February 2016

At 18.30 immediately before the Parish Council Meeting on 25.2.16 Sarah Russell and her 14 year old daughter Sophie Russell talked about Living Well with Dementia. Sophie provided a very well presented and balanced ‘take’ on how she and her family deal with her grandmother and her dementia.

There was a question and answer session and it is good to know that people can live a good and protected life with dementia.

We can all help to make Sway dementia friendly too… more information can be sourced on the Parish Council website. The Chair thanked the Russells and Fiona Willis and Cllr Tarling presented Sophie with a gift.

Parish Council Meeting 25.2.16

 19.30 Pavilion Jubilee Field. Present Cllr Rickman (Chair), Cripps, Dance, Fleat, Gresham Hale, Marchant, Pepper, Seacombe, Tarling, Turner, Thomas. Also present: John Warden (Transport), Sway News x 2, The RFO and 5 members of the public.

  1. Apologies. Cllr Golby who is progressing health wise reported Cllr Rickman.
  1. Minutes of 28 Jan approved.

Cllr Thomas raised the spate of burglaries and wondered if there was any police reaction. No!

  1. Chair Report

Cricket Club. Cllr Rickman presented Derek Seward (Chair) with a cheque for £600.

Village Hall wish to honour the 90th birthday of the Queen and hold a family picnic on May 15 from 12.00-16.00 on Stanford Rise. Agreed unanimously.

  1. Correspondence

Allotments. Grass too long and coarse. Can Jubilee Field contractor cut. Costs to be obtained.

NF Marathon – organisers would like Sway people to marshall in and around Sway. Jubilee Field user group to help?

Post Office to be modernised and open longer.

Clerk position. One person has applied immediately ad appeared.

Setthorns verges referred to NFDC. Cllr Rickman to review on site.

  1. Grant application

Playscheme. Muddle over funding. No provision in Parish Council budget.

Gift for village children to mark 90th birthday of Queen. Cllr Turner to research what and how much it will cost. Will the church contribute too? 150 – 200 gifts.

No to local Citizens Advice contribution this year.

  1. Finances
  • Payment schedule agreed
  • Cllr Cripps Financial Budget Report distributed earlier was agreed and showed a ‘healthy’ situation at present.
  • Insurance for Pavilion can be reduced by half. Subject to agreement on certain matters to be discussed in camera.
  • Pension provision for employees Govt requirement
  • Chair thanked RFO for all her excellent help

Cllr Tarling reported on the Planning and Transport Committee Meeting of 11.2.16 held at 19.30 in the Pavilion Jubilee Field which had been on the Council website for sometime…

Present: Cllr Tarling (Chair), Cripps (Vice Chair), Dance, Marchant, Seacombe, Thomas. Also present: John Warden (Transport), Sway News and 12 members of the public including Cllr Fleat.

(i) Apologies Cllr Pepper

(ii) Minutes of Jan 14 approved and signed

(iii) Outcome of Planning

  • Land rear of Toby Cottage, Back Lane. Manege granted with strong conditions for hedging attached.
  • Gablemead, Manchester Rd. Replacement annexe refused on this over-developed site.
  • Forest Way, Brighton Rd. Single storey extension. Granted with strong conditions.
  • Cheriton Cottage, Manchester Rd. Replacement dwelling. Application withdrawn.
  • Avonwood, Arnewood Bridge Rd. Retention of tree house, decking and pond. Grant with conditions particularly surface water disposal.
  • Sway reservoir – replacement sampling kiosk. Granted.
  • 8 Cruse Close. Modest single storey extension granted subject to matching materials
  • Hazelhurst Farm, Flexford Lane. Replacement stables granted subject to matching materials.
  • Woodslee, Sway Rd. Withdrawn.

(iv) Tree Report

Cllr Seacombe, tree representative went through her report which is on the Council website.

  • 21 Anderwood Drive. TPO oak in rear garden. Tree representative had no access and no supporting information but will accept Tree Officers recommendation.
  • 6 Highfield Close. Prune oak. Grant consistent with ongoing retention.
  • Meadows Cottage, Arnewood Bridge Rd. Fell oak. Life expectancy 10 years. Grant with condition that a replacement English oak be planted in same area – minimum girth of 8 – 10 cms.
  • Sway Manor, Station Rd. Felling or pruning of 4 established trees for sound arborial reasons. Grant with conditions, 2 replacement trees before 30.12.16 in the same vicinity. Minimum girth 8 – 10 cms.

(v) New Planning Applications

  • Sway Tower, Barrows Lane. Installation of 3 replacement antennae. 6 mast head amplifiers (removal of 3 existing) on this Grade II listed building (1) Grant but will leave to NFNPA with conditions (better camouflage painting and making good ‘holes’!)
  • 14 Widden Close (1) Grant but leave to NFNPA
  • Aloma, Kings Lane (1) Grant but leave to NFNPA
  • Driftwood, Middle Rd. Neighbour spoke from public gallery. A steeply sloping site where decking overlooks his premises. (4) refusal on majority decision
  • Quarr Lodge, Manchester Rd (1) Grant but leave to NFNPA
  • Avonwood, Arnewood Bridge Rd. Single storey extension. Agent spoke from gallery. Site meeting with owner and NFNPA. 30% rule must be adhered to (4) Refusal as existing plan stands.
  • King’s Hyde Farm. Agent spoke from gallery. Must stick to 30% rule. Cllr Cripps says otherwise ‘an elegant solution’. (4) Refusal as it stands at present.
  • Old School House. Not ‘minor’ material amendment. (4) Refusal should go to full planning application.
  • Drumduan Farm, Barrows Lane. Internal alterations to a Grade II listed building of mixed construction. To be encouraged (3) Grant.
  • Site Sway Social Club. Much material amendment. No comment
  • Gablemead, Manchester Rd. Non material amendment. Neighbour spoke regarding privacy issues. External stairway could be turned round. Not enough detail and that which is provided is misleading.

A member of the public asked the committee why the PaTc were so rigid on the 30% rule. To encourage a stock of smaller affordable dwellings and the proof that it works is why it is applied consistently.

(vi) Enforcement

4 resolved, 2 new and 2 more likely

(vii) Planning Development

Shirley Holms Farm. PaTc support Commoners and Commonin

(viii) Other Planning

Cllr Marchant went through his detailed report on his visit to Wooton Riverine Restoration Site meeting of 8 Feb his report is on the Council website.

In essence this is a plan to restore natural run of the Avon water after straightening in Victorian times using EU monies! Phase 1 will take place in July/August 2016. Phase 2 same time 2017. There will be much mess and vehicle movements but it should benefit Sway and reduce flooding.

(ix) Transport. 

John Warden reported low figures for Cango useage due to wet and inclement weather. Ken Thornber likes the idea of using Cango to shuttle children to school from Jubilee Field.

(x) Roads, Hedges, Ditches

Cut hedges before birds start nesting

(xi) Speedwatch

Cllr Thomas had nothing to report although police figures should be more useful from now on.

(xii) Date of next meeting.

10 March with Steve Avery, Executive Director of NFNPA taking questions on planning in the New Forest. All welcome.

Meeting closed at 21.15

  1. Amenities Working Group

Cllr Pepper reported on the meeting of Feb 4. Minutes are on Council website.

Matters arising:

  • Tractor maintenance. Cllr Dance had obtained 2 quotes one being much cheaper than the other
  • Fencing Allotments. Cllr Fleat had put out tenders to 4 companies and awaited a response
  • S106 report from Cllr Seacombe.

There had been an excellent response from villagers with 653 returns of which 600 were validated.

The overwhelming first place was for Stanford Rise to become more village green like with improved drainage, wild flower meadow, rustic recreational facilities and no dogs. A Friends of Stanford Rise user group to be set up.

MUGA came second but this is an expensive proposition requiring outside funding.

It was agreed to spend immediately on Stanford Rise (avoiding May 15 for family picnic) and to support MUGA so long as it could be seen that funding was forthcoming by 2017. (Full breakdown report on voting is on the Council website)

Carnival Committee

Can use Jubilee Field, which was agreed unanimously.

Security Jubilee Field 

To be discussed in camera after the meeting ‘otherwise it wouldn’t be secure…’

  1. Items for next agenda 

Cllr Gresham Hale suggested the Parish Council make use of the Hants Human Resources Service.

Further advertising for Clerk. Cllr Cripps asked for a budget of £250 should further advertising be needed.

  1. AOB.

Mrs Fleat suggested ‘exercise’ equipment for disabled be considered too if any enhancement in Jubilee Field

Meeting closed at 21.05. Councillors then went into closed session.

Warren Breach


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