April 2015

Parish Council


The last Parish Council meeting of this session took place at The Pavilion Jubilee Field 19.30 on 30.04.15.

Present: Cllr Rickman (Chair), Sue Brayley (Clerk), Cllr Cripps, Cllr Dance, Cllr Fleat Cllr Gates, Cllr Golby, Cllr Langford, Cllr Tarling, County Councillor Ken Thornber. Also present: John Warden (transport), Sway News and 16 members of the public including 4 prospective candidates for election as Councillors on May 7.


  • Cango status quo to be fought for…
  • Cllr Gates, Cllr Langford ‘retire’ after 28 and 26 years service respectively

Carol Gates and Kevin Langford presented with bowls made from local hard wood by Graham Turner.

  1. Minutes of Previous Meeting

26 March agreed and signed off.

2. County Council Report

Cllr Thornber reported some good news on bridges (and some not so good…)

Latchmoor Bridge – work is on schedule and British Rail hope to conclude by 30 May Bank Holiday (some 2 weeks ahead of schedule) to avoid heavy commercial losses from Sway business.

One bridge closes another opens (or is it the other way round?!). Sway Road bridge will close for 6 weeks from July 26 (cycling and pedestrian routes will remain open).

Cllr Thornber then reported on Cango a service he has defended and helped over the years with pride. An award winning service. With Government cut backs the deluxe flexible booking service is likely to end to help preserve the basic fixed route service. Councillors were dismayed to hear this and intend writing to Hampshire County Council to object and to speak at their AGM on May 22 in Winchester. John Warden also made some very relevant points and he and Cllr Tarling refuted statistics and the basis on which the survey by the County was conducted.

Cllr Thornber was very concerned to hear from professionals that the survey and statistics provided were not all they seemed. He will take up with the Hampshire County Council executive. There is no doubt that human resource is required 6 days a week to provide a bookable service and that is expensive as currently run. Cllr Thornber suggested that a compromise may be to involve the Village Agent to provide a local booking service? Cllr Golby also made some suggestions if all else fails. We have not heard the end of this story yet… The Sway News/John Warden cry of ‘use it or lose it’ has never been so relevant. Come on Sway…

Cllr Dance asked about neighbouring Counties co-ordination of school holidays with Hampshire. Long summer holidays are one thing but short holidays like Easter should be the same over the five Counties.

  1. Clerk’s Report

Sue Brayley went through her 11 point report. Highlights of which are:

  • Speakers for Sway PC AGM confirmed
  • Extra dog bins have arrived
  • Defibrillator installed 30.4.15
  • NFDC helpful leaflets on Dementia and sun awareness from Clerk’s office.
  1. Finance

Payment schedule tabled and agreed.

  1. Finance Working Group

Cllr Cripps reported on the meeting of April 29

  • No formal useage of floodlights and by whom has been recorded. Clerk to rectify.
  • Ground maintenance/tree protection not being carried out as per specification? Tenders to be invited by new Council
  • Maintenance – weather dependent
  • Salary increase as agreed
  • Revised disabled ramp. Tenders to be invited. Hopefully a cheaper option?
  • ‘Grandstand’ vandalism rectified by Senior football and culprits.
  • “Bottom line is we balanced the books – just – in a tough year” but our reserves are too low. New Council must address this.
  • Clerk has passed her probationary period with flying colours …
  • Bus shelter damage can be repaired for minimal cost.

Cllr Tarling reported on the recent meeting of Sway Planning and Transport Committee in Pavilion Jubilee Field at 19.30 on 16.04.15.

Present: Cllr Tarling (Chair), Sue Brayley (Clerk), Cllr Cripps, Cllr Dance, Cllr Gates, Cllr Golby. Also present Sway News, John Warden (Transport Rep), Len Thomas (Speedwatch) and two members of the public.

(i) Apologies Cllr Langford – working

(ii) Minutes of March 19 examined and approved with minor amendment

(iii) Matters arising. Flyposting is unfortunately alive and well and Cllr Golby points out is illegal. Main culprits Village Hall and St Lukes Church…

(iv) Outcome of Planning

Flexford Mill – Detached 3 bay garage/log store. Granted subject to conditions.

The Hunters, Middle Rd. 2 Storey front extension/single storey rear extension. Granted with conditions

2 Laurel Bank, Middle Rd. 2 storey front extension single storey side. Granted with conditions.

(v) New Planning Applications

Hazelhurst Farm, Flexford Lane, Sway. Option 1 – recommend permission but would accept the decision reached by the NPA officers under their delegated powers with a number of important conditions. It was also reported that water drainage from a previous application (manege) does not seem to be working too well?

Forest Heath Cottages, Station Rd. Option 1 – recommend permission but would accept the decision reached by the NPA officers under their delegated powers.

Kings Hyde House, Kings Hyde. Option 1 – recommend permission but would accept the decision reached by the NPA officers under their delegated powers.

Greencroft, Manchester Rd. Option 1 – recommend permission but would accept the decision reached by the NPA officers under their delegated powers. It was noted that neighbour now supports new application. As this is a replacement dwelling the Committee would ask the officer to apply a number of conditions including:

All surface, facing and roofing materials to be agreed before work starts – including the free-draining driveway. Surface water drainage to be agreed before work starts. No further permitted development without specific planning permission. All hedges, trees and bushes to be retained.

(vi) Update on Planning Enforcement

The Chair reported the following:

Of eight outstanding four have been resolved including Kings Lane Nursery: breach ceased because the surface water disposal condition is agreed.

(vii) Other planning issues

Chair advised a further planning application Oatley Cottage (formerly Kantara), Pitmore Lane. Detached garage, porch, external alterations. The application was received too late but the Committee welcome the thoughtful renovation of an ugly building and will bring before the full council with a recommendation of 3 permission with conditions. This was agreed at PC 30.4.15.

(viii) Transport

John Warden reported on a meeting with Cllr Thornber and Hampshire County Council rep about the possible interference with the flexible Cango service. Cango has always been a successful door to door service which is protected until 2018. Because the County Council are looking for savings they would rather turn the service into a fixed route service. “If it ain’t broke don’t muck it about…”. The Clerk will write to the County Council with the Councillors views and support.

(ix) Roads, Hedges and Ditches

Hugh Marchant reported that signs to say Coombe Lane would be closed appeared but the lane was not closed. No work took place but apparently the problem is now fixed! Cattle grid, Brighton Rd not level on left hand side?

(x) Community Speedwatch

Another excellent report from the team and a good response from the Police at admin level. The Chair asked for a review of Speedwatch concerns so that they can be raised with the Commissioner when he visits Sway. Now summer upon us the team will be out longer recording speed through the Village.

(xi) Correspondence/AOB

Small grants scheme for countryside access. To be dealt with by new Parish Council after May 7 elections.

AOB – Cllr Golby had enjoyed his time on the Parish Council and found it a privilege. As this was the last Planning Committee Meeting before the Elections he would like to thank the Chair and other Councillors for their modernising and thorough work and wished to thank two retiring Councillors – Gates and Langford for their local knowledge and long service to Sway (Presentation refers).

Cllr Gates asked about the recent Wiggle event. The Chair said it had been much better organised and there were no reported problems – the National Park working well as a place of enjoyment and relaxation as well as a place of natural beauty to be enjoyed by all.

Meeting closed at 20.40. Next meeting proposed for May 28 at 19.30.

  1. Amenities Working Group

Cllr Gates gave her last report of that evening’s meeting.

  • Water tank removed Stanford Rise. Thank you Cllr Dance.
  • Cycle racks installed
  • Defibrillator installed that day
  • Thanks to Steve Barnfield for repairing carpet and for tennis club/Snr football paying for cleaning.
  • Key pad to be installed at barrier to Jubilee Field. Last out Close and Lock
  • Playpark to be inspected in May
  1. Travellers

Cllr Dance reported on his recent meeting with police. Prevention better than cure – close and lock it. The law can be an ass in these matters…

  1. Trees for life

Councillors and Clerk met with Chief Tree Officer Steve Gruber and identified a perfect site for planting native trees.

To celebrate 10 years of the New Forest National Park Sway to officially request participation. There will be an all day event in Nov/Dec to celebrate the planting if National Park agree Sway is the right place. Cllr Tarling said it was a splendid initiative and all agreed.

  1. Charity Donation agreed £100 (as last year) to Scarf.
  2. AOB

The Chair thanked everyone who had served the Council and Sway and wished the 14 candidates good luck in the May 7 election

Cllr Gates and Cllr Langford who had served for 28 and 26 years received special thanks – “true villagers” and the presentation of exquisite inscribed bowls turned by Graham Turner.

Both made speeches of thanks and said they were proud of the achievements of Sway Parish Council over the years.

Before closing the Chair asked that all successful Councillors report to the Clerk at the Parish Office as soon as possible after May 8 to register and state a preference as to which Committee they would serve on.

Meeting closed at 20.50.

The provisional date for the first meeting of the new Council is May 21 at 18.30 for the Annual Meeting followed at 19.45 by Parish Assembly.

                                       Warren Breach





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