January 2012

5 January 2012

Held in Village Hall at 19.30.

Headline News.

  • County Council agree to fund new bus shelter to the tune of £3,701.

Present: Cllrs Gates, Gulliver, Clerk Eric Woodcock, Cllrs Dance, Cripps, Langford, Fleat, Tarling, Rickman, Leader County Council Cllr Ken Thornber.

In attendance: Lymington Times, Sway News, 4 members of the public.  Apologies: Ted Watts (chest infection). Chair wished all a Happy and Healthy New Year. Minutes of 8.12.11 were approved and signed.

1. Matters Arising. Cllr Rickman stated that the bequest mentioned previously must not be absorbed into general funds.  It was agreed that after receiving quotes for a new bus shelter that perhaps the bequest could be added to any funding the County Council may provide.

2. Leader of the County Council.  Ken Thornber said that he could find £3701 from his Council’s ‘Members Fund’ to go towards a new bus shelter but at least two quotes would be required.  It was suggested a modern glass/transparent shelter would aid ‘security’ but some felt it was out of keeping with the Sway village ‘furniture’. Cllr Gulliver, Cllr Fleat, Cllr Cripps all thought a substantial wooden/brick structure better.  The existing shelter would be left for the time being as it is much used by older inhabitants as well as ‘snoggers’.  The County Council would require their logo on any new structure.  Perhaps there can be an unveiling ceremony?

Cllr Gulliver raised the question of a pavement to Birchy Hill – it is very dangerous without one for staff walking from Station Road.  Cllr Thornber will re-examine previous proposals and advise.

Diversion signs – work was completed on the cattle grid opposite the cemetery well before Christmas yet diversion signs are still in place! Cllr Thornber to take up with Amey.

Brighton Road – is in a poor state of repair.  Ken Thornber agreed.  Cllr Gulliver reported a young mother and child cyclist had fallen off in what they thought was a puddle which turned out to be a large hole!  Mr Thornber was thanked for his help and left.

3. Planning.  Five planning items were discussed with two acceptance and rest referred to NPA.

4. Village/Parish Design Statement. As reported by Ted Watts at the last meeting his initial report will be made available 7 days before the Feb Parish Council Meeting on 16 Feb.

5. Sway Station.  Working party meeting 6.01.12 and Committee meeting on Monday 9.01.12 will be reported on at the next PC meeting but all was proceeding dynamically.  £250 request was granted with congratulations to all concerned on achievements so far.

6. Play Scheme. A working group needs to be created and Cllr Gates agreed to take this forward.  Cllr Rickman pointed out that Olympics clashed with New Forest Show and should be borne in mind regarding take up use during this period.

7. Memorial Field Pitmore Lane. A long discussion took place.  A working group needs to be assembled.

The two local MP’s need to be spoken to.  Cllr Rickman will take on. Councillors urged members of the public and family users of the Memorial Field to write to their MPs.

All user groups of Jubilee Field and the Memorial Field should also get involved as there will be a knock-on effect should the Memorial Field be taken back. Alison Barnes the Chief Exec of NPA urges contact be made with the Verderers. She is sympathetic to the Parish Council’s view that this Memorial Field should remain for use by the young of Sway. Cllr Rickman suggested the Chair write to Dominic May lead Verderer and establish what is required of the Council. Best case scenario is that Sway retains the Memorial Field but at an increased rental.

Lymington Times representative stated that she had written an article about the Memorial Field that would appear in a future edition.

The emphasis must be on the word ‘Memorial’. It was given to Sway in honour of the lives lost in the First World War – that sacrifice must not be forgotten.  It is a small patch of land in the grand scheme of things.

8. Replacement Clerk. An ad needs to be taken in Lymington Times and placed on web sites (Cllr Tarling has list).  The editor of Sway News had offered free space in addition to editorial.  There is some urgency involved as Eric Woodcock does not wish to continue beyond April 2 2012.  Clerk will draft an ad soonest.

9. Parish Council Office.  There have been a number of suggestions ranging from the Youth Club; waiting room at Sway Station; Barry Rickman’s shop; Jubilee Field Pavilion (the previously described ‘broom cupboard’ !) where IT and phone links can be easily established. There is a new email address clerk@sway-pc.gov.uk and a dedicated phone number will be advised shortly.

10. Allotments. The clerk has written to multi plot holders and all hope a gentle amicable accommodation can be found to encourage those on the waiting list.

11. Finance and Accounts. Clerk explained the Council is currently slightly under budget.

12. Recreation Grounds.

Jubilee Field – the cleaning/polishing equipment £850/900 seems the going rate and all agreed the Council needs to maintain its investment in flooring.  Agreed that the user clubs should fund 50% the Council the remainder.  VAT could be re-claimed. The Council should buy the equipment.

Car Park/Marking.  All consulted – the clerk would now go ahead using the original specifications.

Grass cutter – a very long discussion took place about repair or replacement.  Did the Council have the right machine?  Cllr Gulliver had left by this time but it was felt she should research and advise on the best grass cutter to use.  Cllr Fleat offered to speak to Nobles and get some professional advice too.

Memorial Field. Cllrs Rickman and Gulliver to advise on rabbit effect on playing surface.

13. AOB.

Councillor Training – Cllr Tarling booked in.  Cllr Dance interested but somewhere closer to Sway!

Cango – John Warden said ‘footfall’ had improved in December and January looking better too.

Tony Barnfield – Cllr Gates reported that she had received a letter of thanks from Mr Barnfield and the ‘lovely picture was hanging over the fireplace’.

Meeting finished at 21.00.

Warren Breach

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