February 2013

Parish Council Meeting

Meeting of Sway Parish Council at Jubilee Field Pavilion on Feb 28 at 19.30

Present: Cllr Rickman (Chair), Neil Gulliver (Clerk), Cllr Tarling, Cllr Gates, Cllr Cripps, Cllr Dance, Cllr Fleat, Cllr Langford. Apologies: Cllr Gulliver. Also in attendance Sway News, Lymington Times, John Warden (Transport) and 12 members of the public.


  • Road closures to repair roads
  • 6000 strong cycle event causes concern
  • OSH demolition – ?
  • Affordable housing?
  1. Minutes of previous meeting (Jan 24) were agreed and signed off.
  2. Clerk’s Report.

Bus Shelter – Cllr Thornber has provided £2,155 in 2012/13 and a further amount could be allocated in 2013/14. Concrete bases are expensive.

Parish Website – Work on new website is progressing well and testing will take place shortly. The clerk is inputting as much basic info as possible before then. The site definitely needs updating and a means to remove out of date information on a regular basis…

Parish Office – Jubilee Field Pavilion. Useful talks with TalkTalk are proving better than with BT.

Parish GIS Partnership – Planning committee have agreed to join for £100 p.a. Membership provides a wealth of mapping/survey information.

Parish Council Insurance – a beneficial long-term agreement with Zurich has provided for a very reasonable all inclusive premium (excluding tractor) for £4,407.18.

  1. County Council Report.

Cllr Thornber Leader of the Council reported on ‘Operation Resiliance’ – to repair/resurface roads throughout Hampshire and boy do they need it! They really are in a shocking and dangerous state. From 1 April to late September 2014, upgrade of Flexford Lane, Shirley Holms/Marlpit, both will be closed for 2 days each.

Cllr Thornber has protested about the demolition of the Old School House – a “lovely building that is Sway”… The Sway Social Club could move (one of 3 or 4 possiblities) and one suggestion is St Luke’s School may use the facility.

Lighting Sway Station will be started before March 31 – a greater amount than 15K allocated maybe picked up by SW Trains.

Cllr Thornber met with Hugh Marchant and householders on Feb 14 with 2 County Council officers who were not over keen on proposals. ‘Shared Space’ maybe the rural answer. Remove all signage, speed limits, road markings and simply say this space is for the equal enjoyment of walkers, cyclists, horse riders and road users. It’s worked in East Meon and worth a try. (In Holland it has been a big success in towns).

Road markings around St Luke’s School will be improved and Access Only signs to be put up along with a pavement bollard.

If water comes onto roads because of ditching it is the responsibility of the County Council.

  1. Finance.

Clerk tabled budget, £1K better than predicted.

  1. Planning and Transport Committee.

Cllr Tarling reported on the meeting which took place on Feb 14 in Jubilee Field Pavilion at 19.30. Those present: Chair Cllr Tarling, Clerk Neil Gulliver, Cllr Gulliver, Cllr Gates, Cllr Cripps, Cllr Langford, John Warden (Transport). (Cllr Rickman and Cllr Dance, Cllr Fleat joined at 20.00 for item on Village Design Statement). Present: Sway News and 7 members of the public.

(i) Minutes of the previous meeting (10 Jan) were unanimously approved and signed off.

(ii) Clerks report. A detailed paper on Parish GIS Partnership (mapping service) was provided by Mr Gulliver. The benefits were obvious and the committee agreed to sign up for £100 p.a. This will enable instant access to mapping/postcode/location traffic survey/managed system and security improved partnership working/paper maps should they be needed.

(iii) Outcome of Planning Applications. There were 9 reported on… 7 were agreed with conditions similar to those recommended by the Sway Planning Committee. 2 were refused – Makaira Mead End Road and Tiptoe Lodge Farm.

(iv) New Planning Applications

  • Corve, Station Road. A member of the public a neighbour was concerned about a window overlooking his garden. Other than that he was happy about the proposed extension. Committee happy with a (1) with conditions. Agreed.
  • Ashley Cottage. New application was OK. (3). Agreed.
  • Sunrays – overbearing extension not behind building line. Too large. A (4) was agreed on a majority decision. Refusal.
  • 29 Heron Close. (3) Agreed.
  • Stud Farm – there was concern that a change of use from farm to stud farm (livery) had never been established. There was much discussion about number of loose boxes, car parking, drainage etc. Cllr Cripps urged Councillors to simply consider the application in front of them. After further discussion the view was a (4) refusal. On the basis no change of use yet established, possible drainage problems and general ‘customer’ car parking.
  • Lyndene. Revised plans within 30% planning but all agreed a (3).

(v) VILLAGE DESIGN STATEMENT (Cllr Gulliver left at this point 20.15).

The Chair invited Mrs Melanie Seacombe to go through her draft paper and supporting mapping. In a detailed and informative delivery Mrs Seacombe explained the history, Sway today, land useage, transport, housing, design, villagers survey, views. She was now seeking Parish Council approval/views on which additional maps/photographs to include. Cllr Rickman Chair of the Parish Council had joined for this item and congratulated the whole team on an excellent body of work. He was happy to leave choice of maps etc to the team and get it off to the NPA. It had his and all other Councillors support, a magnificent job. Next step would be a 3 week website view for villagers comments (for those that have the technology!). Cllr Rickman suggested the Parish Office should display hard copies and maps for those without internet access.

(vi) Transport. Cango not being used so much in the cold, grey, wet months. Alan Cracknell who was present in the public ‘gallery’ said the Station was being well looked after by ‘The Friends’. The lighting on the downside (which in previous meetings had been recorded as proceeding in the 2012/13 Hampshire County Council budget) he hoped S W Trains would ‘cough up’ some funding too. The 2012/13 budget concludes on March 31 yet there has been no work started as yet…

The NFNPA are keen to have Map boards/ You Are Here on and around the station. Do Councillors have any preference as to what should be shown? Not really…

(vii) 20 mph Campaign – Mr Marchant gave details of his meeting that day (Valentines Day) with Cllr Thornber and two Transport reps from HCC. They explained 20 mph limits were designed for urban areas although a pilot scheme was taking place in the Forest – Hythe of all places had been chosen as representative for some reason?!

(viii) Roads, Hedges, Ditches.

A member of the public was very concerned about the parking around Meadens Garage particularly when it encroached on the public pavement. The Clerk said he had already written to them about this but would contact them again as it is a dangerous situation forcing pedestrians into the road.

An additional point has come up since the meeting.

Mr Golby was concerned that the owners of OSH had returned to the tactic of demolition – even though he reported to the Editor he had no intention of demolishing?! Cllr Tarling will write to Leader of District Council asking if anything can be done under the new Localism Bill.

  1. Roads, Hedges, Ditches. Cllr Tarling reported Clerk’s letters to householders seem to be having an effect. Many roads are in a very poor and dangerous state obviously the County Council are waiting for good weather before repair.
  2. Village Design Statement Draft was formally adopted.
  3. Amenities Report. Cllr Gates reported on that evening’s meeting.

Break-in cost £438 waiting for insurance to agree.

The tennis club have requested a thorough deep clean of the kitchen. Fridge and microwave may need replacement.

Children’s playground maintenance of £700 should go ahead before inspection. This was agreed.

Pitmore Lane – the Forestry Commission will inspect the site in April. It was agreed fencing should be removed and a general tidy up.

Newish Tractor requires a new clutch.

Allotments. No large cloches or polytunnels they contravene PC lease. Rules are rules.

  1. Correspondence/AOB.
  2. Anita Gresham Hale was asked to report on a major commercial cycle event on April 13/14 which would attract some 6000 entries and raise for the organisers, UK cycling some £1.6m. There were major issues involved. Safety, abuse of the NF cycle code and although the organisers say it is not a race it is definitely a race against the clock with awards…There will be another event in October if the potholes have not finished them off…
  3. A letter had been received from Catherine Kirkham a new Rural Housing Enabler who wishes to meet with Councillors to discuss affordable housing in Sway. Cllr Rickman was happy for her organisation to meet with PC.

Meeting closed at 20.55.

                                       Warren Breach

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