 3 added.

(vii) Transport

John Warden reported on a bad period for Cango use. Cold, wet weather kept people indoors. However there are some new customers which is to be encouraged.

(viii) Roads, Hedges, Ditches

War Memorial Road Grid losing bolts – needs fixing before more damage caused. Similar situation in Brighton Rd.

(ix) Speedwatch.

Police computer still causing problems. Nothing much to add other than the team will be out and about week commencing 18th Jan!

Meeting closed 21.05.

  1. 106 update

Cllr Seacombe had flyposted and distributed information to shops to provide information about voting for some 11 ways of spending the £60K ranging from a village green at Stanford Rise to MUGA via boules. Don’t delay – Vote from Feb 1 – 18 2016. There will also be a public consultation in Sway village Hall on Sat 6 Feb 14.30 – 16.30. Free tea and coffee

  1. Amenities Working Group

Cllr Pepper ran through minutes of a meeting held on 7 Jan 2016 in Pavilion Jubilee Field.

  • Bookings for Pavilion use. Cllr Gresham Hale had drawn up an exhaustive modus operandi which is on the Parish Council website.
  • Cllr Pepper asked that the £5K budgeted maintenance budget 3K be brought forward to be spent on a published schedule of refurbishment plus £800 to be spent after football season finishes – this all agreed.
  1. Clerk Job Description

Cllr Cripps went through his very detailed draft description which covered virtually every task and Councillor requirement… now and in the future. Statutory requirements come first. He explained why he thought this necessary. Most Councillors agreed. Some thought that some jobs could be taken on by individual Councillors and that manning of the office could impinge on the Clerk’s time – perhaps councillors should set up a rota to deal with public enquiries thereby releasing Clerk. The net and Finance could also be taken on by Councillors with experience in these areas. Advertising for a suitable candidate should commence immediately.

  1. Next Agenda

(i) Playscheme

(ii) 106 results

(iii) Recent burglaries and Police attendance/report.

  1. Next meeting

25 Feb at 18.30 for a report on Dementia to proceed Council meeting at 19.30. All welcome.

Meeting closed at 20.55.

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