August 2015

Parish Council


 Parish Council Meeting 27th August 2015 at 19.30 Pavilion Jubilee Field. Present: Cllr Rickman (Chair), Cllr Golby (Vice Chair), S Brayley (Clerk), Cllrs Cripps, Dance, Fleat, Marchant, Gresham Hale, Pepper, Tarling, Turner. Also present Ken Thornber (HCC), John Warden (Transport), Len Thomas (Speedwatch), Sway News, Lymington Times and 17 members of the public incl ex Cllr Gates


  • Cango alternative booking system gets go ahead
  • No – to re-design of Sway logo
  • Big plans for Jubilee Field
  • Sway in final of Best Village Competition
  1. Cllr Rickman reminded everyone proceedings were being recorded. There was a full agenda and lots of good news.
  2. Apologies. Cllr Greenwood, Cllr Seacombe
  3. Minutes of July 27 meeting approved with one change
  4. Cllr Ken Thornber re-iterated his proposals/paper on Cango replacement booking service (full report under PaTC Meeting). Cllr Cripps as Chair of Finance Working Party said that the 2K required by Sway could be found thanks mainly to Football Club becoming more self reliant releasing funds.
  5. Sway Tower Logo. Item 8 on the agenda was brought forward. The idea of a competition across all age groups to modernise the tower logo met with outrage! Ex Cllr Carol Gates presented a petition and spoke with passion in defence of the ‘Old Tower logo’. Others in the audience supported. Cllr Gresham Hale said they were not proposing to ditch the Tower just modernise for the 21st century but she took on board the depth of feeling. Cllr Rickman proposed no change supported by five against two with two abstentions.
  6. Clerks Report

The Clerk went through her nine point paper. Main points rolling road closure on Sept 13 to accommodate New Forest Marathon (see Marathon report).

Play park inspection course on Sept 4.

Office will be closed for 2 weeks from Aug 31. Cllr Rickman will cover by phone.

  1. Finance Working Group

Cllr Cripps reported on the meeting of Aug 17

  • Cango approved funds
  • Terms of reference still being worked on
  • Electricity bill difficult to break down/allocate to users
  • Snr football club locked cabinet (see later)
  • Electronic Finance system proposals from Cripps and Clerk. Should be cost neutral
  • Allotments increase £2 full £1 half plot. Agreed.
  • Cllr Turner reported that costs to Sway had been reduced from £2800 to £940. Attendance slightly down. Proposed move to Ofsted scheme in future would bring further savings.
  • Chair thanked Turner/Brayley
  1. Stephen Tarling reported on the meeting of Planning and Transport held on August 13 at 19.30 in the Pavilion Jubilee Field.

Present: Cllr Tarling (Chair), Cllr Cripps (Vice Chair), S Brayley (Clerk), Cllr Dance, Marchant, Pepper. Also present Cllr Thornber (HCC), John Warden (Transport), Len Thomas (Speedwatch), Sway News and 14 members of the public (incl Cllr Rickman, Fleat, Gresham-Hale).

(i) Apologies Cllr Seacombe

(ii) Minutes of July 9th agreed with amendments, regarding ‘traffic calming measures in Manchester Road not speed humps’

(iii) Cango – Cllr Ken Thornber went through his report on the Cango situation and outlined some good news. He was pleased to see so many users of the service present. Cango is a Social Service not just a bus service.   We can’t all drive cars particularly when we get older and it helps minimise isolation and loneliness, a big killer in the 21st century. In his view it is not a service to be trimmed and cut when budgets are tight. As outlined in my report in August edition of Sway News, HCC intend going to a fixed route ‘hail and ride’ non-booked service from Oct 1. HCC had relented and given until the end of Sept for the users group to come up with alternatives. To cut a long story short a volunteer has come forward to offer a replacement booking service from Mon – Friday 07.00 – 09.00 (Saturday bookings to be made on Friday – advance bookings can be made Mon – Fri too). All this for £6K a year. The volunteer is the wife of an existing Cango driver. This reasonable fee would be split between New Milton (who would act as paymaster) with hopefully Lymington and Sway – that’s £2K each. (This would be underwritten by three councillors, Thornber, Rice and England from their Chairman’s Fund if needed). The Chair thanked Cllr Thornber for his hard work and agreed with him that ‘determination pays off in the end…’. He along with Cllr Thornber also thanked John and Mary Warden for their dogged determination. There was also a spontaneous round of applause from the audience.

Cllr Cripps Chair of the Finance Working Party said to find an unbudgeted £2K won’t be easy but maybe payment could be in tranches… It will be discussed at the next finance meeting and a recommendation to the full Parish Council will follow. John Warden thanked Cllr Thornber for his dedication to the service which must be protected (not just to 2018…)

(iv) Outcome of Planning

Five refusals in line with Sway PaTc recommendations, one withdrawal and The Old School House plans were granted by NFNPA with tight conditions, in line with some PaTc recommendations.

(v) Tree works and New Planning Applications


8 Stanford Rise. Prune 1 oak. Cllr Seacombe wrote some minimal pruning was needed. Cllr Dance hoped this would be symmetrical.

Dial House, South Sway Lane. Prune 1 oak and a group of limes. Not discussed in the absence of Cllr Seacombe.

Avonwater House, Barrows Lane. Fell 2 ash trees. Not discussed ditto.


Wilverley View – Adlams Lane. New porch detached garage (3) grant with usual conditions

Heathey Lodge – Station Rd. Retention of fence reduced in height from 1.8m to 1.5m. Cllr Tarling left the room at this point and handed to Cllr Cripps for the discussion that followed. The owner explained that he had simply replaced a fence – the only difference being that the former was covered in ivy. Cllr Cripps explained that the replacement needed planning approval and did not conform to the Sway Village Design Statement (which was not in existence when the original fence was erected). The owner went on to explain that the simple replacement was in the heart of the retail part of the village – not the most attractive or private part of Sway and when greenery/ivy became established no one would notice the difference. He is even prepared to paint it green… if that helps a compromise. Cllr Cripps patiently explained that the Appeal Inspector disagreed and found in favour of reducing to the statutory height. (A NFNPA officer had suggested the 1.5m as a compromise).

Cllr Dance supported by Cllr Marchant believe that planning decisions must be consistent. Another householder along Station Rd had to reduce the height of a fence and had done so. There were others erecting too high fences which would need to be dealt with. A unanimous decision of (4) refusal was taken. A letter to the NPNPA will follow. The owner of Heathey Lodge left the meeting at this point.

Avonwood, Arnewood Bridge Rd. A great deal of work has been carried out on these premises over the last year. Some now the subject of the NFNPA Enforcement list. Now a Planning Application for a large single storey extension, although the site is a large one and well screened with little effect on neighbours the view was a unanimous (5) leave to NFNPA officer.

18 Gilpin Hill, Sway. Single storey (1) grant but will accept NFNPA decision

Shallfleet Mount, Pleasant Lane. Single storey – like for like replacement (5). Leave to NFNPA.

Former Sway Social Club – 4 semi detached, 1 detached, garages. This revised scheme goes against recommendations in SVDS and the site looks much more ‘terrace like’ and not in keeping with locality (4) refusal. Withdrawn (subsequent to meeting).

Shirley Down, Shirley Holms. Single storey extension (1) recommend permission but happy to leave to NFNPA.

Lower Mead, S Sway Lane. Completion of 2 storey front extension (3) grant

Conifers, Manchester Rd. 2 semi-detached, 2 garages after demolition of single building. After discussion all agreed this helps increase the housing stock with smaller and more affordable dwellings so (5) leave to NFNPA officer.

Kings Hyde House. 2 storey extension after demolition of conservatory (3) grant.

Birch Barn, Flexford Lane. Creation of new access brick wall etc. An improvement and safer option near a junction (3) grant.

Church Cottage, Church Lane. 2 storey extension after demolition of conservatory.   Not overlooked other than from Church yard and extension to a cob building but all agreed (1) recommend permission but leave to NFNPA officer

Glenwood, Crabbswood Lane. New outbuilding for use as storage plus solar panels and demolition of lean-to (1) strongly support local business so recommend permission but leave to NFNPA officer.

Hollies Corner, Station Rd. Alterations to porch (3) grant.

(v) Enforcement Appeals

Limolands Solar Farm.

South Sway Farm Equestrian Centre awaiting inspectors.

(vi) External Bodies

Don’t like NFDC changes to Traffic Management handing back to HCC?

Core strategy NFNPA Cllr Tarling would like an examination of the Defined Village status. There seems to be lots of large garages with offices over being allowed. He would like an NFNPA officer to come to the next meeting to explain their thinking.

(vii) Transport

Nothing much to add to Cango report except to say 93 people used the service the previous Saturday 75 during the week. The new booking service from Oct 1 would be exactly the same service in every other respect.

(viii) Roads, Hedges, Ditches

Let HCC highways know of any road problems.

Hedges impacting on footpaths or roads report to Clerk and Highways direct. They act on volume.

(ix) Speedwatch

Another excellent report from Len Thomas and team. Police in arrears over reporting how they have acted on supplied information. Cllr Fleat asked from the public gallery whether it was all worthwhile as speeding still prevalent and the scheme had been going for one year without seemingly much effect?   The Police Commissioner thinks Speedwatch worthwhile and needs beefing up with fines for multi offending. Cllr Cripps said real police cameras had been in evidence recently.

Meeting closed at 21.08

Next meeting Sept 10 19.30 when 2 members of NFNPA will be present to answer questions.

  1. Amenities Working Group

Cllr Pepper reported on the long meeting earlier in August.

Tennis club proposal for locked cupboards not supported.

Section 106 Developers funds for use in Green Space. Cllr Pepper would like to open the consultation to all villagers. Not proposed how… and it needs to be done quickly as some funds have expiry dates!

  1. Communications Working Group

Cllr Turner reported Sway Today would be self financing thanks to Cllr Gresham Hale (sponsorship). Chair said lots to report Cango, Jubilee Field etc. Cllr Fleat asked how distributed? The group were also looking at social media ‘opportunities’.

There are a large number in Sway ‘not connected’!

  1. Speedwatch

Wholeheartedly supported by all but one Councillor

  1. Sway Social Club

A paper was distributed to Councillors with a proposal to use the funds from selling the old site to be used to expand/rebuild facilities at Jubilee Field to encompass a Social Club and user groups. This is considered a very exciting development. More later…

  1. Sway Snr Football

Would like a temporary lockable cupboard to keep a small amount of alcohol on the premises to facilitate their self funding aims. There was general support. They would like to amend licensing from 12.00 – 20.00 to 13.00 – 21.00.

  1. AOB

War memorial an application has been made to the body that looks after memorials for funding but it won’t be for this November.

Meeting closed at 21.05.

Warren Breach

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