April 2013

Parish Council Meeting

Meeting of the Sway Parish Council held in Jubilee Field Pavilion at 19.30 on 25.04.13.

Present: Cllr Rickman (Chair), N Gulliver (Clerk), Cllr Dance, Cllr Fleat, Cllr Gates, Cllr Cripps, Cllr Tarling, Cllr Langford, Cllr Dance. Apologies Cllr Gulliver. Also present: Leader of the County Council Ken Thornber, John Warden (Transport), Sway News, Lym Times and 10 members of the public.

In addition PC Morgan Williams and a colleague asked if there were any crime problems. At present all was well although there were disturbances reported at the Wiggle Cycle event which were unhelpful.


  • 1000 apprenticeships on offer by County Council with a guarantee of a job.
  1. County Council Report. Cllr Thornber Leader of the Council reported that broadband would be as powerful at the point of use as he outlined on 28 March and which was challenged by a member of the public. The Wiggle Cycle two day event was a bit of a wash out but it was well run and most competitors kept to the Highway Code. There is another event in June and the police will observe again. There were reports of local intimidatory tactics which are unacceptable. If the Highway code is broken bye laws may have to be introduced.

The good news that 1000, year long apprenticeships with the guarantee of a job at the end of it was on offer from Hampshire County Council was most welcome and young people from Sway should apply soonest.

Culverts under roads were County Council responsibility and the one in South Sway lane has been a disgrace. It will be sorted in two weeks with a temporary road closure and Flexford Lane and Marks Lane, Bashley will be dealt with at the same time. John Warden was concerned about the selling off of the Lymington Bus Station. Cllr Rickman said the District Council have a proposal for a replacement central site for coaches/buses.

  1. Clerk’s Report.

Parish Council Bank accounts. Councillors want best interest and one account.

Parish Web site – up and running from 26 April with on going support at £25 per month.

Parish Council AGM – Cynthia Wollaston will be the guest speaker on May 23 to talk about the New Forest Street Pastor initiative.

HCC Lengthsman Scheme – The Clerk will attend a meeting on May 28 to discuss the initiative to employ local handymen/women to undertake simple tasks.

Memorial Field Pitmore Lane – a very useful meeting took place on April 23 four Councillors, four verderers and two junior football reps. Cllr Rickman was pleased with the proposal to go before the verderer’s court.

  1. Accounts. Tabled paper from the Clerk was accepted.
  2. Budget 13/14 – circulated to Councillors was very useful but showed only £9K- £10K was left on reserve was this enough asked Cllr Cripps and Tarling. With quarterly updates it should be, thought Cllr Rickman.
  3. Cllr Tarling as Chair of the Planning and Transport Committee reported on the meeting held in Jubilee Field Pavilion at 19.30 on 11.04.13. Present Cllr Tarling (Chair), Neil Gulliver (Clerk), Cllr Langford, Cllr Gates, Cllr Cripps, John Warden (Transport), Bryan Wilson Snr Tree Officer NFNPA, Sway News and 14 members of the public.

(i) Bryan Wilson Senior Tree Officer of the NFNPA provided an interesting and often amusing talk on his career in NPA from 1987 and the aftermath of the Great Storm to the present day and TPO’s. Some 5 to 6000 sites are included and wherever possible he tries to avoid court proceedings as he feels everyone has failed if it gets that far. Although it does happen and it’s possible for £20K fines to be handed down in extreme cases as to fell a tree with a TPO is a criminal offence. However fines could be as low as £400 which is no deterrent. He tries to work with land owners, Councils, developers and local tree surgeons who normally check before removing trees. The TPO legislation was set up in 1948 to “… protect trees for public amenity…”

Disease in trees is often overplayed in his view. Ash die-back has been around for 25 years or more. Horse Chestnut canker and Sudden Oak Death longer… Often some of a species will survive unaided. Dutch Elm disease only develops when saplings are allowed to grow into trees. Elm in hedges survives happily and is to be encouraged. There are unscrupulous people around who use disease as a reason to fell. His biggest fear would be disease in our native Oak stock.

There are leaflets available on all aspects of TPO’s, tree care and planting from the NFNPA. He would encourage post and rail fencing with hedging behind. Cllr Tarling thanked Mr Wilson for his informative talk.

(ii) Outcome of Planning Applications.

Busketts Brighton Road granted as was Acorn Fields, 10 Stanford Rise, Lyndene.

The Stud Farm, Mead End was also granted with the added condition that the ménage can only be used by horses stabled at the Stud Farm.

Sunrays, Mead End was refused as the proposed workshop was considered overbearing but a revised planning application would be considered. There was a long discussion about A2 and A1 shop definition now that Barry Rickman photography has vacated the Station Rd premises. Mr Hayward from Murray Hayward outlined a sensible proposal of his agency moving to the previous Rickman premises and Hairsway acquiring his existing building (as well as their current building). This had council support if the ‘retail’ allocations can be sorted.

(iii) New applications.

Paddock View, Manchester Rd – owner spoke to planning amendments from the public gallery. All neighbours had been spoken to – there were no objections. The PC supported.

Applegarth, Brighton Rd. Cllr Rickman who sits on the NPNPA Planning committee had ‘called in’ this application as he felt only one side of the story had been heard. The owners addressed some of the objections raised from the public gallery. There was no shading or overlooking of the neighbour who objected and the boundary is more than 40 mtrs away anyway. The light pollution of velux windows was a red herring.

Bradgate, Kings Lane – 1 storey application agreed. (3).

Kettlethorn House, Adlams Lane (1) agreed but happy to accept NPA decision.

(iv) Planning Inspectorate Appeals.

Tiptoe Lodge Farm, Middle Rd, NPA planning officer rejected.

(v) Planning enforcement. Started with 9 now 6.

(vi) Subsequent amendments to Planning Consultation (Application 12/97417).

Mr Golby from the public gallery was very concerned that plans and community consultations/views could be altered after the consultation period without further contact/agreement. All Councillors shared that concern. The Clerk had written a strong letter of protest to Rob Ainslie at the NFNPA. He asked if there were other similar cases and if in the future there were for the Parish Council to be informed and/or the consultation period extended with the revised proposals made clear. It does nothing to reassure the public that the planning process is transparent and could be interpreted as “…planners secretly agree to change NPA draft plans after public consultation ends…!”

(vii) Planning Enforcement Plan. The Clerk has also written a strong response to the NPA draft plan. There is a need for the NFNPA to strongly enforce contraventions of planning/building rules and to be seen to be doing it. Otherwise the law and NFNPA looks an ass…

(viii) Transport.

Cango jogging along.

(ix) Roads, Hedges, Ditches. The busy clerk has drawn up a pro-forma to enable villagers to report problems. Available from net and Parish office.

(x) AOB. Mr Golby was very concerned about the reported loss of the Social Club. “Times they are a changing …” If it’s not supported what can be done?

Meeting closed at 21.35. Date of next meeting is May 9 at 19.30 Pavilion Jubilee Field.

  1. Amenities. A meeting of the working group took place that evening at 19.00 and Cllr Gates reported.

Stanford Rise. Who owns it and what’s it for? It is most unwelcoming at present. It’s a village green and should be used but the legal situation needs checking before a general encouragement to use is given.

Jubilee Field – all weather surface two quotes received another two on their way. Back field drainage specialist report awaited. Fire alarms £200 spent on examination. Intruder alarms more quotes required. Disabled access to the tennis courts (and Jubilee Field Pavilion) required. Quotes to be obtained.

Memorial Field – good meeting user groups must meet monthly one week before PC amenities meet.

  1. Grant application. Tree works at Youth Centre agreed expenditure of £578.
  2. Correspondence – Ted Watts had written to the Council outlining “a way forward” proposal for the future of Sway Youth Centre. Cllr Rickman said so much relied on other parties and premises before too much could be revealed. Mr Watts agreed and said it was a possible scenario but it also relied on raising necessary finance. More later…

Next meeting May 23 AGM at 19.30 all welcome…

Meeting ended at 20.30.

                                     Warren Breach

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