February 2014

Parish Council Meeting

Meeting of Sway Parish Council at 19.30 in the Pavilion Jubilee Field on 27 February, 2014

Present: Chair Cllr Rickman, Clerk N Gulliver, Cllr Cripps, Cllr Dance, Cllr Gates, Cllr Golby, Cllr Langford, Cllr Tarling. Also present Catherine Kirkham HARAH, Jennie Russell (Sway First Responder), Barry Gough (Village Hall), John Warden (Transport), Sway News. 10 members of the public. Apologies Cllr Fleat.

Cllr Rickman, local member for Sway NFDC gave Barry Gough a cheque for £600 for the village hall from the Community Grant Fund. “Many thanks we must keep the established organisations going through lean times…” said Barry Gough.

1. Catherine Kirkham of Harah presented highlights from her report on Affordable Housing Needs Survey in Sway at the end of 2013. There is comment from her in this edition of Sway News.

Highlight facts are: 29% response which is good. 67% of villagers would support affordable housing for local people (only 8% would not support). There is a need for a mix of properties – 1,2,3 bed plus smaller units for those older people who wish to downsize. The greatest need is under 44 age group.

Sadly demand will always outstrip supply but as the Chair pointed out there had been two previous schemes of 10 dwellings each the proposal now is for 15 mixed dwellings which demonstrates a larger population some 3500. Sway had done reasonably well as a village trying to fulfil a need.

Ms Kirkham went on to say a site should now be identified where the landowner is happy to sell for affordable housing. Cllr Rickman would like the widest possible circulation of Ms Kirkham’s report/findings.

Copies from the Parish Council Office, Pavilion Jubilee Field.

Cllr Tarling congratulated Ms Kirkham on an excellent report. Cllr Rickman and other Councillors agreed and said “real need rather than aspirational need must be identified. I’m confident land owners will come forward – we must now find a site everyone is happy with. It is imperative villagers know that this is a local scheme for local people…”

2. Jennie Russell Sway Community First Responder.

The entire Council and members of the public were humbled by the public spirited work of Ms Russell who provides a vital service as a volunteer. She even pays for her own car fuel at present! Jennie dressed in her special uniform demonstrated her £2K kit containing life saving equipment and a defibrillator. She has to be able to respond to a 999 call via South Central Ambulance Service within 6 minutes from her home in Mill Lane. She had been an Intensive Care nurse so did not require too much training although every one who volunteers has to do two days training and they have to be reassessed every 6 months. She needs more volunteers. First Responders are supported by a Charitable Fund and anyone who would like to contribute to a dedicated Sway fund should contact Jennie Russell via the Clerk. There will be a fuller report on Jennie’s work and contact details in the April edition of Sway News.

Jennie in answer to a question from the public thought it would be useful for a separate defibrillator housed in the Pavilion. She is also covered by South Central Ambulance Service Insurance if her training is up to date.

Jennie received a spontaneous and warm round of applause for her public spirited work which undoubtedly saves lives.

3. Clerks Report

Summer playscheme . The Clerk proposed a range of fees and believed the scheme could and should be supported with or without a grant from NFDC. Cllr Golby agreed.

Sembcorp. Temporary closure of St James Rd, Sway on May 6 2014 for 2 days.

Street Lighting. Julian Higgins from Hampshire County Council will attend March 27 meeting of Sway Parish Council to talk about updating Sway Village lighting.

4. Accounts

Clerk tabled a paper to Councillors only with suggested payments which were agreed.

5. Planning

Cllr Tarling reported on the Planning and Transport Committee Meeting of Feb 13 at 19.30 in Pavilion Jubilee Field. Present: Cllr Tarling (Chair), N Gulliver (Clerk), Cllr Cripps, Cllr Dance, Cllr Gates, Cllr Golby, Cllr Langford. John Warden (Transport), Cllr Fleat in public gallery, Sway News, 4 members of the public.

(i) Previous minutes of 16 Jan agreed and signed off.

(ii) Matters arising. High Forest. Cllr Golby once again declared a non pecuniary interest as a neighbour. The Chair said the Clerk had written a very full paper which drew all Parish Council concerns together about this development which has been sent to Steve Avery NFNPA for clarification. Cllr Tarling will also speak to it at Planning Inspectorate Appeal.

(iii) Outcome of Planning.

Paradise Farm, Barrows Lane application withdrawn.

Sway House, granted

Hazelhurst Farm – manege granted with conditions

Heather Cottage – granted

Old Forge Kitchen Matters, granted

Trees felled by storm obviously all granted!

(iv) TPO trees, Clayton Warren Farm

2 trees of some 50, after an arborial report needed to be felled as dead or dying. This was agreed. Replacement trees will be planted.

(v) New Planning

Buckland House, Adlams Lane. Cllr Gates declared a ‘non pecuniary’ interest as a neighbour. A large development, somewhat overbearing and much bigger than 60’s original. There is lots of tarmac and the whole seemingly against the SVDS. On the upside the applicants have met with 7 neighbours and there have been no objections. In addition good and helpful plans had been drawn up.

The Committee agreed (2) Refusal but happy to accept NFPA officers decision with conditions on trees, separate garage and surface water.

Moonrakers, Crabbswood Lane. Does not mention SVDS (Clerk will prod). New stable (3) Permission

Widden Edge, Pitmore Lane. Helpful plans (3) Permission but strong condition garage does not become habitable

Hazelhurst Farm, Flexford Lane.

55% increase in floor plan. Whilst recognising that the plans pull together a mish-mash of styles at the rear of this Victorian building it is some 25% in excess of statutory 30%. However it is not visible, has no impact on others. (4) Refusal because it is almost double allowable increase and could set a precedent.

(vi) Planning Inspectorate Appeal. Clerks paper has been registered with NPA

(vii) Enforcement. Started month with 14. 4 solved now a further 3 added which is pretty high for a village.

(viii) NFNPA Planning Development Control. Parish Council have been invited to a meeting on 18 Feb at 09.30. Cllr Tarling will speak and register points made in the Clerk’s 17 Jan letter. Latest – Steve Avery says they will go to appeal if refusal and costs will be awarded against NPA. Cllr Cripps concerned by this observation.

(ix) Transport. Cango – John Warden had written a piece for the March edition of Sway News and a new Cango brochure will follow. He hopes it will stimulate interest in using the service.

Alan Cracknell reported on works at Sway Station. Osborne had created substantial planters on up and down platforms ( cladding needs to be installed), plus new cycle storage ‘hoops’. Display board. The Friends will plant up planters and window boxes soon.

Osborne should be off site by 21 March. They only had 4 complaints during the whole period of complicated works. The Chair said they should and would be congratulated/thanked.

Bus shelter, the map artwork still to be agreed. A leaflet Exploring Sway will be available in the shelter, tourist office, campsites, hotels etc.

Cango leaflet should also be available.

(x) Roads, hedges and ditches. Huge hole(s) in Station Road – reported and need urgent filling. They are dangerous. The two railway bridge works have been extended to at least the end of Feb. The stretch of road past the Filly to the Polish car cleaning activity centre is now 40 mph (from 50). You have been warned!

Boldre had produced an excellent map showing ditch ownership. Could Sway do something similar asked Len Thomas from the public gallery.

(xi) Correspondence/AOB. Can Sway have the roads swept? To be brought forward for Council Meeting on Feb 27 as NFDC activity.

Meeting closed at 20.25.

6. Amenities Working Group.

Cllr Gates reported on that evening’s meeting.

New First Aid Kit in Pavilion.

Junior football had not been able to use their facility and asked for a refund (part of their contract).

Tennis Club facility will go ahead as nothing heard from Sport England

Tennis court surface problems and remedial works. The tennis club had never asked for or received funding from Parish Council were now asking for a contribution of £2K. This can be facilitated from next years £9K maintenance fund. Agreed.

MUGA (multi use games area). Full consultation on March 15. 33 neighbours of Jubilee Field to be consulted. (Full details in this edition of Sway News).

Disabled access quotes awaited.

Cricket Club small shed required. Agreed.

Grounds Maintenance. Stay with existing contractor other quotes £1K more expensive.

7. Grants

Friends of Sway Station require £300 towards a £1500 spend at refurbished station. Agreed.

Youth Centre Planning Fees. Agreed £192.50. Hardly a grant as PC is the leaseholder.

8. AOB

Resident of Middle Rd would like to use Stanford Rise for wedding reception or Jubilee Field. Mixed views but thought it should go to Jubilee Field users group for consideration. Cllr Cripps supportive for such a joyous occasion. Cllr Rickman thought Stanford Rise “a very special piece of land…”

Cllr Dance concerned about Arnewood Bridge Rd drainage problems.

Cllr Tarling reported on S W Quadrant meeting. Local MP’s had done a good job in telling Mr Nick Boles that National Parks were special and to keep his planning relaxations to himself!

The bridge work on the road into Brockenhurst finished and road will be opened on Sunday March 2.

Len Thomas reported on a poor first training for Speedwatch at Lymington Police Station. 20 people in crowded facility and equipment demonstrated in the custody room! He hoped for better things in future.

Meeting closed at 21.05

Warren Breach

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