April 2014

Parish Council Meeting

Meeting of the Sway Parish Council at 19.30 on 24.04.14 in the Pavilion Jubilee Field. Present Cllr Rickman (Chair), N Gulliver (Clerk), Cllr Gates, Cllr Golby, Cllr Dance, Cllr Langford, Cllr Tarling, John Warden Transport, Sway News, Lymington Times and 3 members of the public.

1. PC Morgan Williams was otherwise engaged but will be at the AGM on May 29.

2. Apologies. Cllr Cripps, Cllr Fleat.

3. Minutes of last meeting on 27 March were agreed.

Matters arising – the Clerk had written to Osbornes who had readily agreed that their donation should go to the Friends of Sway Station.

4. No County Council Report in the absence of Ken Thornber.

5. Finance – Accounts to be paid. Paper tabled to Councillors only and schedule agreed.

6. Finance Working Group

A first report from Cllr Golby – he explained the first meeting had been held on April 9 where he had been elected to Chair the important new group. He had tabled a paper which he asked the Parish Council to approve item by item.

(a) Terms of reference – agreed

(b) 2013/14 2014/2015 budget. Cllr Golby highlighted the fact that income was £58,415 (with new precept) and budgeted expenditure was £69,882 a budgeted overspend of £11,467 which would have to come out of reserves. This would leave £20K in reserve which the group thought was too little.

The proposal is that user groups should provide more funding for their useage – i.e red diesel for tractors.

The annual lease costs for Memorial Field and Cricket Clubs.

Re-negotiation of the terms of the lease for Jubilee Field with the various clubs providing a more balanced funding model. This was agreed

(c) Repeal of Section 150 (5) of the Local Government Act 1972.

The Clerk to take a more detailed look and report.

Two elected members no longer have to sign cheques.

(d) Future banking arrangements.

The Clerk should look at alternative 21st century banking away from Lloyds. Cllr Rickman says Sway Post Office can play a big part which will help Parishioners as so many banking groups are closing high street and village banks.

(e) Insurances. Sway PC could be under insured. A detailed report will be provided but insurance costs will increase from present £4K.

Cllr Rickman thanked Cllr Golby for his professional and historic approach to finance which should help the Council to stay solvent in the years to come.

7. Cllr Tarling reported on the Planning and Transport meeting.

Meeting of the Planning and Transport Committee at 19.00 on 10.04.14 at Pavilion Jubilee Field.

Present: Cllr Tarling (Chair), N Gulliver (Clerk), Cllr Gates, Cllr Cripps, Cllr Golby, Cllr Langford, Cllr Dance, Lucie Cooper NFNPA. John Warden (Transport). Sway News. 10 members of the public.

(i) Lucie Cooper.

Monitoring and Enforcement Officer NFNPA. Cllr Tarling welcomed and introduced Lucie Cooper explaining how she had embraced the SVDS (Sway Village Design Statement) and how she respected the views of the Planning Committee. He invited her to explain her role more fully.

In a jolly and spirited delivery she said she was responsible for the west of the New Forest Planning Enforcement. (Sway taking up a lot of her time in recent years!) She explained the processes involved in handling breaches (which could be manifold) of planning regulations.

Structures with no planning

Structures with planning consent but not contravening agreed plans

Change of use of land

Agricultural land can’t become extensions to gardens

Businesses from home


Agricultural ties

Mobile homes

Caravans on drives OK (but can’t live within!)

Mineral extraction

Water treatment

Horses, stables

Waste material etc etc

Plus off the wall requests – tree houses!

Field shelters even on skids could be a problem

She always tries to negotiate rather than prosecute.

The public can help a great deal if they think there has been an infringement let her know in complete confidence and she will investigate.

The current Government and Legislation encourage negotiation and quick decisions, as has been reported in this column, they want to help building but it is important to avoid a ‘free for all’ – protection of the countryside and particularly of the National Park are vitally important for future generations.

Lucie went on to explain all the processes available to her which are contained in a National Park document available on their website. “I love Flow Charts…” and there is one which explains everything.

It’s not always about catching the bad guys … we are approachable and always seek pre-application advice as we are happy to respond and it’s free at the moment…”

There was a brief question and answer session which ranged from Do you have a budget to take out injunctions – yes. Marquees – what are the rules – it’s a grey area but they need to be temporary. In a field 28 days a year max. Concealment is not on.

Cllr Tarling thanked Lucie Cooper for an entertaining and speedy trip round her job responsibilities. “Heh if you all did what I’ve said you should do I wouldn’t have a job!” Lucie received a spontaneous round of applause for her amusing report.

(ii) Minutes of the meeting of 13.03.14 were approved

(iii) Matters Arising. A reply had been received from Steve Avery to all of the points raised by the Clerk about High Forest. The matter is now considered closed.

(iv) Outcome of Planning Appeals. An amendment to landscaping was refused by the Inspector at High Forest.

(v) Tree Works.

Wistan, Brighton Rd. Trimming meets the criteria

Rushcroft, Mount Pleasant Lane. Bird nesting in a tree otherwise no problem with requested work.

(vi) New Planning Applications

Paradise Farm, Barrows Lane – again – Cllr Tarling has visited four times. 5 agreed leave to NPA officer

Yew Tree Cottage, St James Rd. Three bay carport in front of dwelling. 2 agreed recommend refusal but happy to accept NPA officer’s recommendation.

Hawthornes, Barrows Lane. 1 agreed permission.

Pipistrelles and Hanstead Cottage, Marley Mount. 3 agreed permission.

Hazelhurst Farm – Orchard cottage application for lawful development certificate as a separate dwelling. The Committee had no information to contradict evidence contained with the submission. So recommend permission.

Dare Motor Sport. Lawful development once again Committee cannot contradict the evidence submitted. So recommend permission.

Hazelhurst Farm. A new Parish briefing note required. (Decision on original briefing note is refusal).

(vii) Planning Inspectorate Appeal

To be left to the next meeting

(viii) Planning Enforcement

Started month with 15. Three now sorted but one new one added.

(ix) Transport. John Warden reported on a recent County conference on transport which was a concern although Cango is protected to 2018 which is reassuring

Sway Station. Planting is about to take place in the new planters. The platforms have a fresher well constructed look although the disabled ramp is a concern to some.

(x) Roads, Ditches and Hedges.

A member of the public wonders how the Coombe Lane watersplash is going to be “sorted by Easter…” as promised by Cllr Thornber.

South Sway Lane watersplash is a disgrace and dangerous with very large sunken potholes. Surely it is not beyond 21st technology to sort this once and for all?

Barrows Lane. A very deep pothole could cause serious injury. The Chair reminded people to report to Highway and/or Fix My Street and then any damage or accident can be claimed against the Council.

(xi) Speedwatch

SID (Speed Indicator Device) was used for the first time in Sway on Wednesday 9 April (and Thursday 10 April) reported Cllr Cripps. All volunteers had been previously trained at Lymington Police Station. The sites chosen have to be approved by the Police and they are in attendance. At the end of the first two days 50 drivers had been recorded at speeds that exceeded the 30 mph limit. The max recorded speed was a dangerous 44 mph but other higher speeds were observed but not enough details could be recorded!

(Speeding drivers can expect a warning letter from the Police. Recorded three times and prosecution will follow).

Chicane – Station Rd. Cllr Gates reported how impossible Station Rd is becoming because of thoughtless parking, particularly in the morning and mid afternoon. Can drivers think and park on one side only.

(xii) AOB. The Chair said suggestions about Affordable Housing sites could still be made. One member of the public gave her suggestion to the Clerk.

Potholes – A plea from Cllr Tarling. Hordle residents report potholes result – roads get resurfaced. Sway don’t – result big holes. Please report.

The meeting closed at 20.45.

8. Amenities.

Cllr Gates reported on that evening’s meeting of the Working Group.

(a) There will be a proposed increase in rent of 2.5% but groups had not yet been spoken to.

(b) Defibrilator- where should it be installed – perhaps outside ideal for emergencies but… (security?)

(c) Muga no updates

(d) Disabled doors to Pavilion. Installed in two weeks

(e) Memorial Field, Pitmore Lane – a draft lease is in existence

(f) Cricket Pitch. Artificial strip insurance should be in Sway PC overall general insurance.

(g) Re-turf of goal mouths. Can PC provide some funds – not with an £11K shortfall reported by Finance Group.

(h) Membership of Playing Fields Association £40 annual fee agreed

9. Grants

Summer playscheme for 2 – 5 year olds with special needs. Led by Cllr Rickman Councillors agreed to £100 for this important work.

10. AOB. The Clerk reported Sway is now part of the Lengthsman Scheme which will be run by Brockenhurst PC.

Cllr Tarling suggested he should analyse the findings of the Affordable Housing Survey as far as villagers’ views about Community and the work of Parish Council. This was agreed. The Tai Chi lady who gives up the Village Hall to enable the Play Scheme to take place should be offered alternative accommodation in the Pavilion. This was readily agreed to by Councillors.

Cllr Dance had noticed nice new guttering on the Hall but could the roof moss be removed or else it will clog the nice new gutters!

Mr Marchant wonders which Easter Cllr Thornber may have been referring to when he said action would be taken to clear the culvert in Coombe Lane – seriously it is a disgrace.

Speedwatch – another session or two will take place over the next week or so. So watch out! Clues – Brighton Rd, near Hare and Hound, Pitmore Lane shhhh!

Meeting closed at 20.23

Next meeting May 29 and will include the AGM. Sadly I will not be in Sway to cover this important meeting as I will be living a boyhood dream to fly over Everest – to celebrate a landmark birthday! The May 29 AGM will kick off the Parish Council elections of 2015. Sway can now have 12 Councillors (up from 8) and Cllr Rickman and the Clerk Neil Gulliver will explain what’s involved. So do come along 19.30 May 29 Pavilion, Jubilee Field. Iris Watts will kindly cover what is said for Sway News.

Warren Breach

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