Sept 2015

Parish Council

Meeting of Sway Parish Council at Pavilion Jubilee Field on September 24 2015.

Present: Cllr Rickman (Chair), Cllr Golby (Vice Chair), S Brayley (Clerk), Cllr Dance, Fleat, Gresham-Hale, Marchant, Seacombe, Turner, Tarling (in full Dickensian attire, including top hat!). Also present: Cllr Thornber (HCC), John Warden (Transport), Len Thomas (Speedwatch), Sway News, Lymington Times and 7 members of the public.

  1. Resignation.

The Chair reported the early and surprise resignation of Cllr Tom Greenwood. He hoped that another election with attendant costs could be avoided. Those wishing to stand should advise the Clerk accordingly – information was posted on the village notice board earlier in the week.

  1. Apologies. Cllr Cripps/Pepper
  2. Minutes of Aug 27 were gone through page by page and slight amendments were pointed out by Cllr Tarling.
  3. Ken Thornber (HCC) reported on the latest Cango booking service. Lymington/Pennington had not yet discussed formally, although Cllr Thornber addressed them on Sept 1 and the new service starts on Oct 1 (it is on their agenda for Oct 10). A Deed of Agreement had been drawn up by Hants County Council and 10 operational points had been agreed. Headline is manned 07.00 – 09.00 Mon – Fri (ansafone outside these times) from Oct 1 2015. Cllr Thornber said it had been a long haul and he was helped enormously by John Warden but it had been worth it to see community working for the community service.
  4. Clerks Report
  • Brockenhurst had problems with traffic probably of their own making as 3 events were taking place on the same day (cycle race/golf event) which did not help. The Chair said the young organisers had done all they could to involve Councils in planning the event – as far as Sway was concerned it worked. Len Thomas and John Warden as marshals had observations but overall it was a good effort.
  • Village of the Year Award. Six Councillors confirmed they would be attending the awards on Oct 7 in Bembridge IOW. Good luck.
  • HALC Knowledge and Core Skills course was booked at the Pavilion on Nov 3 from 18.00 – 20.00.
  • NFNPA Consultation document on the local plan. Cllr Tarling asked that copies be available in the newsagents as well as the Clerk’s office. Villagers please consult.
  • Children’s Party to celebrate Queen’s official birthday (90) May 12 – 15 Stanford Rise. More info required but agreed in principle.

The Clerk concluded her report with three other items of business.

  1. Cllr Tarling reported on the Planning and Transport Committee Meeting of 10.09.15 held in Pavilion Jubilee Field.

Present: Cllr Tarling (Chair), Cllr Cripps (Vice Chair), S Brayley (Clerk), Cllr Dance, Cllr Marchant, Cllr Pepper. Also present: David Illsley (NFNPA), Deborah Slade (NFNPA), John Warden (Transport), Len Thomas (Speedwatch), Sway News. 7 members of the public (incl Cllr Fleat/Gresham-Hale)

(i) Apologies Cllr Seacombe

(ii) Minutes of Aug 13 approved after the addition of Hollybank fence height, which was to be reported to NPA enforcement by Cllr Dance.

(iii) Matters arising. Cllr Dance went on to say that Planning Enforcement had responded to his letter (see above) saying it would not be expedient to pursue the new fence height. There was a long discussion about planning consistency. If the fence does not fulfil height on the road restrictions and/or SVDS it should be pursued! Apparently Lucy Cooper (NPA) away and it will be reviewed…

(iv) NFNPA Strategic Local Plan Review. The Chair introduced David Illsley (Policy Manager) and Deborah Slade (Snr Planning Officer). David Illsley spoke first and explained that a great deal had happened in the last ten years both at NPA level and Government level. Localism/SVDS/huge relaxation of planning at National level/1000 policies reduced to 50!! Now was the time to update the Local Plan 2010 and he was looking for as much input at all levels as possible. He had been with NFNPA since 2005 and managing Planning Policy since 2009. There has already been much public consultation including a stand at the New Forest Show for example. The original strategy plan still stood up to scrutiny ‘Decisions made at local level can bring about the planning consistency PaTc desired…’

‘National changes/relaxations do not or should not change rules in National Parks…

However, Government desire in favour of development does not exclude National Parks specifically!’

He went on to say that the government does now recognise National Parks are special places. Good design is vital. Local materials keeping to a Village Design Statement, preservation of tranquillity and scenic value all very important. National Parks have the highest level of protection. At present the consultation was at level one of five. There are 15 pages of document.

‘This is what we do, what have we missed… All views, recommendations welcome’. Six week consultation period which will start on 11.09.15. NOW IS YOUR CHANCE TO INFLUENCE NPA THINKING FOR THE NEXT 5 TO 10 YEARS.

David Illsley then handed to Deborah Slade (NFNPA Senior planning officer) who explained she had spent five years operating the 2010 plan with thousands of individual applications and not always easy giving many examples of what can and cannot work and how rules are manipulated. Both officers were happy to take Q and A.

Cllr Tarling personally believes there are three types of development..

  • Defined village based on SVDS and people and authority stretching rules. Consistency in danger.
  • Outside defined village – not anything goes but getting close on occasion and huge outbuildings/garages being built in order to become habitable… Totally out of keeping with village status.
  • Few small houses being retained or built. People buy plots to build larger or extend. The need is for more smaller dwellings, some at market prices, for downsizing, releasing larger properties for families, some affordable…

Cllr Marchant said too many retail properties were being lost and that means jobs…

The Chair asked Councillors to put their recommendations for change to the Clerk in email form by Sept 28.

Ted Watts had two main points. Commercial/retail property should not remain empty. Alternatives must be found. Rents would fall if this policy was adopted and no possibility of change of use. Affordable housing, his great passion over the years and there is an ‘enormous need’ for lots of smaller properties to house essential workers and young people. Human nature is to increase, build bigger, extend, that’s what happens in Sway. Cllr Cripps said ‘bungalows at market value would release larger properties too, rather than all ‘affordable’ – whatever that means… Affordable tends to be lots built on green field – we need more smaller dwellings dotted around’. Cllr Tarling says policy document talks about balance – there is little evidence of that in practice. Deborah Slade said it can be done – there have been applications for older large properties to be demolished and two dwellings to take its place. ‘The total floor area of a big property could be split if all other criteria met’. We favour brown field sites rather than green field development said Mr Illsley. Mr Warden was concerned about the lack of interest/input from County Highways. If they were more involved sites like the Old School House would not leave the drawing board. The development around the Old Social Club and Old School House with a school in the middle is a disgrace that Highways do not have a view. It is potentially very dangerous in traffic road use terms. The Chair thanked the guest speakers again and there was a round of applause from all present for a very worthwhile discussion on policy and its problems. Councillors and the public have an opportunity to influence…

(v) Outcome of Planning.

2 withdrawn Social Club and Avonwater.

6 were granted in line with PaTC recommendations

(vi) Trees. Eucalyptus not native so can be removed. Crown reduction in Westbeams Road OK but leave to Tree Officer.

(vii) New Planning.

Fyre Stychen Mount Pleasant Lane was brought forward. The owner spoke for three minutes in support of replacing an old boarding kennels. There was a long discussion among Councillors generally in support of local business. The owner had sought pre-application advice too. (1) support, but leave to NPA officer.

Meadow Farm, Sway Rd – extension to existing workshop. (1) support, but leave to NPA officer

Land rear of The Laurels, Manchester Rd. Application not correctly filled in (5) leave to NPA officer.

Hazelhurst Farm – now a serious stud farm for dressage/eventing replacement stable block. (1) support but drainage a problem on this site and must be sorted and not by using Flexford Lane as a drain. Much work has taken place on the establishment and the raising of roof to a low tractor storage was also supported.

St Dominics Priory – storage shed (3) recommend permission.

(viii) Update on Planning Enforcement. Currently at 7 with 2 new problems.

(ix) Transport

John Warden reported good use of Cango – 73 the previous day. Recent publicity gave the impression it was only for old people, anyone and everyone is welcome but it is also an important social service for older villagers too…

Lymington and Pennington had not yet met to discuss the 2K annual support of Cango but given all the business it brings to Lymington in particular it was hoped this would be approved shortly… (post meeting: Hordle have offered to chip in with £500 pa which is welcome).

Meeting closed at 21.45.

  1. Amenities

Cllr Seacombe ran through the results of a recent meeting

  • Stanford Rise. Tree to be cut back? Cost would be £200/250. Not considered necessary
  • Disabled Ramp Pavilion Jubilee Field deferred yet again, this time awaiting Hants Fire and Rescue report
  • 4 Sept course was worthwhile.
  • Missing equipment. Should be referred to user groups
  • Pitmore Lane still awaiting new lease
  • 106 monies working group set up to decide on Village consultation process and recommendations as to how developers money should be spent
  • Tennis Club plans for an extension has support but bigger schemes afoot?
  • Smoking ban on Jubilee Field turned down.


  1. Communications

Chair suggests following the surprise resignation of Cllr Greenwood that this work be put on hold for six months. Cllr Tarling/Marchant thought it important to communicate Council activity, particularly if we should win Village of the Year in November. Many thought the website a valuable link with the village and Cllr Tarling/Marchant happy to help fill the IT vacuum.

  1. Allotments.

Clerk read through new tenancy agreement, mostly around use of sprinklers and hoses, plus waste being fed to forest livestock. The latter is illegal and eviction would follow. Roger Dew thought the points reasonable. AGM next week – Cllr Tarling and Clerk will be there.

  1. Family Tree.

Cllr Seacombe reported on a meeting of Sept 16. To celebrate ten years of NFNPA families will be invited to help plant a woodland in Jubilee Field from 10.00 – 13.00 and afternoon times TBA. 100 people have signed up already. ‘Whips’ of native trees will be available to plant in designated areas.

  1. AOB. Cllr Fleat said parking was chaotic around the school and old Social Club and with building due on the Old School House too and possibly at Jubilee Field something needs to be done before there is an accident. Cllr Tarling Cllr Rickman said it had been discussed ad nauseam. The solution is to walk to school but …

Meeting closed at 20.52.

Warren Breach

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