January 2015

Parish Council Meeting

There were two meetings in December – Planning and Transport on Dec 11 and Parish Council on Dec 18.  As there was no separate January edition of Sway News here is a brief summary of the main points from those December meetings.


Greencroft, Manchester Road.

A small traditional village dwelling (not many left in Sway) possibly cob in part with new owner seeking to demolish and build a large (for the site) inappropriate building. NPA officer and historic buildings officer to review the old building. 4 – Recommend refusal for a number of reasons.

Limolands Solar Array, Vaggs Lane refused.


Drivers in Manchester Road were driving within the speed limit! Automatic 30mph indicator to be installed before the Hare and Hounds, Durnstown.

Sway Bowmen

Great Break field, North Common Lane. Temporary planning for old shipping containers (which does not expire until 2016) has become permanent in what looks like a reversal of policy by NFNPA? It is apparently in an effort to help the Bowmen obtain funding for a more permanent structure which Sway Planning and Transport would welcome as quickly as possible…

County Council

Cllr Ken Thornber via email advised contractors will continue strengthening work on the Latchmore Rd railway bridge possibly from Jan 19 2015 and will not operate a one way traffic system other than in first week (Health and safety?). The road will be closed. Works are not expected to be finished until June 2015. Signage will be installed advising that Sway businesses remain open!  Most Councillors were dismayed that a major route through the forest could be closed for so long. ‘Makes us look powerless idiots’ said one. Cllr Thornber has done his best to minimise disruption but it is seemingly a big job.


Tough times ahead advised Cllr Rickman. Jubilee user groups funding their own activity in the main. Reserves must be re-built 5% increase in pre-cept recommended. (About £1.50 a week for average household).


Can it please be installed before someone dies it has been talked about for most of 2014…

MUGA full report to Parish Council required early in 2015.

Youth Club needs a new Chairman urgently.

Replacement Cricket Pavilion. All costs to be met by Clubs involved. Agenda item for Jan PC. The Chair Cllr Barry Rickman wished all present a Happy Christmas and personally provided a glass of fizz and mince pies to celebrate…thank you and a rewarding 2015 to all…

Meeting of Planning and Transport Committee 22.01.15 at Pavilion Jubilee Field.

Present: Cllr Tarling (Chair), S Brayley (Clerk), Cllr Dance, Cllr Golby, Cllr Gates, Cllr Langford. Also present: Sway News, John Warden (Transport), Cllr Fleat. 12 members of the public

(i) Apologies Cllr Cripps

(ii) Minutes of 11 Dec 2014 signed off after one minor amendment

(iii) Outcome of previous planning

Limolands Solar Farm. NFNPA refused in line with Sway Planning.

Meadow Way, Mill Lane. Modest extension, granted

Arnewood Court Farmhouse, refused by NFNPA

Greencroft, Manchester Rd, refused by NFNPA. Will go to appeal.

25 Stanford Rise, refuse felling upheld by NPA tree officer.

28 Cruse Close, granted.

Sway Bowmen, Great Break Field, permanent permission for shipping containers granted. (see December meeting note)

(iv) New Planning applications

Sway Social Club – demolish and build 4 semi-detached, one detached dwelling plus garages and landscaping. The applicant was present and said this was a good development in keeping with the village scene and potentially got rid of an ‘eyesore’. Near neighbour was happy the only problem it seemed was the School and temporary parking which was used by 20 people (out of 200 pupils) having been allowed for many years by the Social Club. The Head spoke from the public gallery in defence of retaining the parking facility. The Chair and other Councillors pointed out that temporary parking was not a planning consideration. It should be directed to Hampshire CC/NFDC Highways.

Cllr Fleat also from the public gallery said it was an excellent development overall which rid the village of an eyesore. Cllr Golby would like to see affordable housing and smaller units and would support that. Sway desperately needs smaller starter/downsizing homes and for that reason he would vote against the current proposal.

The Chair agreed that the pressing need was for affordable housing and that parking for the school should not be a planning consideration. (Parents can park in Jubilee Field. He had observed that congestion was between 08.45 and 08.55 at the school. It took him 3’40” to walk from Jubilee Field and there were 40 empty spaces available). A unanimous 5 was agreed. Happy to leave to the NFNPA officer (as it is a major development within Sway the likelihood is it will be ‘called in’ and discussed at Development Control Committee).

South Sway Farmhouse

Change of use to equestrian holiday centre with holiday lets and staff accommodation.

A near neighbour objected to the proposal turning a livery yard into a holiday activity centre. It sits on a narrow road unable to take larger volumes of traffic. (only that week a vehicle had skidded on the untreated road and demolished an entire section of wall into one of the proposed units!). There had already been a great deal of development on the site on the understanding there would be no further development. If it were to be allowed it would create a very dangerous precedent. The Chair of the New Forest Equestrian Association said it was year long livery that is required. It provides jobs rather than seasonal domestic employment and livery yards and grazing are disappearing at an alarming rate. Once they are gone they are gone. Unanimous – 4 refusal.

Myrtle Cottage – glasshouse replacement outbuilding new customer car park. Councillors consider they need more information. 5 – leave to NFNPA officer.

21 Setthorns Rd – insertion of one rear dormer and three roof lights. Late revised plans had come in that day. 5 – leave to NFNPA officer.

12 Setthorns – one and two storey extensions. One roof light. Revised plans now brought the extension into permitted development. 3 – recommend permission.

Oaklea, Church lane – two storey and single storey rear extensions. 3 – recommend permission.

The Surgery, Station Rd – single storey extension, creation of bay window, demolition of existing garages. Councillors supported and pleased to see that the practice was expanding the Sway surgery. Hopefully it will be able to stay open longer…

(v) Planning Enforcement

One lost and 4 gained since last month.

(vi) Dates of Meetings 2015

Only tentative from May onwards – Elections New Council.

(vii) HCC Rights of way vegetation return

Cllr Dance reported on his ‘tour’ of footpaths and bridleways. It is very ‘damp’ underfoot – there is a great deal of rubbish, overgrown vegetation, ruts, overhanging growth and inappropriate electric fencing. He will let the Clerk have his observations so the return can be made by 1 Feb.

(viii) Transport

John Warden reported on Cango useage and that the surgery do not allow the Cango leaflet in the waiting room? (Contamination?). Bus shelter criminal damage – Cllr Cripps has rescued the area map. Cango very inconvenienced by inconsiderate all day parking in Station Rd. Cllr Fleat believes ‘the people should decide’. It doesn’t matter what the Council would prefer, if double yellow lines is the only way to stop inconsiderate parking so be it!

(ix) Roads, Hedges and Ditches

The Clerk reported that the Manager to W Hampshire County Highways will tour the village looking at hotspots and wetspots and all other spots. Please provide list of problems to Clerk so she can highlight when he visits.

(x) Speedwatch

Len Thomas a little disillusioned at the lack of support from the police. Very little feedback and follow up

Meeting closed at 21.05. Next meeting 19 Feb.

Meeting of Sway Parish Council 29.01.15 Pavilion, Jubilee Field

Present: Cllr Rickman (Chair), S Brayley (Clerk), Cllr Cripps, Cllr Dance, Cllr Gates, Cllr Tarling. Also present Sway News, John Warden (Transport). 12 members of the public.

1.  Apologies Cllr Fleat, Golby, Langford and County Councillor Ken Thornber

2.  Clerks Report Susan Brayley went through her report of ten items. Main points being the placing of a bench at football pitch by Mrs Kathy Sirl and the naming of the football stand in honour of the late Dennis Blackwell. Both were agreed.

Walking bus.   The head of St Lukes School was asking the Council for continued support of this project. Unanimous support.

3.  Finance. Paper tabled to Councillors only. Payments were agreed.

4.  Amenities Working Group. Cllr Gates reported on that evening’s meeting.

Stanford Rise – no dogs signs missing.

Cycle racks at Jubilee Field £1800 for 15 racks. Grant applied for from NFNPA.

Carnival will use part of football pitch.

Defibrillator – ridiculous wait for such an important piece of equipment.

Allotments – all paid up

5.  Budget 15/16. Cllr Cripps said the 5% increase in the pre-cept was now slightly less after reworking of figures.

6.  Office hours. The office will be closed on Tuesdays. Mon/Weds/Thurs 09.00 – 12.00

7.  Future meetings. Long discussion about 2015 dates and all dates after May 7 provisional (election May 7).

It was agreed to hold the AGM on May 21 and Planning and Transport for that month will be on the last Thursday of the month May 28.

There will be a pre-election ‘Meet the Councillors’ on Saturday March 14 from 10.00 – 12.00 in the Pavilion Jubilee Field. (There will also be an evening opportunity before the Parish Council Meeting on March 26 from 18.00 – 19.00)

 8.  Council Website. It was agreed that the Clerk will develop the website in two phases. This is cost neutral as previously this had been out sourced.

9.  MUGA. There was much discussion about this Council project where costs had risen from 85K to 100K. (Not sure whether this includes VAT). Cllr Tarling and Cripps asked a number of leading financial questions. It was agreed to make this an Agenda item until further notice. The Chair said ‘it is a good project but one must “pay to play” – overall it was a good project for Sway and should be supported. There was a May deadline which needs to be met with a spade in the ground…’ NFNPA are providing the bulk of the funds followed by Sport England and 42K (decision awaited by end of Feb)

10.  Cricket/Junior Football New Pavilion

Excellent submission. It was explained that there was a pressing need for better facilities. The new Pavilion will be double the floor space. It will be built in four phases and pre-application advice is being sought from NFNPA. The project will be self financed.

11.  Grant Application. The National organisation Citizens Advice Bureau had asked for a £120 grant. Cllr Cripps said there was little money and this request contravened the new grant policy. This was supported by Cllr Tarling. Cllr Dance and Gates disagreed and on a casting vote it was agreed for this year only to provide £100.

12.  AOB. Bus shelter vandalism will be repaired in Spring. Cllr Cripps has the map and bits of wood in his garage. The police are investigating…

Meeting closed after a busy evening at 21.17

Warren Breach


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