December 2013

Parish Council Meeting

There were two meetings held in December – Planning and Transport on Dec 12 and Parish Council on Dec 19 which I will report on briefly now as there was no January edition of Sway News.

Planning and Transport Dec 12 19.30 Pavilion, Jubilee Field

i) Outcome of Planning. 6 agreed including Silver Hind and work at High Forest.

ii) New Planning.

iii) High Forest Committee unhappy with the way this site is being processed. It is a sensitive site and is it being handled like any other planning application? Steve Avery Exec Director NFNPA will be invited to the Jan 16 2014 meeting to provide information to the Planning Committee and Q & A’s to members of the public.

iv) Sway Station/Osborne works.

Majid Nassari joined the meeting to provide a further update on works. Piling was completed, a precast building had been removed from Platform 2 and ‘breakout’ had started 27/11/13 and would be completed by the end of January – it was hoped.

v) Enforcement. Agreed that Lucie Cooper of NFPA be invited to a future meeting.

vi) Other planning.

Meadow Edge Silver Street. Licence for 5 caravan sites and sewage treatment. Leave to Hordle Parish Council.

vii) Transport.

John Warden reported that Cango not being used as much probably because of severe weather? Railway Hythe to Southampton – not looking great – engineering costs up 40%. All track to be re-laid 15M, 1.9M to run! Decision by Jan 21. Stop Press – Won’t happen! Meeting closed at 20.55.

Short meeting of Sway Parish Council on 19.12.13.

1. Previous minutesSpeedwatch was not being progressed quickly enough. Potential volunteers could be lost… Can PC Morgan Williams please report? .He did 30.1.14…

2. Clerks report

Grounds maintenance – Contract up for renewal at the end of the year. The Clerk to obtain other quotes.

Stanford Rise Hedges – No flail to be used. Must be cut by hand and chainsaw. Clerk to obtain quote(s).

Bus shelter insurance – agreed to add cost to Council insurance.

Sway Youth Centre – Ted Watts had now submitted a planning application and was asking if PC would contribute towards the cost of around £150 ish. Cllr Golby said that with other social sites being discussed why single out the youth club.

3. Finance – report tabled to Councillors only. Cllr Tarling queried bank charges. Clerk explained lots of small amounts and cheques being handled.

4. Roads, Ditches, Hedges – Flooding back with a vengeance.

5. War Memorial – Cllr Cripps offered to remove old wreaths etc.

6. Speedwatch – Len Thomas who has volunteered to lead volunteers is worried about the apparent inertia. Clerk to write to Police.

Meeting closed at 19.55 pm.

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